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Congressman Pic Raises Questions About Hacking

6/6/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new pic -- apparently showing the naked torso of Congressman Anthony Weiner -- has now surfaced, and it's looking like his claim that his Twitter account was hacked may be bogus.


This pic -- obtained by -- was allegedly sent on May 20 of this year to a woman from Weiner's Yahoo email address.

According to BigGov, Weiner apparently used the account to store many other personal photos of himself -- thus suggesting the shirtless photo is him.


Weinergate exploded last month after a Twitter pic was leaked, showing a man with a bulge in his underwear.  Weiner has hedged, saying he can't say for sure it's him, but claims he never sent the pic to anyone and his account was hacked.


rollingpaperzandbush rollingpaperz&bush

Don't let your congressional probe hit the debt ceiling on the way out.

paul a paul a.

I see it now....

"...I hereby step down to spend more time with my family....."

bunny bunny

If it was smaller, he would deny it's him. That's quite impressive.


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He did it, he's a pig. LoL@anyone with the name WEINER.

1234 days ago



1234 days ago

artie help    

my man is sporting some major OBAMACARE waiver there!!

1234 days ago


He is married, yes? What a moron. I would not throw him out of office because of the pics themselves(it's not like they're prnographic), just the incredible lack of judgment it shows. Hope he's got another career in mind cause this one is over...until the public forgets.

1234 days ago


I refuse to believe the midget twerp with the nasal whine has a d.ick that big. I think he has a loaf of French bread crammed in his jockeys.

1234 days ago


Wow! No wonder he didn't want to deny it was "his" junk.
That's some major junk right there.

1234 days ago

who dat    

This guy is done. Not only did he do it, he lied about doing it. The lying is worse. Definitely a guy who can't be trusted. I feel sorry for his new wife.

1234 days ago


Pretty easy for anyone who knows him or has been in his home to figure out. Look at the family photos behind him. Wonder what his wifey thinks?? He has the clinched jaw of a serial killer.

1234 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Damn. If that 'package' is his, congratulations to his wife.

1234 days ago


Um, wow, I may need to start following him on Twitter[pated]! ;)

Bozo is Busted! I hope his wife leaves his skanky, deceitful hide and that his career is o-vah! So sick of slimey poticians. Well, okay, sick of politicians!

1234 days ago


I think he took the picture and sent it to a woman. As to its release, I think he had NOTHING to do with that. The person he sent it to might have released it or their account was hacked. In either case, he's a victim b/c it's being publicly released without his permission.

1234 days ago


Don't let your congressional probe hit the debt ceiling on the way out.

1234 days ago

james NY    

It looks like the pic was taken from his Capital office. Look over his right shoulder (look at the photo - is that is idol President Bill Clinton) to funny !

1234 days ago

Surely all the framed photographs and the general location can prove that he is in his office / home, etc. Slimeball ! Don't forget this guy is passing laws on your futures ! WTH

1234 days ago

South Side     

Based off the shape of his chin and pointy nose....yeah this looks like him. And if its him then he looks like more of an idiot because hes been going on national tv trying to change the subject.

1234 days ago
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