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Weston Cage

Beat Up In BLOODY Street Fight

6/8/2011 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage took 13 HARD punches to the face -- in the middle of a Hollywood street -- during a violent confrontation with his personal trainer yesterday ... and it was all caught on tape.

In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nic Cage's long-haired son is beaten to a bloody pulp in front of the Farmer's Kitchen restaurant in Hollywood ... while several spectators stood by and watched.

The footage begins moments after 20-year-old Cage tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to his trainer after the trainer refused to allow Weston to order a certain item off the menu.

After a brief scuffle, the trainer takes Weston down to the ground ... climbs on top of him ... and rains down with a flurry of barely-contested punches to Weston's face. At one point, Weston tries to punch back -- but the trainer blasts him in the face -- once again taking control of the situation.

The trainer kept Weston pinned down on the concrete until cops arrived -- and as TMZ first reported, Cage was eventually handcuffed, strapped to a gurney, and taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Weston's father, Nic Cage, raced over to the hospital to be with his son yesterday -- and vows to stay in town as long as Weston needs him to be here.


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The people who are filming this are shameless. They should have intervened. You guys are sick and bunch of ********.

1231 days ago


The fight was NOT that bad... these jackasses at TMZ will do anything to make a story sound more dramatic than it actually is... "beaten to a bloody pulp in a BLOODY street fight." LMAO... it wasn't that bad you ******* morons, stop trying to get ratings you dip****s.

1229 days ago


Pretty ****** up, although this kid might have issues im sure he didnt need to be beaten like that, he cant defend himself. Hopefully he wins in court.

1229 days ago


Yeah, I agree with most of the people posting! That trainer should have used the Vulcan neck pinch or a James Bond "Judo Chop" to subdue this poor misguided lad. The only thing worse than s*** like Weston are the losers who think he got more than he deserved. Weston attacked first! As long as he is putting up resistance he is a danger and needs to be subdued. This trainer should have beaten his spoiled butt unconscious, then called the police. He showed a lot of restraint be not doing so.

1229 days ago


Self defense all day long. Spoiled a-hole kicks the guy, gets taken down and beaten until he is subdued. Trainer holds guy down pleading for the cops as he uses minimum force to keep the a-hole down. He doesn't have to let the a-hole up because he is still a threat as evidenced by his verbal promises to get up and still fight. He starts fighting again from the bottom while the trainer is asking for the cops so the trainer subdues his stupid #ss again. Great video....I love it...way to go trainer!

1229 days ago


nothing will happen to the trainer no jail time looks like he his cages handler mk ultra anybody

1228 days ago

Drew G.    

I love the idiots who are filming the video, making fun of the passers-by who are doing nothing, just filming the fight on their cell phones. You can't get anymore oblivious than that.

1226 days ago

Aru Albqrq    

It was not ethical of the trainer to beat him up. If he was not satisfied with the job he should have quit. Plus the guy attacked is only 20 and surely the trainer is stronger than he is. I'm sure if I was there I wouldn't jump in the fight 'cause I'm not strong enough, but at least I would call police, security, or trow rocks at the attacker (I would not think about recording the scene on my cell phone...)

Most Americans are too violent, it's scary to get into an argument with anyone there, just sayin.

1225 days ago


the kid got what he deserved...the trainer was just protecting himself from another trained fighter "who has some previous issues with anger" it's a different wold when it comes to trained fighter. this was not sum bar brawl that some drunkin fools picked cuz he looked at his girlfirend wrong...the kid got outta line..then put back in place...

1225 days ago


look @ all you west coast tool's just standing there. Figures
dude gets beat up on the street and the atypical californian ***** response is: "oooo lemme get out my cam"


1224 days ago


hahahahahahahaha!!!!! THat is so funny!!! Rich boy got whooped. I hear cages sunn is an ******* anyway. And by the way all you guys saying "oh what is everyone doing-Call the cops!-Break it up!" you are all retards. Two people both actively engaged in a fight on their own accord, why the hell would you get involved you nosy sons of bitches! Just pull out your phone and watch! It's not like anyones dying. Just a couple of black eyes people relax!

1192 days ago


What I find most disturbing about this video is the laughter going on while a man is beaten. there is NOTHING funny about this.

924 days ago


You have to be a real ******* if your own trainer wants to whip your ass!!

394 days ago
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