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'Basketball Wives'


at Italian Nightclub

6/10/2011 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is some bad blood on VH1's "Basketball Wives" -- and TMZ has learned, two of the cast members decided to settle their differences with a nightclub SLUGFEST in Rome, Italy.

Sources close to the show tell us Meeka Claxton (left) and Tami Roman (right) have been on frigid terms for months now -- all because Tami has repeatedly accused Meeka of creating animosity between the girls on the show.

Meeka denies the accusations ... but during a recent taping at some nightclub in Rome -- where the girls filmed several scenes abroad -- Tami decided to confront her ... fists flying.

We're told a full on brawl broke out ... and ended with Tami PUNCHING Meeka right in the face.

No one was seriously injured in the fight -- but the two were promptly escorted out of the club by security. Clearly, Italy is the hot place for reality stars to duke it out.


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No one noticed how Suzie kind of started it? She knows she shouldn't have told Tammy and she really did bait Meeka when they met for lunch. That girl is pure evil! she's a S**t starter!

1147 days ago



1147 days ago


Tami is a FREAKING PSYCHOTIC BULLY! She is going to meet the wrong person the will BEAT her A@@! I can't stand her!! Suzie is nothing but a frighten messy A@@ KISSER!

1147 days ago


Stupid silly old AZZ HOOD Women! When do they raise their children when they eat, travel and shop? What poor excuses as Mothers...Wow, I hope my son never bring any of those thuggish women to my home...Those women are straight up HOOD!

1147 days ago


tammi you are good for the show i think you know how to talk **** to i would love to see you say some backwards stuff to GLORIA I think after she get through beating that butt you will remember what it is like to be a lady

1147 days ago


The one(s) making negative comments about BLACK WOMEN having no class need to shove their own heads way far up their own a*sses, take 5 deep inhales, then come back to this site & tell us all how very bad your ***** stinks ....

1147 days ago


That was not a fight. I want to see someone kick tami ass because the other girls must be scared. Don't pump tami up because she is not kicking ass. If that so called fight had went on without people in the way tami would have got a real drunk ass beating. I would beat her broke-begging-bitter-mad cause her husband left her low and dry. Know being a dad to a sober white woman.I'ts not meeka fought she know how to keep her man and finance. Tami you are a bad body old looking drunk b***h. In two years or less you will look just like you 90 year old looking mamma!

1147 days ago


Meeka was ambushed from the beginning. She was setup right from the start by being asked to choose sides. Meeka didn't know what was going on. Those fake friend backstabbing wannabe-wives had it in for Meeka from the very beginning. They needed someone else to be the target of Tami's rage other than themselves. Tami is a drunken bully who needs to grow up, stop telling lies, stop fighting, and stop acting like a gang banger. Tami is certainly ghetto. She always wants to prove herself to be right by arguing and fighting. She can't have a conversation without screaming, yelling or fighting. All Tami can do is sucker punch her unsuspecting victim after a few drinks get her courage up. Tami has those other idots bullied into being tattle-telling instigators who feed her frenzy. Meeka was setup to be the victim of Tami's rage from the very start. Shauny is no better than Tami. Shauny keeps fueling the flames with rumor and innuendo and is also a bully as everyone is afraid to speak their truth to her for fear of being put off the show. All of these women are low-class-no-class-wanna-be-celebrity-losers who can only make money by showing how low they can go. These women can't really have any real friends in life because they act like fools for real. No wonder they don't have husbands - what man wants all this drama all the time - they don't know how to act. You can't take these backstabbers out in public without a loud boisterous mess spoiling the evening for whomever happens to be around them. Shame on all of you! All the clothes, money, or fame in the world can't buy personality and class. They act damaged, mentally distrubed. Do they all need counseling, lots of professional mental help?

1147 days ago

devona sanders    

We are all grown who cares what a persons thinks or feel about you.Tami it's time to grow up kids stuff.

1147 days ago


Tammi is an old beat-down GOLD-DIGGER with no CLASS..Get some anger management counseling and go to AA cause this IS what you need..GROW the F**K UP.. cause you ain't all that..!!!!

1147 days ago


meka is just messy bringing all the dum crapp to susis, knowing susie was going to repeat it. she'll be getting her mouth bussed next, trying to suck up to evelyn, that shi-. was so funny how clueless Jen was poor stupid fool. she acted like she will die without evelyn, yeah keep her clueless non backing up ass, as your bff.

1147 days ago


I think Tami is a very jealous, getto, and drama queen. She always saying that Meeka will not get inthe group, She has more class that Tami will ever have. She can't put on nothing to makr her look classic. You are the one that need to get it together with your unhappy, jealous,and miserable self. You are big bully. You are scare of successful ladies.Suzi is a follower. and a message carrier.

1147 days ago


Boy, you guys make black women look stupid and ignorant as hell. Anything for ratings, huh? Why all the negative crap. Tami you are a true bitch. All you guys need a reality check. If I was Meeka I would whip Tami stupid ass with a pen and file charges against her dumb ass for assualt and harassment. You act as if you are in high school and none of you know the real meaning of friendship, true or not. Stupid, dumb ass. She did not threaten your safety, you ignorant ass bitches. That's why your dumb asses are ex's.....

1147 days ago


Tami needs her a$$ whipped. It's just that simple. And the next time you attempt to play billy bad a$$ and smack someone, try doing it when they're facing you instead of when they're looking away. Punk a$$ skank. Tami clearly hasn't run into the right one yet. It couldn't have been me because I would've peeled her scalp st8t back. I don't fault Meeka, I fault Suzie for running her mouth.

1147 days ago


I promise, I will no*****ch another episode of this trash....I am disgusted....Why not do a show with positve people doing positve things in their lives.....Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto.............

1147 days ago
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