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TMZ Live -- Bret Lockett Calls BS on Kim K.

6/8/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Lockett tells Harvey and Charles he has the firepower to prove he hooked up with Kim Kardashian ... Plus, are the Dallas Mavericks turning the NBA Finals into germ warfare?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Major topics today: Kim K. allegedly cheats, should people play sports when sick, and Weston Cage's crazy fight video.
(2:10) Bret Lockett -- who is Kim K.'s alleged other man -- pops in via webcam. Kim says she's never met him ... but Bret tells us a whole different story.
(7:30) Bret isn't afraid of legal action ... because he says he's got the texts and pics to prove it.
(8:20) Why Bret spilled the beans to In Touch Weekly.
(10:50) Bret says he had no idea Kim was talking to her future fiance -- Kris Humphries -- at the same time they were hooking up.
(21:00) Dirk Novitzki played sick last night -- Harvey thinks it's ridiculous ... because he put other people in danger. A major argument breaks out.
(29:30) Andrea and Evan tell their "I was sick at TMZ" stories ... and they are polar opposites.
(36:40) Yes, the sick/sports argument JUST ended.
(38:00) Weinergate update -- one of his Internet gals apologizes to Mrs. Weiner ... AND was suspended from her job due to the scandal.
(43:00) Weston Cage gets his ASS KICKED ... and we have video.
(45:00) Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior, as explained by Ryan


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Your take on Dirk is totally ridiculous.

Have you considered what would happen if the NBA decided no one who was feeling ill could player would ever tell anyone they weren't feeling well. What about food poisoning? Can you catch that? And nobody know exactly when any is actually contageous.

Moreover, getting sick is part of life and trying to "control" that is a fool's errand. He isn't spreading the Hanta Virus all over the court.

By your logic, no one should ever leave the house if they don't feel perfect lest some one who gets near them "might" catch a cold. Grow a pair.

1043 days ago


Just curious... Does having a fever automatically mean that you are contagious?

1043 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Oh CMON Harvey. Get out of that bubble! Don't the athletes assume the risk that, in a CONTACT sport, one may have the sniffles?

1043 days ago


There's no physical, close contact during the Bar Exam.

1043 days ago


So Harvey, when you are contagious, you have never gone out in public or to work or to the pharmacy? If you have, you are a hypocrite!

1043 days ago


William Henry Harrison fell sick on the day of his inauguration & ended up spending his entire term on his deathbed. Karma?

1043 days ago


If a person on the other team were to actually get sick, there's no way to actually prove that it was from Dirk or not. People get sick all the time, it happens. Any time you're going to win a national/world championship you're going to play no matter what.

1043 days ago


Is a sinus infection contagious? During his post-game conference he mentioned that as the cause of the fever.

1043 days ago

Flying Blind    

i was a manager for 30 years ........ if someone is sick they go home .......... harvey is correct

1043 days ago


Bill Clinton is the ****!!! he's our nations homeboy! tha illest ever...

1043 days ago


Keep your germs to yourself! It's too bad employers put so much pressure on employees to show up to work sick. All they get in return is an employee who is not feeling well enough to do their job and passes their illness along to others to boot.

1043 days ago


I just realized I was so fired up during my previous post I stopped being able to write. Graph 2, last sentence, should have read "And nobody knows when anyone is actually contageous."

OH MY GOD, he caught a cold.

1043 days ago


One shouldn't really do sports anyways when one is sick. Depending what one has, serious complications can follow. And with something infectious it's not fair to go to work and infect everyone else.

Btw, I really like Harvey's version of "My Way"! He did a really really good job! I personally was positively surprised. Really great voice. Seriously! And yes...I went to a music school and have trained ears. Give Harvey a break and applaud him! He actually does have a good voice! If he'd do a "sinatra influenced" album..I'd buy it! :)

1043 days ago


My ex-girlfriend pulled this same exact routine when she was caught in an indentical lie, minus the magazine articles and lawyers, of course. Kris, I hope you kept the receipt for your ring.

1043 days ago


There is a bigger risk of him getting his own teammates sick by sitting next to them and sharing the same locker room. That could hurt their chances in future games. I figure if his own team doesn't mind him being on the court, the other team needs to suck it up too.

1043 days ago
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