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NOFX Singer -- Pimpin' Punk Rock Pad!

6/4/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NOFX frontman Fat Mike wants to do his part to put the sin in "Sin City" -- by making his crazy Vegas crib available as a vacation rental for anyone who wants to party like a punk rock star.

The 3-bedroom, 2-bath house is a few minutes from the strip -- and is completely pimped out with thousands of punk concert flyers and memorabilia.

We're told the tricked-out punk pad comes complete with a 9-hole putting green, a pool table, a water slide ... and the best feature yet: a beer vending machine!

Fat Mike himself is advertising the rental as a place to "have a really good/hedonistic time" -- but he does have one rule: "Don't break sh*t"!


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Charlie Sheen is partying there right now. Check out the pics!:

1236 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Coolest Punk Rock Pad Ever!!!

1236 days ago

I Chinee    

Have no clue who this guy is. But I guessing he's British because of the flag. And why does he have a British flag up in Las Vegas, USA? If you want to see a British flag or put one up take your behind back to Britain.

1236 days ago


what a poser douche putting up a brit wanker flag

1236 days ago


kill all the white maaannn...

kill all the white mannn....

kill all the white mann....

o for those that do not know, lyrics to on of their popular songs

1236 days ago


For an anti-American anti-capitalist, he sure does own one expensive piece of real estate like a hypocrite. And having your own golf course and pool is totally hardcore punk.

And for those who don't know, Fat Mike is NOT British; he just hates America (even though he refuses to leave and go live somewhere else).

1236 days ago


Punk rock originated in the UK, and his use of the flag is simply a nod and respect to that fact.

Frankly, the interior looks incredibly cheesy. That pool table, for instance.. I think I had one of those when I was 16, out of a JCPenney catalog. The gig flyers are a nice touch, but when it's mixed with lacy pea green swag curtains like my grandma used to have in her livingroom in the 80s, something needs to be done!

1236 days ago

Rikk Agnew    

While Ignorant Mike and many in the punk community are politically ignorant, NOFX's first few albums were damn good punk tune until they started to go more mainstream and Mike tried to sing (he was better when he wasn't trying to sing). But you do have to agree 3Storms that many of the anti american anti capitalist morons always seem to be some of the most well off people. Fat mike did well for himself and did so in a free country that allows for freedom of expression and freedom to pursue what they want to do. That's what conservatives want. Liberals on the other hand just want to tell you how and what you can do. So kiddies, just remember that FAT MIKE is a FAT SELL OUT FOR THE $$$$ HYPOCRITE. I hope people who rent his place piss in his icetray.

1236 days ago

Sin D    

I'm with 3Storms...go to Great Britain and live Chubby Mike if ya have a problem with the country that you most likely made most your $$$ in. He ain't punk, he skunk.

1236 days ago


The American flag should be above the Union Jack flag you have flying. No cooth from this Lymie. GTFO!

1236 days ago


Hey it's the house the Doug Moody built!!! its unbelievable that this jerk has the nerve to bash moody..

1236 days ago


wow nice house

1236 days ago


You're the man, Mike. Sorry most of the world is too dumb to get you. Thanks for all you do. The idiots are taking over.

1236 days ago


that's the least punk rock thing i've ever seen.

1236 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Regardless of what anyone thinks, it would be a blast to get a few kegs of Mickeys, and rock the house while having the movie Suburbia playing in the background. I dont see how you could be on your best behavior here though. lol

1236 days ago
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