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MJ's 'Thriller' Jacket -- Got $400k Layin' Around?!

6/6/2011 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's iconic red jacket from the "Thriller" video is hitting the auction block in Beverly Hills in a few weeks -- and it could be yours ... if you've got a spare $400,000 to blow.


The jacket -- which MJ personally autographed to his former costume designers -- is expected to fetch between $200k and $400k ... though we wouldn't be shocked if it soared past half a mil.

The jacket is one of several MJ items featured in the Julien's Auction event on June 25 and 26. Among the more interesting pieces -- the wig Michael wore at his "This Is It" news conference in London and a glove he wore at the American Music Awards.


The wig is expected to haul in between $4,000 and $6,000 -- and the glove is valued between $20k and $30k.



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The Legendary Thriller Jacket is being auctioned???? Are you kidding me! That jacket should be given to his children or at least on display in a museum? Thriller was legendary! It was so amazing and still is! 28 years later and people like me listen to it! I'm only 19 and i love Thriller!

MJ's Wig shouldn't be auctioned, as many have said it's personal and it shouldn't go out to the public. He got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his scalp in the Pepsi commercial so he had to wear wigs.

One of my old lecturer's who i had at college worked as part of stage crew for big concerts and met MJ and told me that MJ was in a lot of pain since that accident and was self conscience about the accident. I imagine it's not something to get over quickly or not at all when your reminded with the pain that you would constantly touch your scalp as a reminder.

Seriously though the Thriller Jacket?!?!?!?!?

Wasn't Thriller the last music video where he looked black??

1211 days ago


I can not afford to buy something from Michael but I know I'll always love his music and he will always be in my heart
This was the most beautiful wig on him
I miss you Michael
Many people are proud of you jealous people forget
We all miss you xoxoxo Fans

1211 days ago


It is almost two years since his death and people are still talking about Michael Jackson. Shows what a huge influence he was to the world. Even the people on these boards who spew their dislike/hate cannot stop talking about him. Who else would garner such attention?

Michael Jackson is and will always be a legend.

1211 days ago


mj killed himself. it's a void in their minds. his kids can't care less what happened to the asian woman wig and jacket. it's not like mj wanted to protect them, save monet and resemble a normal human with his old, normal african face.

1210 days ago


thank u! Northern Gypsy, the ONLY sane comment on this board.

1210 days ago


I agree the Thriller Jacket should go to a museum or to the R&R Hall of Fame; their Michael display now is pretty pitiful. A bright light however is that part of the auction proceeds (it should go for $1M) is going to a wildlife sanctuary in California which became home to Michael's tigers when Neverland closed down. Michael gave that jacket to Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins, who worked for him 30 years; maybe now they need the money; I know I would have kept it forever.

1210 days ago


I haven't got a spare $400,000 to blow.

1210 days ago


Hi marcia,i did read your post and as for Diana Ross i heard Michael reffer to her as his second mother during his induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,i didn't know or see any video of him saying that he was in love with her,that's when Cherwood told me that the above was true.

As for LM i know that she was running after Michael not the other way around,if only i could remember the name of the magazine and i believe that he really loved her,he also wrote a few words on the booklet inside the HIStory album.Maybe he thought she felt the same way about him but her actions showed the opposite.I guess there wasn't enough understanding between them and maybe it was hard for them or one of them to back off sometimes,this is my opinion,again i could be wrong.

As for Debbie how cold could she be seeing motherhood as a business deal?I believe that she must have felt something for Michael,since they knew each other for years,what i can't understand is how could she give up on their children? Maybe the bringing up was too hard for her,we know that raising children needs alot of work,not to mention how much time you have to devote to them by telling them what is right and what is wrong,teaching manners,respect to adults etc. But like i said it's only my opinion,maybe you and Cherwood know better about all this.

1210 days ago


It is so sad to see Michael and his legacy "picked apart" like that. Like a bunch of vultures picking away - but hey, nothing new in that. :´(

I agree with you also.

1210 days ago

kathy 40    

@ Brit

You must be reading the wrong boards and blogs because, if anything, what's EMERGING now is just the opposite. Where did you read about NUMEROUS victims being paid off?. Please enlighten us. You better blog around some more because after MJ's death many people who REALLY KNEW him are emerging to say what really happened. People who could not say anything when he was alive because of confidential agreements. If they had spoken then they would have gotten him in trouble. So Brit get you head out the daze and READ,READ,READ!! Open your eyes to the TRUTH or shut the hell up!!

1209 days ago


Why did they have to show something so personal like his wig. That is no one's business and shows such disrespect it really makes me sick. Please give this man, this human being the respect he deserves in death that he never got in this life. A true genius, humanitarian, father, son. This is so sad.

1208 days ago

Brigha from UK    

weloveyoumj - "Why did they have to show something so personal like his wig. That is no one's business and shows such disrespect it really makes me sick. Please give this man, this human being the respect he deserves in death that he never got in this life. A true genius, humanitarian, father, son. This is so sad."
Your comment says it all. I agree with you entirely. Well said.

1204 days ago


Gimme that jacket...

1199 days ago


I have his other jacket : )...the first...the technicolor dreamcoat!yes i do i do i do!

1199 days ago
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