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Pitches Fit After Getting Skewered by Babwa

6/4/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton couldn't handle some tough questions from Barbara Walters on "The View" this week -- and threw a tantrum backstage after it was all said and done.

Walters went after Paris for bitching about having to do 200 hours of community service. And Babs scoffed at Paris' claim she wanted to help women by doing charity work. Walters wondered aloud why Paris didn't show any of her charity work on her show: "Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?"

After the segment, Paris and her dad, Rick, berated producers backstage over the tone of the interview, so says the NY Post. A rep for the show confirmed the incident, but Paris was mum.

Paris had reason to feel blue. The ratings for "The World According to Paris" -- not so hot.


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Her 15 minutes are so up!

1240 days ago


Does anyone know what Paris' IQ is?

1240 days ago


Do more porn

1240 days ago

karen darvin    

go back to sleep zzzzzzzz or do another line zzzzzzzz oir go away, and take that f irl ab ove you on tmz with you

1240 days ago


it makes me laugh when I see those so-called "serious" show business animals making money with celebrities pretending to be "serious" when all they do is to tell BS to people and make money doing that.
Paris (at least) is young and good looking, with money on her own by the way.

1240 days ago


GO BABWA!!!!! WooooooHoooooo!!!!!!! I can't stand that rich skank! $$$ don't buy class, dahling!!!

1240 days ago


She pulled the same crap on Opie and Anthony. She thinks the only questions should be about the show. I can't believe people still put her on tv. Nobody wants to watch her anymore

1240 days ago


Wow, Paris got OWNED LOL!

1240 days ago


I thought Paris was on the right track, since she disappeared for a bit, but, damn, there she is again. She needs to go home and quit harassing our eyeballs with her face.

1240 days ago


Make porn indeed.

1240 days ago


I hate all of those bitches on the View! They're nothing more than a bunch of cackling old crows. I can't believe that it's still on the air. They make me SICK!

1240 days ago


Hmmm..I am no Paris fan but I have never witnessed Miss Walters doing any labor intensive charity work either. She may write a check here and there for a charity but that is about it. She really doesn't have any reason to judge anyone else about their life since I don't think she has always been so perfect herself.

1240 days ago


I watched that segment and they asked some specifics questions that related to her last appearance after being in jail. Paris said she in the earlier interview that after being in jail she wanted to do more good including charity work. Barbara asked a legit question: Why not show that part on your show?

Probably Paris would feel so hurt if she just responded: "I prefer these 'reality' shows because I feel they help to keep me relevant, keep some attention on me and I don't have to work, you know, so hard."

Next time Paris, don't go to The View to try to promote anything.

1240 days ago


What a spoiled brat. She acted the same way on Opie and Anthony and after 10 minutes walked off the show. She left the studios early when she was supposed to hang around Sirius/XM for a couple more hours.

Go make some more sex tapes you loser.

1240 days ago

Give me a break!    

She got called out on her BS and didn't like it. Paris what they are saying is that 20 some-things whoopin it up in clubs and acting stupid and irresponsible can be funny for a while, but you're 30, get your **** together and start acting your age. At loike you want to be something more than a club rich spoiled club kid

1240 days ago
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