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'Two & A Half Men'

Charlie's OUT of the Picture

6/3/2011 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen can officially kiss Warner Bros. goodbye, because they've officially kissed him off by taking down the "Two and a Half Men" poster from the outer wall of the studio.


The billboard went down less than an hour ago and it was replaced by a generic logo for the show.  We're told a picture of the new cast -- with Ashton Kutcher, of course -- will follow soon.

Hey Charlie ... guess Warner Bros. wasn't bluffing.


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Let's go ya douchers! It's been nearly 30 minutes since I submitted. Don't run, you can't bury the Big Poppa. Just hit the button, do it... it's all gonna be OK. Just do the right thing and let everyone have their say, not just the stupid - who make the elitists very happy with their lemming behavior and zombified brains.

Big Poppa

1204 days ago


It won't be funny with Ashton!

Not that it was funny with Charlie, but people seem to think so...

1204 days ago


Charlie ROCKS!!!!! He will be back on the screen. Might take a few years but I am sure he will be back and better than ever.

1204 days ago



1204 days ago


Hey TMZ why do my confirmation e-mails take so long? Turn off the filter!!! Lets go, free speech don't be another corporate elitist media lackey Harv...the $$ is NOT worth it!

Big Poppa

1204 days ago


The power elitist oppression of Charlie Sheen will reap nothing but failure. Kutcher is too wholesome to step in for MaSheen. I mean the guy is loyally married to his mom for goodness sake. No, unfortunately for Men fans, this is but the beginning of the end as Warner desperately tries to #win. But they have no tiger blood. Their blood is blue and weak. And like their insipid elitist conformist views would gut the freedoms of the people, Warner has gutted 2 1/2 Men. #failing

Big Poppa

1204 days ago


The show will be different without Charlie cause the show was mostly about him being who he really is, a crazy off the wall guy who is addicted to sex and partying, I'll still watch the show just to see what the do with it, we all know its not going to be the same without him, but I guess theres only so much people can take when someone is out of control and always under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I really want to see Charlie get better though, he does seem to need a lot of help,though we will never fully get better unless he wants the help and it doesn't look like he wants it and truthfully no one can force him to do anything, I really wish he would stop wasting his money on these tramps he hangs out with cause they are only using him for his money and he supplies them with drugs, they wouldn't be hanging out with him if he didn't have money and wasn't a celebrity, I agree with what another poster has said, he should be putting a lot of that money aside for all his children instead of wasting it all away on these dumb hookers and porn stars. I wish Charlie the best though, It would be ashame if he ends up dying from his bad habits, he already looks like he's knocking on deaths door, he looks so tired, worn out and looks way older than he is and thats because of all those years of the drugs and alcohol, it really is sad.

1204 days ago


The show is done, simple as that.It had a great run and had to come to an end sometime, might as well be when it was good.Somone told Aston Kutcher a long time ago he could act. They were wrong.When a horse that breaks it's leg, it needs to be put out of it's misery. Somebody please shoot this horse.If Ashton happens to get in the line of fire, oh well.(That is NOT a death threat. Repeat, that is NOT a death threat)

1204 days ago


Ashton can't act his way out of a paper bag. The guy never grew up, acts like a child. Has no talent.

1204 days ago


I watch reruns of 2 & HM every day at 7pm. It's a great way for me unwind after a long day at work. Charlie's character (not to mention his comedic ability) never fails to make me laugh out loud. I will watch the 1st show with AK (out of morbid curiosity), but it does not take a Ph.D. to figure out beforehand that he will fail. The show should have just been canceled all together. Bye bye Berta....aside from Charlie, you were hilarious!!!

1204 days ago


srsly who actually gives anything even close to a sh_t about this POS show much less anyone connected with it?? I'd have to cut off 3/4's of my brain to be able to like it much less enjoy this crap.....BASTA HARVEY BASTA!!!

1204 days ago


I have never watched the show, but did notice it is on constantly on various cable channels - how much is Sheen getting in residuals ? Gotta be still getting rich rich rich
off reruns. Doen't seem fair .

1204 days ago


I loved That 70's Show but could not tolerate Ashton Kutcher!!! He couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. He shouted his lines like everyone was deaf! His movies are nothing to pay to see. 2 1/2 Men will be gone by mid-season, if that long. People don't care anything about Demi or her boy tool!!! Bad decision Chuck to hire Ashton Kutcher! He will probably be tweeting his lines since he loves to twitter so much.

1204 days ago


Bree Olson is starting to talk a bit more about what went on in SVL when Chalie was melting dowm. She gave a long and funny interview to Philly's WMMR Preston & Steve Morning Show in which she makes several interesting points.
1) Charlie was supposed to have gone to the Bahamas for a week to lay low but instead he started calling up radio stations and ranting about Chuck Lorre. This was the start of the public meltdown.
2)She and others advised him to apologize and lay low but instead he went on his media rampage and tour (which she hated).

Here is the podcast link with her portion starting about 45 minutes in:

1204 days ago


The show is going to suck without Charlie. Another Network should talk to him about a spin off and see what cast members want to join him.

1204 days ago
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