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TMZ Live -- Weiner's Lying Playbook Exposed

6/7/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Weiner woman fesses up to Harvey and Charles -- why she's standing by her online man, but also why she spilled the beans on him.  Plus, lots of people think there's no place in the gay pride parade for gay uniformed cops.


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(0:00) Big stories today: New developments in the Weiner case, the gay cop crisis, the stupidity of bottle service, and much more!
(4:45) Congressman Weiner dirty talked with a porn star -- and then coached her on how to lie about it ... Mike has the details.
(9:15) One of Weiner's Internet gals -- Lisa Weiss -- is on the phone ... and she's NOT going to bash him. In fact ... she's totally on his side ... and doesn't want him to lose his job.
(11:45) Lisa admits ... she NEVER touched him ... and NEVER met him in person.
(16:30) Lisa claims she had NO IDEA this would be such a big deal ... and says her life has been turned upside down since the story broke.
(17:00) Lisa says she would NOT have met him face-to-face if the chance arose ... and she doesn't believe Weiner cheats on his wife. 
(25:10) A gay officer is NOT allowed to march in uniform in a gay pride parade ... and now Gloria Allred is on his side. So yeah, there was a press conference.
(38:00) Gabrielle Union was raped at 19 and had a chance to shoot the rapist ... but is glad she didn't. A debate about Rihanna's new music video ensues.
(44:45) How stupid is bottle service? Very. Zac Efron recently dumped $1,000 on it ... and then over-tipped. Sigh. 


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Which would get more for charity--Harvey's sippy cup or his morning meeting box?

1234 days ago


Any chance John Boehner & Anthony Weiner can put their petty bipartisan differences aside and run under the best ticket name ever: BOEHNER/WEINER 2012?

1234 days ago


prison guard is a cop, since when

1234 days ago

who dat    

I want to know when TMZ is going to stop suckin-up to Sarah Palin and expose her as the embarrassing fraud she is. In this incident she attempts to re-write American history.

1234 days ago


I was wondering, have you stopped broadcasting from outside permanently? That was always a nice change.

1234 days ago


Did anyone listen to the lyrics of Rihanna's "Man Down" song. It seems like the negative opinions are solely based on whats shown in the video without looking at the lyrics which show she is not supporting shooting a rapist.

The opening lyric:
"I didn't mean to end his life
I know it wasn't right
I can't even sleep at night
Can't get it off my mind
I need to get out of sight
Before I end up behind bars..."

I know further in the song she goes on about shooting him and stuff but if you read the lyrics in its entirety she is clearly not supporting this action. Its just an artistic perspective and could be in reference to emotions felt rather than the literal actions may have to do with repression or release of her feelings from her incident.

1234 days ago


Its not the act of sending the pics, its the lies. The lies were Weiner's attempt to cover the story, the girls should talk, talk, talk

1234 days ago

Shelly Smith    

The only difference between JFK,former President Bill Clinton and Weiner all hinges on the technology available at the time of their indiscretions.

1234 days ago


Harvey before you speak on the corrections officer being able to be in the parade ask yourself if you would feel the same if the march was for "meat eaters". Would you still think he should be able to wear his uniform??

1234 days ago


Weiner should stay. Alot of people in power have done much worse. He ****** up, he has now come clean, move on.

1234 days ago


Weiner should stay. Alot of people in power have done much worse. Cut the guy a break. He ****** up, move on.

The gay prison gaurd should not be allowed to wear the uniform in the parade.

1234 days ago


1. Weiss = 30 min talking DIRTY on Congressional line.
2. Weiner notifies his girls on how to issue cover-up lies.
3. Pelosi looks into using Congressional resources.
4. Weiss = 30 min talking POLITICS on Congressional line.

1234 days ago


Mike is tasting the rainbow! Go Skittles, go!

1234 days ago


oh lord....this woman is an idiot.

1234 days ago


That woman on the phone is the biggest tool and she's buy the same lies you guys were just talking about before

1234 days ago
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