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Andy Irons' Death -- Drugs Contributed

6/10/2011 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andy Irons did die from heart disease -- as his family announced yesterday -- but methadone and cocaine also played a part in the surfing champion's death ... according to the official autopsy report.

Andy Irons Drugs

According to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's report, "The primary and underlying cause of death is ischemic heart disease due to coronary artery pathology."

The report lists the manner of death as, "Natural."

However, the report continues, "Drugs ... particularly, methadone and cocaine, are other significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying cause."

The report also says a small amount of Xanax was in Andy's body -- and bottles of Xanax and Ambien were found in the Dallas hotel room where he died.

In its response to the autopsy report ... Andy's family acknowledged he was prescribed Xanax and Ambien to treat anxiety and occasional insomnia – a result of a bipolar disorder diagnosed by his family doctor at age 18.

"The family  believes Andy was in some denial about the severity of his chemical imbalance ... choosing to self-medicate with recreational drugs."

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If his family requested the manner of death to be natural, the press should respect that. RIP

1127 days ago


Whaever the cause of death, Andy's loss is a sad thing. It's understandable the family would be in denial that the drugs played a part in it. But if Andy hadn't been doing drugs the heart disease may not have progressed so quickly as to cause death before he could be treated for it. Maybe this will give some people second thoughts about abusing their bodies with drugs.

1127 days ago


Agnes, the family can't "request" a manner of death. The coroner is going to record the truth, and the coroner's report is a matter of public record. I sympathize with the family, but sticking their heads in the sand isn't going to do anything to change the fact that Andy contributed to his premature demise by poisoning himself with drugs.

1127 days ago


Thank you for posting this and if I was the Family I would have more tests done on blood / urine...

Drugs are complex and just taking some together can cause them to mimic the real deal or sometimes it spits out by product and there is no high. in simple terms like the old myth of poppy seeds making you test pos for drugs.

Hell he didn't OD on the drugs and as long as he has a script for the methadone and Esterom then the insurance has nothing to block it.

I hope the rest of his fam sees this and stops screwing with drugs. Its clear there is heart issues in his family and its not going to stand to much abuse at all.

1127 days ago


His penis was unremarkable.
Lol, little penis

1127 days ago

who dat    

"However, the report continues, "Drugs ... particularly, methadone and cocaine, are other significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying cause."

talking about an attempt to sugar coat it. I have empathy for his family and friends. However, if Methadone and coke weren't in his system, i doubt he would have died. So wake the eff up, it was the underlying cause. Mixing a combination of drugs can be very lethal.

1127 days ago


Are you sure he died in dallas cause tarrant county is fort worth and dallas is dallas county........ and the airport entrance is fort worth

1127 days ago


I can understand why the family wouldn't want to admit this, but at the same time, you must be true to the person who passed. he was obviously having difficulties in his life or in dealing with his medical issues so he self-medicated. It's nothing to be ashamed of and in no way takes away from his career and his accomplishments. I think its more they don't want to taint his name. BUT...if this in fact contributed to it, they would do more good by discussing it, and maybe contributing to a drug/rehab facility in his honor. But the more they deny, the more it looks as if they were culpable in his addiction as well. Not saying they were...just that ist looks like it.

1127 days ago


Yes... we prefer that people not self-medicate and choose horrifically addictive prescription drugs with drastic side-effects. Death by prescription.

1127 days ago


Never heard of him and he sounds like a spoiled selfish loser. Rest in pieces.

1127 days ago


People who abuse cocaine cause the walls of their heart to harden. This is the effect. The CAUSE is cocaine, not genetics. The genetic predisposition for early hardening of the heart wall is quite rare, not fatal in young people unless combined with arrhythmia, and genetic testing can easily be done to determine it (as it was in my family). Cocaine use, not a rare genetic disorder, is the more likely cause of hard wall hardening in - wait for it - a COCAINE USER.

1127 days ago


they should state what happened since methadone kills numerous kids each year. they don't realize that when combined w/other drugs it is extremely dangerous! i've known more than one person who's died by mixing methadone w/other seemingly mildly used drugs. by not telling people the real cause they are denying important life saving information!

1127 days ago


I know someone that worked on his case at the Medical Examiner's office. I knew that something was up when the family sued the Medical Examiner's office to have the results buried for 6 months. The person told to watch for this to come out.

1127 days ago

nuclear winter    

I`ll bet HARVEY eats a lota of peanut butter!

1127 days ago


"Yes... we prefer that people not self-medicate and choose horrifically addictive prescription drugs with drastic side-effects. Death by prescription."

anony-mouse, first off nothings more addictive and dangerous than methadone and cocaine. And it doesn't help with ANYTHINg, it makes you an irritable violent argumentive a-hole. So medicating against what? having a shred of humanity/soul? Medicating against a full set of teeth?
Are you promoting herion (oops I mean methadone) and coke?
Prescription meds are not nearly addictive as those two drug. Doctors do not often prescribe medications that people would abuse. Further its monitored.
Its really weak to call a drug addiction self medication. Self medication is buying some valium off the internet, not crack. Sorry.

1127 days ago
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