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Conflict Over Surfer's Death

6/9/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of surfing legend Andy Irons is adamant the former world champ died as a result of complications from heart disease -- and nothing else -- however, the official autopsy report shows drugs were a factor.

Andy Irons Drugs

Seven months after Irons died in a Dallas hotel room, Andy's family released a statement today explaining Irons died from a heart attack caused by the hardening of his coronary arteries. The family says they spoke with a prominent forensic pathologist who explained Irons had a genetic predisposition to early development of heart disease ... which was SOLELY responsible for the heart attack.

However, the toxicology report and the autopsy from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner note a second cause of death -- "acute mixed drug ingestion."

According to the report, Irons had Xanax and methadone in his system at the time of his death ... along with Benzoylecgonine -- a compound commonly produced by the body after cocaine use.

Andy's wife says the surfer did not use meth, "so it is likely the substance was present in the cocaine he ingested."

Both sides seem to agree dengue fever was not a factor -- as originally suspected.

Irons was 32 years old.

The situation is a carbon copy of Billy Mays' death -- where the coroner ruled the primary cause of death was heart disease and the secondary was cocaine use. Billy's family bitterly disputed the coroner's finding as it related to drug use.

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This family is not the first, and it won;t be the last, to be in denial that a relative is a druggie. Tox screens don't lie!!

1235 days ago


Billy Mays was a little different in that he had Vicodin AND OxyContin in his system in addition to Valium and Xanax.

1235 days ago


With all due respect to his family, I don't know that ANY real expert and anything medical would ever be so bold as to say a heart attack was solely responsible for death when there is evidence drugs were present. Predisposition or not...that's highly suspect.

1235 days ago


Drug abuse causes coronary artery hardening. You see it in all OD autopsy reports, even in the young who have been using for several years.

1235 days ago


Gotta love how his wife mentions that he doesn't do meth but casually mentions that it must have been mixed with his cocaine. That my dear means that he does do it. You don't know WHAT is mixed with your drugs which is just another reason why people are stupid to do them. Pretty said when people have to rely on drugs/alcohol to get by in life. What kind of life is that?

1235 days ago


you know TMZ its not cool just to copy and paste from wiki what you want people to think. Did the report say he had cocaine in his system or Benzo?

HE could be on Esterom or a generic form of it. But like normal you saw Cocaine in wiki so you went there. Here is a hint... they can tell if it was cocaine or Esterom... so put down what they put.

1235 days ago


Is the writer confusing methadone with methamphetamine? Or is Lindy? Methadone is synthetic heroin...used for recovering heroin addicts as maintenance, and sometimes abused by heroin addicts because it's legal and easy for celebs to get a doctor's prescription for it.

Saying he did not "use meth" does not address why there was methadone in his system. Apparently, he was using methadone. But methadone is not meth. And neither one has ANYTHING to do with cocaine. Just think that should be cleared up.

1235 days ago


And there was something else that went wrong. At 32 even if it was coke and pain killers he would have spent like 00k a year on these drugs for the last 10 years to use that much to kill his heart at 32...

I am in the medical field and I am also a long term pain killer user due to a broken back. I know more about this crap than all the TMZ crew together. You don't harden your heart like that to cause a heart attack and the corner is just being lazy.

1235 days ago


Insurance must not be going to pay off if it is drug related. Other wise what is the difference. A young strong young man is dead and nothing will bring him back. If the family is wooried about his legacy, isn't it a little late? He was known to abuse these drugs and now he is dead!

1235 days ago

Lauren Ashley    

Methadone is legal heroin! I don't know why he was taking it, but its not only used in recovering addicts, but also, some doctors will prescribe it for severe pain. Xanax, Methadone, and Cocaine? I seriously doubt it was "just a heart attack" And why did she say anything about Meth?

He was a drug addict that passed away from heart failure... Not a shock.

1235 days ago


they did an autopsy and found drugs in his system.......well autopsies dont lie...this family is delusional! i see them after the insurance money.......cause they wont pay out if he died of a drug overdose. pathetic family! doing all they can for money and not really caring about the dudes drug problem.

1235 days ago


"Meth" is not the same as Cocaine

What a dumb missy she is.....Xanax is a Benzo, Methadone is for (recovering dope addicts) and well...toxicology results don't suffer from


1235 days ago


Methadone is not "meth", methamphetamines is "meth". Wtf is this story talking about?

1235 days ago


Cocaine & xanax don't mix...R.I.P

1235 days ago

lil harvey    

R.I.P. Andy !!!

1235 days ago
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