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'Basketball Wives'


at Italian Nightclub

6/10/2011 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is some bad blood on VH1's "Basketball Wives" -- and TMZ has learned, two of the cast members decided to settle their differences with a nightclub SLUGFEST in Rome, Italy.

Sources close to the show tell us Meeka Claxton (left) and Tami Roman (right) have been on frigid terms for months now -- all because Tami has repeatedly accused Meeka of creating animosity between the girls on the show.

Meeka denies the accusations ... but during a recent taping at some nightclub in Rome -- where the girls filmed several scenes abroad -- Tami decided to confront her ... fists flying.

We're told a full on brawl broke out ... and ended with Tami PUNCHING Meeka right in the face.

No one was seriously injured in the fight -- but the two were promptly escorted out of the club by security. Clearly, Italy is the hot place for reality stars to duke it out.


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Go Tami.......she deserved to get her ass kicked!

1191 days ago


I am a black woman that takes pride in who I am, a woman of color. I must say that it is a shame that these woman are beautiful black women and have lost their pride somewhere between fame and money. I can't imagine women always acting like children, all the cussing,fighting and drama. These women are an embarrassment to women of color.

1191 days ago


I really do like Tami this season because she looks good and it seems like her attitude has changed a lot. I agree with her about Evelyn because she shouldn’t try to make money on such a negative remark but hey, people have to get it how they live out here. Meeka is such a talkative and lying person and I can’t get into her personality like I can with everyone else. I can’t wait for the next episode and although I have to work when it’s on, I can watch it on my phone using the DISH Remote Access app with DISH Network. The app works with my Sling Adapter so I can watch live and pre-recorded programs and I don’t even have to be at home. Now, with an exclusive offer, DISH customers can get the adapter, that’s normally $99, for free! People can get more information here and since I work at DISH Network, I know that I’m getting the best value around!


1190 days ago


Are you kidding???? Meeka, is a **** starter all you have to do is watch the show, the woman has five faces, she's doing everything to get into the circle but going about it all wrong than she talks to fast, she's ghetto ugly $15.oo wig she has on wich is UGLY!!! I'm glad Tami put it on her I knew it was coming, Tami is the realest person on the show along with Royce, truth hurts,lol

1187 days ago


The show is entertainment only. But, in order for it to be more entertaining, get rid of Tami and Royce. They are both troublesome ladies that bring the quality of the show down.

1187 days ago


Really, I love the show but.........They need to get alone! come on now ladies,where your class??? we have to do better than this,everybody is full of hate...please stop and have at least one good episode with no fighting!

1184 days ago


well first of all why is this show supposed to be an insult to black women? I think those videos with naked black women in bikini's and lipgloss was way more degrading!(but men and society love and think its normal and ok) These women have strong personalitys and making money and a point at the same time! is it ok for a white woman or just any other woman of another race to do worst on tv? Come one Black women have had it bad and have not been acknowledged on any level. Our men are all mostly loosers, and think the living thier own reality show like for the love of Ray-J or flavor of luv,... etc. but its cool right. Not to mention they always pick the non black woman!But it is acceptable right? Now to me thats degrading. Everyone knows the average black woman has this i will go off attitude!! they got it from their momma, grandma, aunt and it came from a very hurtful place and it has be come a survival defense action. Unlike white women we dont have any one trying to save us!! So we do it ourselves.No money cant always buy love and happeniss,.. but it has to be inside you at first.

1184 days ago

Janet Allen    

Tammi, and Royce are true women if they say something they will admit it. Now Jen, and Evelyn, is all talk, and hey look like he shes.

1183 days ago


Tammi & Eric are the only real people on the show...this new chica is a troublemaker,wanna be,ugly,big mouth chic that needed to get punched in the face. Shaunie needs to get it next another bottom feeder,phony,fake,troublemaker I'm so glad Shaq got away from this trick. Evelyn get rid of the little child he is corny and keep doing what u do,Royce fake,fake,fake worst dress chic in the world. I have nothing to say about suzy,not a bully and Jennifer fake,fake,fake your X made u! Thats my run down about these non-factor chicks who were never Basketball Wives,except Tammi,Mekka,& Ugly Shaunie. Girls pay attention Shaunie & this Mekka chic are FAKE!!!Royce too I'm not buying the tough girl S T go eat your too light in the ASSSSSS!

1182 days ago


In my opinion, any human being who opens he's or her's life to the cameras, in a bid for fame is CLASSLESS. I find it appalling that most people, especially we women are made to believe that we all have to afford a lavish lifestyle, in order for us to be considered classy, but then are free to behave like some bunch of tats. As for the IGNORANT FOOLS who think that black women are mostly ghetto's?, seems you've suffering from the case of IGNORANCE,and you all need to go out more. I have seen Asian girls, Spanish, Italians, and the most shocking British girls, behave like they've never had home training. My advice, you need Stop being single minded, and go out more, and while you at it, go learn the real meaning of what it means to be Ghetto, and what it's stands for.

1181 days ago


This is a damn shame...Tami is over 40 years old going around throwin' fists at anyone she deems on her crap list??? That's not sensationalism, that's just childish...grow up Tami!!!

1181 days ago


I LOVE this show!!!! Now I know that there are a bunch of haters out there whos say this show may be horrid but I am here to say that this show is hott!!!!! I can't wait to see it. For those negative commentors, no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to watch it. Their ratings are off the hook. When you see something you don't like, look the other way b/c when you say bad things, you just look like a HATER!!!!! :D

1177 days ago


What the heck kind of name is Meeka? I heard of Mookie, but dam, now we got Meeka? Evelyn, there goes ur next t-shirt: "Ur Meeka me Krazy", geesh, got other tee shirt slogans, like for Royce "You Bum" jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

1177 days ago


leave Tamz alone, she is the realest one on there, Meeka had it coming, new tee shirts available now, lol..."ur meeka me crazy, pow!", Yo, Evelyn gonna be making da moneyyyyyyyy, dang think about it, another shirt for Royce "You Bum!", lol, for Jen "Seriousssssly", jaaaaaaaaa and so on, yo hit me up on my e-mail Evelyn, I got mad tee shirt logos for u loka, " that's waz uppppppppp making da ka-chinggggggggg" Glad meeka got punched, fake ass wannabe

1177 days ago


i aint mad at tami i mean meeka was askin for it that don make anysince meeka a instegator and just wanna be lik evelyn dam shame wat people do now a days just to get some hits

1176 days ago
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