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MLB Legend Mark Grace -- Busted for DUI

6/8/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Chicago Cubs superstar Mark Grace was arrested for drunk driving in Scottsdale, Arizona on Memorial Day ... and according to the police report, Mark has good taste in scotch.


According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops observed Grace in his 2009 Jaguar weaving in and out of his lane around 1 AM on May 30. Once officers pulled him over, cops say Grace -- who had a female passenger in the car -- admitted to "having a few drinks."

According to the report, Grace said he had consumed two glasses of Macallan scotch earlier that evening -- one of which he finished "5 minutes before the stop."

Cops say 46-year-old Grace -- who's now an announcer for the Arizona Diamondbacks -- also had "bloodshot and watery eyes" ... and he did not have his wallet or license with him at the time of the arrest.

When the officer asked, "How do you think you did on the field tests" ... Grace replied, "Not well enough."

Grace was handcuffed and taken to a nearby command post -- where blood was drawn to measure his blood alcohol level. The results of the blood test have not been returned.

Grace was booked on DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08 or more, DUI impaired to the slightest degree, improper right turn, driver's license not in possession and failure to carry registration in vehicle.

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PRO US    

Damon 4 hours ago

His drinking is the stuff of legends at wrigleyville bars.

Cops in Chicago let him slide!
The cops in Chicago who let him slide while drinking and driving should have been arrested, charged, found guilty, imprisoned and fired, because they could have been helped him kill people while he was drunk driving. Of course, they got away with it. They're cops. That's what most cops do, cover each others' asses and spit in the faces of the public they're supposed to serve and protect. There's a reason they call themselves "The Brotherhood" and if you aren't one of them, they ain't your brother. There are some good cops, but obviously not enough of them. Otherwise, this professional drunk Mark Grace would have never spent his entire career in Chicago and never have gotten arrested for drunk driving when he boozed it up in bars and drove most nights. Just saying.

1197 days ago


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1197 days ago


Illegal right turn? Sounds like another B.S. reason for Scottsdale cops to pull someone over in the hopes they had a drink. I have seen it out here for years, people can drive on the sidewalk sober and the cops get mad for wasting their time if you haven't had a drink. They pull over everyone after 8pm on holiday weekends in the hopes you say you had a drink which gives them probable cause for a field sobriety test which if refused is automatic 90 day license suspension. DUI is about revenue not safety. If were about safety cops would not hide around the corner in unmarked cars they would be stopping people before they get in their car. Then again there is no money in prevention.

1197 days ago


DUI is NOT a big deal! Poor guy had a few beers and a few drinks. Hell cops do it all the TIME! I know this as fact.

1197 days ago


DUI's is wrong regardless but just to let you know 2-3 drinks is illegal to drive at his weight. Sad fact is .08 is actually slightly buzzed for most people. Go look at any bar at 1030pm-1-3am and see all the cars in the parking lot. Do ya think they all only had 1-2 drinks? I don't think so I say raise the bac for dui's because they are really low or make mandatory break tests when you leave the bar/club why wait until they are already on the road.

1197 days ago


The .o8 is a formality for the charge!

It's also a way of lessening the charge or cutting him a break.

He took a blood test; the results will come back later.

The charges depend on the blood test;it also depends on, if they took it immediately or waited to test him so he would get a lower reading, which looks like that's what happened!

1197 days ago

the realist    

+1000 Damon, some of these people have no reading comprehension skills whatsoever. Apparently they just read half the story, or just don't understand the 5th paragraph, and then start defending the drunk.

1197 days ago


It's a DUI, get over it already. Not a big deal.

1197 days ago


Why don't you guys find pictures of the Mob Wives husbands? FYI -- you can't find any images on the internet of lee davanzo. You get redirected to a page that is irrelevant. Same for Carla's husband...is the Mafia better at internet marketing than you guys are? Seem so...

1197 days ago


Mark Grace totally NAILED the mug shot! Always give an award winning smile when getting your mug shot -- looks so much better when it hits the tabloids! Rush Limbaugh did the same for his drug pinch -- looks like a PR photo, not a mug shot.

1197 days ago


"Kiko" I dont find RACISM (in any form) funny, sorry, thats just me. Illegals are ruining this country, they cost billions, in case you havent noticed, our kids are suffering, getting poor educations because of illegals and their offspring, so, no, I wont laugh at your epic fail at a joke.

1197 days ago


TMZ, this is hilarious. Maybe next time if he hits somebody you can make fun of that too! "Well at least he has good taste in scotch"..... Gimme a break

1197 days ago


OH MY Gracie!!! Been your biggest fan since you started with my beloved Cubs. I named my daughter after you! Grace. She tells everybody she is named after you! We all call her 'the Gracie' Learn from this, please. She is your littlest fan...and she needs to look up to you. #17

1196 days ago


Hey KIKO , Sounds as though Marlina hit a nerve.. As for your sense of humor..Its a cop out..

1195 days ago

Phil Gorian    

My former buddy played high school baseball with Mark Grace in Mission Viejo. Never heard anything about drinking, only VERY positive comments. I'm surprised.....

1195 days ago
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