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Michael Jackson's Dad

Smells Bad in MJ Perfume War

6/9/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A company that owns the rights to license all things Michael Jackson is going after MJ's dad, Joe -- indirectly -- claiming he's involved in a business deal that shamelessly exploits his dead son.

TMZ broke the story ... Joe Jackson was pushing the new "Jackson" scent line at the Cannes Film Festival last month on behalf of a company called Julian Rouas Paris. But according to a new lawsuit, J.R.P. never obtained permission to use Michael's name and image in connection with the product.

Now, Bravado International is asking a federal court in Los Angeles to force Julian Rouas Paris to immediately strip anything MJ-related from their smelly product line ASAP.

Bravado is also seeking $750 for each time MJ's name and likeness were used on a product PLUS three times the amount of profits they've made on the scents PLUS more than $150k in damages.

A rep for Bravado tells TMZ, "Michael Jackson's talent made his name one of the most valuable in the history of entertainment, and no person acting on behalf of the estate gave Mr. Rouas oral or written consent to exploit it."


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I'm sure they have his bed all warmed up and waiting for Hell.

1234 days ago


From what I can see it only implies that its affiliated with Micheal because of the crown ... Joe is name is JACKSON also and that's the only name that is on the bottle ... Ya can't sue Joe because he was a Jackson long before Micheal was.

1234 days ago

Bobbys World    

im not a big joe jackson fan but are they saying they own the last name jackson???

1234 days ago


Joe Jackson is s*** of the EARTH. Why Katherine puts up with him and shows no embarrassment from him is so beyond me. The only normal ones seems to be Janet and LaToya.

1234 days ago

Bobbys World    

latoya normal? WOW!

1234 days ago


This man is just disgusting. The very second MJ died he was trying to parlay that into $$$. He looks like smells like old man sweat and stink breaf. I doubt anybody would want to buy what he's selling. Hope he rots in hell.

When Oprah was interviewing MJ's mother he showed up uninvited and was trying to weasel his way into the interview but Oprah's team got rid of him. He's a total opportunistic creep and I am so happy that they cancelled his monthly 'allowance' that he was sponging off of MJ's mother.

1234 days ago


How is this using Michael's likeness?

1234 days ago


AIG are CRIMINALS, My Opinion!

Stop picking on Joe!

Michael Jackson would be a living BAG BOY at Ralph's Grocery Store if it weren't for his Dad!

MJ and the estate should show Joe and the Mom a LOT more R_E_S_P_E_C_T!

1234 days ago


I guess it smells like.......decomposition!!!! Get them dogs and see if they can find it in the backyard.

1234 days ago


sorry, but Jackson is an enormously common last name. And is also Joe's last name, and Joe had the name before Michael.. Not really much of a case here. Oh what, there is a crown on the bottle. MJ estate better sue the Queen of England, she has a crown too.

Joe Jackson is still on my list.

My list os of people I would purposly spill a drink on. It includes, Spencer Pratt, Joe Jackson, Obama, The situation.

I would still bang Snookie though.

1234 days ago


As much as everything I've read about Joe Jackson is negative I sort of see his side in this, because it seems he's cashing in on the Jackson name, rather than Michael Jackson. And for all his awful behaviour he was a factor in The Jackson 5. Given Jermaine Jackson called one of his kids Jermajesty the crown doesn't seem that out of place with the Jackson name.

1234 days ago


He's lower then pond s***.

1234 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Of course the Estate Holders don't want to lose their easy way of life living off Michael Jackson, and don't even have to worry about ANYONE who can question or legally look at transactions.

I once heard a very famous person told his family they were punks if they did not use his name for finacial gain. All the hell we know is what the Estate Holders want us to know, yet you bash Michael Jackson's parents and call them greedy. They were the ones who did what they had to do to help their children provide a living for themselves. None of the children robbed you, sold you drugs, did drive-by shootings, nor asked the state of California to give them a monthly check. Estate Holders have probably have been stealing from the estate for a while so they can later bring back the stolen money and make people think they did a chit load by paying off Michael's debts.

He apparently had been talking with his Mother about things that concerned him, scared him, and I do not believe he would rehire people he had fired, just days before his "death."

People who are not related are living like kings off this former poor man's work. The parents can boast of having a large family and not having a starving day, not giving some up for adoption, nor aborting any.

If the family tries to make a living they are called greedy, and if they sat around and did nothing they are called lazy. It is your choice to believe everything a super star puts out there, but as we are all human, we look for sympathy, we make mistakes.

Please don't start the "Abusing of Michael Jackson" by his father again. If it was so bad, Michael would not have the generous heart when supporting the needy.

If the Jacksons could only find a way to get into court, I know things would get ugly, starting with a will signed by Michael Jackson when he was not in the area. He could have been slowly drugged, manipulated and controlled. It must have been hard for some to see a former poor, black man become the best know man on the planet, and the funds to boot. Bam, people he feared just popped back into his life and he is not here to dispute the rehire, nor can his family.

1234 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This guy is a ******** ****roach. A worthless piece of *****.

1234 days ago


Bobbys World 35 minutes ago

latoya normal? WOW!

Sorry I just can't resist. hahahahahahahahaha DITTO

1234 days ago
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