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Ex-WWE Star X-Pac -- I Was Molested as a Kid

6/7/2011 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former WWE wrestler X-Pac says he suffered years of sexual abuse as a child -- and he's opening up about his emotional struggle in the hopes of helping other victims cope with their pain.


X-Pac -- a.k.a. Sean Waltman -- took to his blog Monday to praise wrestling legend Mick Foley for the work he's been doing with the Rape Abuse & Incest Network ... especially because Sean himself is a "survivor of repeated sexual abuse/molestation from about age 5 to around the age of 12."

For the first time ever, Waltman revealed details about the abuse -- saying his abusers were both male and female. X-Pac adds, "The most psychologically damaging incidents came at the hands of an adult male who actually brought me to my first pro wrestling match."

Waltman says he finally told his family about the abuse when he was in his 20's -- explaining, "It’s so difficult for victims of sexual abuse to come forward. The shame & fear involved in coming forward is overwhelming."

"Feeling like it’s our fault or fearing what people will think of you prevent many from ever coming forward ... I choose to talk openly about it, hoping it may inspire others to come forward and expose these people."

X-Pac continues, "This is a huge step in dealing with the psychological damage done to the victim & can also save others from having to suffer the same fate. So I can’t thank Mick enough for his work with RAINN."

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Pittbullover: Well said!!

1198 days ago


takes a lot of guts for someone to admit to this,espcially a man , and a man of his calibre

1198 days ago


the way they "blame themselves" shows they have something mental going on thats not right. How can that be a childs fault, thats an adults fault.

1198 days ago


I am shocked daily about the number of people who have been molested/raped as children. It just makes me sick that anyone could do such a horrible thing to a child! I hope that whoever did this to him is in prison or dead.

1198 days ago

Celberities Fart Too    

Let's give the man a little mercy and the benefit of the doubt, I wish him the best in his recovery and helping others.

1198 days ago


So many men keep abuse or rape a secret.. and its hard for them to come to grips with such events. Abuse and Molestation, Rape is hell. You live with those demons for life. Yes, talking to a counselor, your family, etc. helps, but for a celebrity, or an athlete, to use their story to help other kids cope, or try to raise awareness for a cause. He's a wrestler, and wrestlers evoke strenght, and attitude. For Mick Foley and now Waltman to come out and help a cause like RAINN and share their story that helps others out there no they are not alone. And they are doin something to help raise awareness, pass laws, and form more support systems so victims can get the help they need.

1198 days ago

Arnold Fernandez    

Seam Waltman had talked about his molestation before. He did a shot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries last year where he talked about it for a bit. He did it last October, check out You Tube for the interview.

1198 days ago


How dare anyone make snide comments about this. Yeah, I'm sure anyone would disclose sexual abuse for publicity. Kudos to you for sharing your story. I think this is way more prevalent than society wants to admit!!!

1198 days ago


for the people talking **** i have heard enough from you, and the fact that you say this should be kept private how about this, any female and any kid and any celeb out there that have been raped should keep quiet about it... how about that? how about them apples? being molested is practically being RAPED, so i say shut the **** up and yes i am talking to you too pitbulllover

1198 days ago



1198 days ago

mary helen cook of scotland    

i was to punchd and my finger nails took of me by my grandfather and had the belt of my school teacher as i was the only kid in hur class she did not like me at all i was 6 years old then and she called me a child of the divel i was betin up by my grandfather as he did not like my mum bring a chid out of wed lock and told me that my mum was a cow he did this to me when i was in the house without my mum and grandmother he burnd me to with his tea and banged my head and for 3 and a hafe years i was on meds and to see some doctors my mum could not move out as in that time singl mums did not get the saport i did not blam my mum at all as she new and tryed to do something but could not as my mum was afrad of hur own dad when one day as he was beating me my gran saw it and tryed to stop him he pused my gran on a wooden chair and as a result she lost a brest now my gran is in hevan and my grandfather is in hell but you no what my mum and i love each other nd we dont look back because of it i love the look of a man but cant be a lone with one as a result i cant have kids that one of my regrets in my life i wanted to adopet a child told of my past and i was not to get one i tryed to get ivf and still i was not given a chance to be a mum i am treated like i am the crimanel but i was the victum why cant people not understand that we did not ask for it i now am a carrer and l love diy gardening i love my dog which i have 3 and 3 rabbits to i campaine for kid who are just like me and i do the same for anamals to i put my mind on something else and i love to watch wwe and tna i was so sad to read about sean i did not no i feel so sorry for the man you are not alone popel like them should be burnd at the stake as far as i am concernd and in the uk hear they give them kid glove treatmeat buy giveing them reabilation and not thinking of the victums kid pay lone fees for colage and when they get it for free famlays are waiting for a house they can jumpe in and get one first as part of put them back in the town in which you as the victum gets no saport not like them we in the uk are in europ we have the court of human rights and they are allways on there side to as they side they should get saport for so why cant the victums then i want the death penalty in this contry for this kind of stuff the usa has got it so right to me allthough you have to be right on the person you do it to with dna and stuff now a days but the death penalty is what i want hear as kid and the old hear are dieing and what justas is that as for me i am doing ok dont take tablits as i put my mind on othere things so sean i no what you have sufferd and you are beter than them now you are a wwe star now and love by all werstling fans so you are loved and thank you for come out with what happind to you sir you mit just helped someone to tell to and why cant you sean and the wwe and tna help kids to tell as you have told your story to us it just save a life

1198 days ago


Good for X-Pac. But if I remember correctly, he also has a drug problem. I hope he's gotten treatment for that as well. I really like the guy (he was my first favorite Pro Wrestler when I first got into Wrestling) and I really wouldn't wanna hear about him being dead at a young age on a site like this.

1197 days ago


so pitbulllover YOU WERE SAYING?

1197 days ago


that's fine he's doing this but he put other people in danger by having matches not revealing he has a disease they can catch through blood and in wrestling they bleed all the time- that was messed up

1195 days ago

Khalaf Cruz    

X-Pac/Sean Waltman is one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, and for him to share his personal stories, i now have more respect for him than what i already had...When is wwe gonna either sign him, or put him in the hall of fame? If u agree, like this

1144 days ago
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