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Tina Fey

Tracy's Rant Was 'Violent,' 'Disturbing'

6/10/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Fey says she was disturbed by the "violent imagery" in Tracy Morgan's homophobic stand-up act in Nashville -- but insists her "30 Rock" co-star is not a "hateful man."


In a statement to TMZ, Tina said she's glad Tracy apologized -- but explained, "The violent imagery of Tracy's rant was disturbing to me at a time when homophobic hate crimes continue to be a life-threatening issue for the GLBT Community."

Fey continued, "It also doesn't line up with the Tracy Morgan I know, who is not a hateful man and is generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person.

"I hope for his sake that Tracy's apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian co-workers at '30 Rock', without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket."

NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt claims the network has warned Morgan about the incident -- saying, "Tracy’s comments reflect negatively on both '30 Rock' and NBC – two very all-inclusive and diverse organizations – and we have made it clear to him that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated."


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When are folks in the entertainment industry going to learn that the quickest way to commit career suicide (unless your too bankable to lose) is to insult the gay community? Zero tolerance there. Instead, insult Christians and/or Republicans. Not only will you not be chastised, you'll be celebrated and your IQ will be presumed to be at least 10 points higher than it actually is.

1210 days ago


He's lucky Tina is standing up for him - he better watch it...

1210 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

And when she had her child, if I remember correctly, she cracked a gay joke about her kid being gay???? The queens just need to simmer down already!

1210 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Stand up is sometimes seat of the pants improvisation. I think he just went in the wrong direct, and soon realized that being outrageously provocative isn't necessarily funny to everyone.

1210 days ago


I don't know that Tina Fey weighing in helps the situation. It seems as if she's just trying to cover her own butt by distancing herself from Morgan.

Too bad she hasn't distanced herself from Alec Baldwin and his sexist defense of his pal, Anthony Weiner.

1210 days ago


This rant was intolerable and not funny. NBC's warning should not be just lip-service to protect themselves, but should let Morgan know that he's been warned and it should never happen again. Tina Fey definitely told it like it is. Without gay employees for the show, Tracy Morgan wouldn't have lines to say, etc. Personally, I will never have any use for him again. Made me sick.

1210 days ago


Actually, when they come out with the hate out of nowhere and without provocation is when you can be sure it IS the 'real' them.

Like when Mel Gibson responded to being questioned about his drinking and going on and on about 'the evil Jews'.

I feel bad for his kid, who has a dad that thinks it is okat to not only humiliate him but threaten to murder/assault him with a deadly weapon publicly. At the very least he can now be sure that his father is not someone he can ever turn to with a problem or concern or count on for anything.

I hope someone contacted DCFS. This is not the act of a rational parent.

1210 days ago

dym dozit    

i agree violence is bad towards anyone. but what tracy said is the same thing many comedians say plus, their just joking!! the only reason folks is sweatn him so much is cause he tlkd about gays. America is giving homosxuality the right to be seen as normal,it is not! bfor u know it evryone's gonna be see'n straight folks as diffrent. stop sweatn tracy so much, and stop accepting homosexuality. instead accept people but rebuke the evil confusing them. it is wrong and always will be, as far as for tracys gay jokes.. they were hilarious son!!

1210 days ago


I'm not going to watch 30 rock or anything tina fey does again not that you rich jews or gays ( no offense for typing the word gay do you have a hobby other than attacking people who dont want to be gay??!) I feel her response was so self rightous like gay is the only way to be and if your not or dont agree with it you dont work you dont have a job society hates you and even you dont have clothes to wear. wtf. I'm not gay. that doesnt mean I hate people that are. why do people who dont agree with the concept of gay but dont hate gay people get attacked like they are out casts and criminals.

1210 days ago


And I don't hate Jewish people either. I'm just saying most of them are rich which I think is an accurate statement. I don't hate any nationality for being a nationality and I don't hate any person's for being or not being a certain sexual orientaion or agreeing or not agreeing with a certain sexual orientation because that is stupid. people are people. stop attacking people because they don't agree with homosexuality. I dislike or like people on an equal opportunity person to person basis. I don't have prequalifications. If I like you I do If I don't I don't and I'm sure the rest of America and the world feels the same.

1210 days ago


I'm surprised he was sober enough to do a stand up act. Look up "Juice Junkie" in the dictionary & you'll find his picture there.
He's just another waste of space, in my book.

1210 days ago


People have to lighten up & stop being so f***ing offended by everything. What the only group that is safe to make fun of now is conservative white males? Now people that just is not going to be very funny - I'm just saying!

1210 days ago


hate sucks as do hate laughing at a group, some dumbshiz in the audience will feel justified in beating someone down. nbc is doing the p.c. thing for a good cover their asssses, they'd rather lose one actor then millions in backlash...the days are over where people in america can rant and rave in public, it's called evolution- we all have someone we know who is black, gay, asian, white, hispanic, disabled, addicted, etc...

1210 days ago

Mind Bullet    

WHEN WILL YOU FOLLOWERS WAKE UP????? I am a straight, female white......But I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE AN OPINION. All of the minorities, gays....etc....can say whatever they want! But me? NO! I can't say anything without being labeled as a discriminatory racist. I AM A VICTIM OF REVERSE RACISM! And I would bet that everyone IGNORES my comment. ******* Sheeple.

1210 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Look all you stupid asses can go to hell. This bastard Brandon has steadily tried to insult blacks with his "Naggers" monkeys, non education and all you asses can bitch about is a F'king comedy act. Dam listen to some of the others and you will see how stupid you are being. It it is not funny to you..........DON'T LISTEN

Now Brandon, for the last time, You are the most ignorant of the ignorant. BLACKS ARE BORN BLACK. Gays have a choice as to have sex with the same things they have. What you are doing is pure hate and people can't see this as a hate conversation.
THATS WHY PEOPLE LIKE JACKSON HAS BROUGHT SO MANY CONCERNS TO THE PUBLIC, BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND THE S*** WHO SUPPORT YOU. Dont bother answering because this chit is not going to make me act like f'king slave owners with no compassion.\\
Have your fun as people have for years, but listen, where as Blacks have not been very concerned about what people say, there is a limit. It took a lot to be able to try to move up in a world who some still do not understand WE ARE INTELLIGENT, PROFESSIONAL, RICH, WORKERS, PARENTS WHO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN TO LOVE EVERYONE BUT NOT HAVING TO ACCEPT THEIR ACTIONS.

Yes we can look at you and shake our heads and move on but don't get it twisted. You will make the mistake of saying something like that face to face and your ass will be kicked to hell. You all keep playing your abnormal sex games and I am going to let this chit go because explanations don't work.

Comparing Being black to homos is stupid when there are many black gays out there. stupid ass. I don't approve of any homosexual acts but as I have learned, I can tolerate them as long as they are not including me. I hope someone set you straight before you draw your last breath. When people are more concerned about a damn comedy show instead of extreme hatred on blacks, I wonder if my teaching of tolerance is worth it. No one sees this as wrong what you are saying, but that is ok. Have your fun. I am off this site before I lose my cool start acting like your nagger ass. If you respond, I will never see it, so don't waste your time or Harveys space. He will need some space to let others vent hateful crap like what you are putting out. BLACKS ARE BORN BLACK.............PEOPLE MAKE A CHOICE AS TO HAVE ANY SEX OR NONE AT ALL.

1210 days ago
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