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NOFX Singer -- Pimpin' Punk Rock Pad!

6/4/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NOFX frontman Fat Mike wants to do his part to put the sin in "Sin City" -- by making his crazy Vegas crib available as a vacation rental for anyone who wants to party like a punk rock star.

The 3-bedroom, 2-bath house is a few minutes from the strip -- and is completely pimped out with thousands of punk concert flyers and memorabilia.

We're told the tricked-out punk pad comes complete with a 9-hole putting green, a pool table, a water slide ... and the best feature yet: a beer vending machine!

Fat Mike himself is advertising the rental as a place to "have a really good/hedonistic time" -- but he does have one rule: "Don't break sh*t"!


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en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, but the dude is missing one important thing: a fart vending dispenser. a 'gotta-have' for a punk rock place. dud.

1203 days ago


It seems "Fat Mike" offends the "true Americans." If he wants to rent this place and make money, he is going to have to wave an American flag and fill the house with Lady Gaga posters.

1203 days ago


im renting that pad for the 4th of july and all you haters are not welcome!

1203 days ago


That place looks RAD. Fat Mike was hot until he divorced his wife and got with that disgusting lady. LOVE FAT MIKE. LOVE NOFX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1203 days ago

Sherri H    

I want!!! Who's with me?

1203 days ago


That place is so beyond horriby white trash, its even classy by Vegas standards. Looks like a bunch of 909 flatbiller/big truck douchebags live there...

1202 days ago

this house is stupid    

This is the ****tiest house I have ever seen. it needs to be trashed asap.

1200 days ago


Anti-capitalist? Punk?
I had the misfortune of staying at a hotel once next to a music festival they were playing. In walks their manager. He endlessly complains that they were meant to be booked in there, real attitude problem. Had the receptionist in tears. Turns out it was booked for a similar named hotel next door, owned by the same hotel group. He finds out and still comes back in from the other hotel and has another go at the receptionist even though it his fault. They employed one of the most obnoxious managers I have come across-so much for thinking about the workers etc.

1200 days ago


NOFX is one of the biggest poseur bands there ever was. Fat Mike has zero talent.

"Snoogs 7 days ago

Punk rock originated in the UK, and his use of the flag is simply a nod and respect to that fact."

No it did not you dope. Punk Rock originated in the USA. I guess bands like The Ramones & The Dictators weren't playing Punk Rock in 1974 in NY because you say so.

1198 days ago


Dumb asses. Questioning the government is not the same as being anti-american, unless Im mistaken and being pro-american means questioning nothing. Mike lets off steam about his own country. Freedom of speech! it is also exactly what all the broke, poor (read : credible according to the rules) 'punk' bands have been doing for years but it seems if you make money you're not allowed to do that. Mike is the only guy in a band that size with the balls to do what he does - exactly what he wants. Until it is ******* someone else over, I got no problem with it.

1192 days ago

Bob Truth    

Snoogs is a moron when it comes to where punk came from. Punk originated in Detroit MI with a little band called The Stooges. Their first record was in 1969. It only took the rest of the world almost a decade to catch on.

1192 days ago


The Saints from Australia started in 1974 so NYC can only call it a draw in 74. As Bob said, The Stooges were the first punk band, but they happened before the phrase was actually coined.

1192 days ago

Jonny Scribe    

Seriously dude, don't pay attention to these sad basement nerds that like to dig into punk rockers who actually did something with their lives instead of complaining. Idiots are fortifying their positions bro, gotta stop em' before they hold the ****in' fort!

768 days ago
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