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Greased Lightning -- Connected to Conaway Again

6/4/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Conaway and the car known as Greased Lightning are forever linked -- so it's only fitting that during the week he passed away, a big-time car collector acquired one of the famous rides.


Volo Auto Museum in Illinois tells TMZ they had been trying to get their hands on one of the famous cars from "Grease" for years (they used a few in the movie) and just this week completed a deal to get one. 

The museum was able to find one of the cars used in the movie at a restoration shop in California. The owner was located in New York and passed away while it was still being worked on. The shop owner took hold of the title through the courts and Volo agreed to buy it off them -- and pay for them to finish restoring it. The total cost figures to be in the low six figures.

Conaway's history with the fabled car is a dark one. He said during an episode of "Celebrity Rehab" that he was dropped during the filming of the Greased Lightning scene ... and it was that back injury that started his addiction to painkillers.


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TMZ please tell Charlie Sheen to go to the hospital for intravenous feeding and observation. Crack Cocaine destroyed Charlie Sheen’s digestive system, this is the reason why he looks emaciated and looks like he’s starving to death. His body is not absorbing nutrients from the food he’s eating. If he doesn’t do something drastic, his kidneys are going to shut down. Please TMZ help him before it is too late.

1240 days ago


Travolta got his lightning rod greased by the twink boys on set.

1240 days ago


The shop took ownership of the title? Just like that? Somebody owns Greased Lighting (one the cars from the movie), dies while he has it in a repair shop, and ... the shop takes ownership of it? Like a person with those kinds of connections had no family, no one at all in the world interested in it. Something about this scares the f*ck out of me, frankly.

1240 days ago


Love this video. This was the ultimate in choreography back in the day.

1240 days ago

Mark Vander Wal    

How does the Volo museum get on TMZ? The thing is in the middle of nowhere. Not even the people here go see it. WTF! That place is totally dead.

Do you TMZ photoheads check your celebrity's status to see if they are actually celebrities?

1240 days ago


why in hell do men like these ugly cars? i can understand wanting a 'model t' in your collection. you couldn't give me this for free. jesus

1240 days ago


I'm guessing that the dead guy owed them them for work they started to do and croaked before paying them. His family probably didn't want to tie up any of their inheritance dosh, so they signed the title over to the restorers.

1240 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

The original movie number was very 'racy' and had to be re-shot with different lyrics and less overt sexual references(hey it was the 70's)

Jeff you will live on forever in our memories..RIP my friend

1240 days ago


The stage version had Kenickie (not Danny) singing Greased Lightnin'. I was disappointed that they took that song away from Jeff Conaway and gave it to John Travolta in the film.

1240 days ago


i dont remember him rubbing the saran wrap across his weiner

1240 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

"Mark Vander Wal - How does the Volo museum get on TMZ? The thing is in the middle of nowhere. Not even the people here go see it. WTF! That place is totally dead."

This is so true and the sixth story TMZ has run mentioning Volo Auto Museum.. It is not a museum and never was, it is a used car lot. Whoever keeps running these lame stories is a loser. The guys who run the "Volo Auto Museum" are a bunch of crooks!!

1240 days ago


That was such an awesome memory. Forever ours. Thank you Jeff Conaway. Rest in Peace. xoxoxoxoxo

1240 days ago


Volo is not a museum. They are a used car dealership, specializing in copies of famous cars, not originals. Please stop promoting Volo.

1238 days ago

Nature Freak    

RIP Jeff Conoway

Addiction is hell.

TMZ, this was a very cool story. I just wish there was more information on the history of "Greased Lightning"

We need more articles like this! This beats some story about a dysfunctional tween.

1234 days ago

Nature Freak    

UMA, I presume you are wrong, but considering what Charlie sheen has been through I can not discount what you say.

Charlie Sheen has been through hell. I'm an F-18 bro, and WINNING!
is an attempt to hide his pain.

1234 days ago

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