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TMZ Live -- Will Facebook Make You Cheat?

6/6/2011 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is social media to blame for Congressman Weiner's escapades? Plus, Harvey and Charles go at it over Reese Witherspoon's attack on sex tapes -- is she a hypocrite?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(2:10) Congressman Anthony Weiner came clean today -- admitting he sent dirty pics to multiple women! We cut LIVE to his press conference. Awkwarrrrrd.
(5:20) Mike gives a blow-by-blow of Weiner's announcement.
(8:10) Max says Facebook is the enemy if you're in a relationship -- because it's a "meat market."
(9:10) Nina thinks Max is DEAD WRONG ... then somehow compares Facebook to a homeless person throwing something at you. Let the argument begin!!!
(21:30) Reese Witherspoon rips into the Kim Kardashians and Paris Hiltons of the world  ... but does the fact that she's done nude scenes make her a hypocrite?
(23:10) Harvey says the only difference between having ACTUAL sex ... and PRETENDING to have sex for a film ... is "penetration."
(26:20) BREAKING NEWS! USC was just stripped of their 2004 football title! Evan explains.
(39:45) Cheryl Cole officially out at "X Factor" -- Charles thinks it could all be a publicity stunt.
(42:50) President Obama chows down on chili dogs -- right after Michelle makes a push for healthier lifestyles. Once again, Harvey and Charles don't agree.
(47:40) Max says Barack has more important things to worry about than being a health food role model ... Harvey couldn't disagree more.


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Facebook does not make you cheat. Good grief did the beer make you drink? NO! Choices people, choices. Media does not make you DO anything, can it influence you, yes, but the temptation was already there. Blames yourselves not the media sites.

1237 days ago


Harvey, Why did the press keep zoning in on the age of some women being younger than his children. It was creepy how they kept pushing that.

1237 days ago



1237 days ago


max is odviously an unfaithful cheater i have never and would never cheat on my wife period it has nothing to do with ease its all about respect for yourself and the person you are in a relationship with

1237 days ago

Gale Smithers    

Harvey has leaped the shark and has become Larry the variance between film scenes and self shot sex videos......yikes man.....

1237 days ago


since when is eating a chili dog a scandal if you are in shape? it's the people with weight problems that need to eat healthy as people in shape probably do it already and can enjoy all foods because they probably burn it off the next day with an honest workout.

1237 days ago


great big difference harvey you are a complete moron porn is not acting its nothing but sex you are comparing a few scenes from an entire movie to nothing but sex

1237 days ago


russ myer or steven hirsh

1237 days ago

Christy Colln    

penetration and CLASS are the only diference

1237 days ago


Are you real, they are the same, are you nuts---- you are saying kim and paris are ho's period

1237 days ago


Stop it, don't compare Reece to these other women paaaleese! Stop being such a lawyer.

1237 days ago

Flying Blind    

that's big breaking news reggie bush .......... ha

1237 days ago


Using Harvey's logic, are we now to consider "Snuff Films" where victims are actually murdered on screen to be as artistic valid as a Hollywood Noire film in which an actor plays a person who is murdered?

1237 days ago


WHAT!!! Harvey you are so off. The point of Reese's comments was to say young women don't have to use those means to get famous. Their fame should be based on talent and as an actor/actress your work should speak for you not "leaked" pics or a sex tape scandal.

1237 days ago


To say making a sex tape or taking nude photos makes you a bad girl is unfair. People should be able to do whatever they want to do in the privacy of their own home. It's the jerks who leak it that are the "bad" ones. There is nothing wrong with doing these things as long as it's consensual, legal, and safe. And to say these girls should have known better is unfair. Should have know better than to what? To assume these people that they trusted had some basic respect for them as human beings?

1237 days ago
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