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Mel Gibson Complies with Probation Demands

6/9/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has done exactly what he's supposed to do to complete his probation in the domestic violence case.

Mel Gibson

Gibson's lawyer, Blair Berk, went before Judge Stephanie Sautner this AM, and presented proof Mel has paid his fines, performed his community service, and got high marks from his psychiatrist who says Mel has been going to therapy every week and making progress.

Mel pled no contest in March to simple misdemeanor battery in the Oksana Grigorieva case.


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Actually Irish, quite frequently your posts sound like you need some mental health therapy.

1229 days ago


TMZ layoff mel gibson. Go harass ur boy BULGE Weiner.

1229 days ago

Bubbe The Chimp    

Hitler would be prob.

1229 days ago


Should have kept your first wife. Cheaper to keep her in every sense of the word.

1229 days ago


How old is this picture, 10 years ago?

1229 days ago


irish35 5 minutes ago
Just one last thought before I have to get back to work;
If Mel was OK, if he was such a wonderful guy, then why did the court order him to attend Domestic Violence class, see a Psychiatrist (which he's had to go to for some time anyway) and do community service? If he was so innocent and good, why? I know what the team Melvins will say, but really think about it. If you were such a good person, so adored by all, then why the mental health issues requiring a Psychiatrist? If you are such a good man around women, then why domestic violence classes?

These "fans" must like their men messed up, violent and racist.


Ok, for starters, there are a LOT of people out there that see psychiatrists for numerous reasons. Some women see them to help get past rape issues, some go to alleviate past hurts. Are these people guilty of anything because they try to find relief to their problems?

Second, the DV classes I believe are standard when it comes to anyone being charged of this. I don't think it was a special circomstance when it came to Mr. Gibson.

I am neither team Mel or Team Oksana though i think she is an all mighty cynt for doing what she did. But I don't think it was right he hit her REGARDLESS. I am just here stating the obvious.

1229 days ago


Majestic :)
It isn't all what I like. Too cloudy, windy or rainy but good enough to get the lawn done today and off to the lake tomorrow I think! How are you?

1229 days ago


@Maj - Ox is doomed and she knows it but that doesn't stop her from thrashing around trying to make everyone's life hell.

Did you ever get your computer cleaned out?

1229 days ago


Also I just wanted to point out that isn't this the first instance of DV where Mel is concerned? Did his ex wife ever accuse or charge him for it? I don't think so, therefore he's not a hardened abuser. At least in my opinion. Still does NOT condone him doing it even once.

Oksana has called DV before with other men, it does not lend to her credibility.

1229 days ago


Human garbage.

1229 days ago


Here is a good article showing clearly how OX is certainly not extending ANY olive branch to Mel. It was merely a legal tactic in her vile agenda to squeeze as much money out of MG as possible.

APNewsBreak: Gibson’s ex asks appeals court to remove actor’s attorneys in custody case
By Associated Press, Published: June 8
LOS ANGELES — Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend has asked an appeals court to disqualify the Oscar winner’s attorneys handling a bitter custody dispute because she consulted with one of their partners in a paternity dispute with another actor.

Attorneys for Oksana Grigorieva asked the California 2nd District Court of Appeal to intervene in the case on Monday. They sought to either disqualify Gibson’s attorneys or require a judge hearing the case to review records of the Russian musician’s dealings with the firm.

Grigorieva met with a partner in the firm of Kolodny and Anteau in 2008 at Gibson’s suggestion, while she was dealing with custody issues involving her son with British actor Timothy Dalton, according to court filings.

The appeal said Gibson’s attorneys sought records of the dispute with Dalton, including emails, text messages and other correspondence between the former couple. Dalton played James Bond in two films in the late 1980s.

Stephen Kolodny, one of the Gibson’s attorneys handling his dispute with Grigorieva over their infant daughter, said in an email that he would not comment on Grigorieva’s appeal.

His partner, Ronald Anteau, has not appeared in the case, but Grigorieva’s filing named her discussion with him as important to her current fight with Gibson.

“The matters discussed with Mr. Anteau concerned the same subject matter that has been inquired into in the present case by Stephen Kolodny both in open court and at deposition,” her filing said.

Grigorieva asked the court to issue a ruling before a key hearing this month.

Last month, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon ruled that Grigorieva waited too long to raise the issue of a potential conflict with Kolodny’s representation of Gibson. She claimed she did not make the connection between her consultation with Anteau and Gibson’s attorneys until recently.

Grigorieva wants the appellate court to require the judge to review Anteau’s notes of his meeting with her and reconsider the ruling or disqualify Kolodny and Anteau’s firm outright.

Gibson and Grigorieva’s custody case is by law confidential, as would be any case she had involving Dalton. Her efforts to disqualify Gibson’s attorneys have been heard in open court.

The case has spanned 65 hearings and the judge had issued more than 100 rulings. There were thousands of pages of pleadings in the case, and most of Gibson’s filings were handled by Kolodny’s firm, Gordon said.

Grigorieva’s attorney Daniel Horowitz has said his client is dropping domestic violence allegations from the case and probably won’t introduce racist and sexist rants made by the “Braveheart” star that were posted by the celebrity website

That announcement nearly two months was made after Gibson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence in a case involving a January 2010 fight. The actor was sentenced to serve 16 hours of community service, which he has performed in recent days with Mending Kids International in Guatemala.


1229 days ago


@irish35 - Are you saying that people with mental health issues are bad because of their mental health issues? If you are, I question your own mental health to say such a thing about a person suffering/struggling with a mental disease.

1229 days ago


Frieda 23 minutes ago
@Irish Your paranoia is showing again.



@ Freida - Your endless bias for your heartthrob is showing again too.

1229 days ago


Oksana's lawyers are asking a judge to disqualify the actor's attorney on Thursday.

"Her lawyers say Gibson's attorney met with Oksana Grigorieva back in 2008 and discussed representing her. "

Remember that??

Moussemaker's posts linking to the article with the 2008 date were removed. How suspicious.. as was the story. Now it is hard to find the articles on her attempting to get Kolodny removed. Her PR Team screwed up AGAIN and is in damage control mode.

Fidel's niece 10 hours ago
you are MISSING something here!

O$kanky met with Kolodny's partner in 2 0 0 8 ???

Why did she need a family lawyer in 2008?
Lucia was not even conceived until March 2009!

Was she going to sue Dalton for more
child support for their son?

ABC news also reports 2008!

Fidel's niece 9 hours ago
ABC news link I posted earlier
(O$kanky meeting with a family lawyer
in 2008 (2 0 0 8 ? )
has been removed
and rewritten story posted...

with NO YEAR in it.

was the year 2008 a typo?


@Fidel's Niece You are one sharp cookie! The ABC article from the other thread's topic was NOT a typo. It was removed intentionally, I am sure, because giving the 2008 date proves that Ox was going to open a case against Timothy Dalton, 99% chance it was for DV like she has done to Mel!

I think this should be brought out and not forgotten. She's playing with fire once again. Someone needs to warn Dalton she was likely going to do this and appears to be going public with it! ANYTHING to get at Mel and delay this case.

1229 days ago


Of course he completed the very simple and favorable terms of his probation. He's crazy not stupid.

1229 days ago
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