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Pitches Fit After Getting Skewered by Babwa

6/4/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton couldn't handle some tough questions from Barbara Walters on "The View" this week -- and threw a tantrum backstage after it was all said and done.

Walters went after Paris for bitching about having to do 200 hours of community service. And Babs scoffed at Paris' claim she wanted to help women by doing charity work. Walters wondered aloud why Paris didn't show any of her charity work on her show: "Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?"

After the segment, Paris and her dad, Rick, berated producers backstage over the tone of the interview, so says the NY Post. A rep for the show confirmed the incident, but Paris was mum.

Paris had reason to feel blue. The ratings for "The World According to Paris" -- not so hot.


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Paris Hilton is so 2005. WTF cares about her now? . . . we didn't then.

You'd think by age 30, she would have grown up and matured--shown a deeper side. Instead, she has to do The View with her mommy and gets upset when someone asks her a serious question.

1237 days ago


Paris, baby, you have as much class as the sice of an ant!!!! Just because you are rich does NOT mean you are above everyone else and it is about time someone worked to make you take responsibility for all of the dumb ass things you do due to your skankiness! have you thought that maybe the ratings of your show are bad because nobody wants to see you on tv posing for the camera???

1236 days ago

World Record    

ho's times up, every skank has her day and Paris was many years ago.

1236 days ago

People still watch The View?

1236 days ago


she is so vacuous that she doesn't know how to answer a legit questions & defers away from any question that a smart serious person could & would answer honestly. all she can think to say is that she likes to joke. good answer Paris! yea, right.

so what happened to the women's center she was going to build to help the inmates in the prison she spent time in. i remember Larry King being interviewed & saying that the interview with Paris was the most difficult one he EVER did because there was nothing there. and she lied & lied & lied about everything.

sure her parents raised he to do charity work. how about a list & accounting of all the charities she donates time/money to & how much. will never happen. & why does she bring mommy along on interviews? to have her back, help her when the only answer she can come up with is "DUH"?

last week they showed a clip of her new show on Jay Leno between her & her boyfriend, ah, pu**y whi**ed guy, where they were in her Bentley talking about looking thru each others text messages. how high school, how pathetic, how sad & disgusting.

i'm not surprised her show did not do well..Paris, your 15 min. have been up for a long time. GO AWAY!

1236 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

kathy hilton and babwa arm wrestled after the show. i have video. who wants to buy?

1236 days ago


Ambush City.

Here's how I feel about ambushes, because I was ambushed in-like- -style a few months back -

Ambushes are cowardly -

Worked out before-hand, and the person being ambushed has no clue what's coming -

Whoopi and Barbara had this all worked-out, wink wink.

The show knew how they were going to treat Paris, and the moment the how-are-ya's/good-to-see-ya's ended.

If you're going to ambush someone -

Have the courage to let the person know before-hand, i.e. they're coming on your show and it's going to be gloves off.

Don't wait until the camera's are running -

The audience members are sitting in their seats and attentive -

The world is watching -

It's gutless, and it's done not only to Paris but to Chris Brown a month or so back -

Barbara Walters is gutless, anyway, so that's no surprise.

The surprise was and is that Whoopi Goldberg joined in -

Back in the day Whoopi actually had balls -

The View is a pathetic show, run by a pathetic woman, and how someone can watch it - unless a Paris Hilton is on - is beyond me -

At least with Howard Stern you know the rules going in -

All this tells us that The View is gutless -

Which, by the way, we knew anyway.


1236 days ago


Babawah is probably just disgusted that a 30-year-old Paris is still trying to make money with yet another reality show showcasing Paris' wealth and vapidity. For her own safety Paris should stay in shallow water e.g Regis and Kelly, Wendy Williams, Letterman etc.

1236 days ago


I did not see any MELTDOWN at all. I saw Paris being Paris....answering the question in a professional manner. If thats what you call Paris being owned....they you people are nuts. lol
Paris looked to me like she was in control and could care less what anyone thinks.
Prove me wrong people and don't make stuff up.

1236 days ago


non-lisping nof-p.s.

Barbara Walters hasn't had street-cred since interviewing one of our presidents, then saying something as vacuous as:

"Be Kind To Us, Mr. Pwesident."

1236 days ago


nof 2nd p.s., also non-lisping

Had Paris been clued-in, she might have come up with the following Barbara Walters response (there are just too many - Whoopi's much too easy to get into right now):

"Since you obviously have all the answers - what in God's name went wrong with raising your daughter."


1236 days ago


This makes me like Barbra Walters a little more.

1236 days ago


Txs Bones...Whoopi did explain herself in a kind way to Paris before the segment ended,I think Whoopi was kind of shocked at the harshness of Babs. Now when Bill O'Reilly came on clearly insulting her co-hosts, Barbara gave a speech on how it was improper to walk off, and like a mother hen scolded them...I'll bet on Monday, if she's there, Babs is going to give the Hiltons an apology.. I know she's too old to have a time of the month but she sure was a bitch about something.

1236 days ago


She had a fit with Opie & Anthony this week as well. Opie posted a video on YouTube and linked it on Twitter. Paris and her people demanded it be taken down. There's a bit of a war of words between them now. It's all pretty pathetic. She's just a sad excuse at this point. She can't even promote herself without throwing a hissy fit.

1236 days ago


@NOF: Good point, she was probably to busy plotting how to sneak around the senators wifes back to worry about her daughter.

1236 days ago
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