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TMZ Live: Harvey's New Muse: A Fish Called Rib-Eye?

6/10/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can a fish named Rib-eye keep Harvey on his vegetarian path? And, TMZ users are split on forgiving Tracy Morgan.

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Topics today: Tracy Morgan's gay jokes, Jesse James' dog attacks, Eli Roth defends Russell Crowe's circumcision rant, and Harvey's new fish!
(6:30) Tracy Morgan cracks such horrible gay jokes ... he ends up apologizing to GLAAD. Should comedians get a pass???
(12:30) What's the difference between Tracy's gay jokes and Lisa Lampanelli's?
(22:40) Jesse James' pit bull attacked another dog in Texas -- so the big question ... should Jesse's dog be put down?
(26:30) Harvey says most of the dog attacks he's seen on "People's Court" have been from pit bulls.
(31:20) Would Jason EVER own a pit bull?
(33:30) Russell and Eli had a Twitter conversation about circumcision -- and a reporter called it anti-Semitic. RIDICULOUS.
(36:10) Why Max hates Twitter.
(38:55) An "uncut" viewer weighs in on circumcision.
(41:20) Gloria Allred is now repping Weiner's porn chick. Surprised?
(43:30) Harvey's struggle with vegetarianism -- he was THIS CLOSE to going back to eating fish ... but instead ... he got a PET FISH.
(45:50) The debut of the fish ... and it's name ... as chose by YOU!


No Avatar


why are we watching 2 empty chairs?

1210 days ago


is justin bieber underage and his girlfriend o****e??because they look romantically involved.can she get in trouble for that if he is underage?

1210 days ago


the word i meant to type was over 18 for ms gomez

1210 days ago


wheres the black dude with the dreadlocks???

1210 days ago


Now that TMZ live has a closing theme and a special Friday theme, Noah needs to get to work and create a Dax Chat theme.

And no matter what Nina said, if Dax Chat disappears, it won't be pretty. TMZ live is just not as interactive as Dax chat.

Bacon-wrapped shrimp is always a good energy boost Harv

1210 days ago


some blood types need to eat meat. check out eating for your blood type.

1210 days ago


I do think Tracy Morgan took the jokes a little far, but I don't think he's homophobic. But what he said about stabbing his son if he ever 'acted gay' because he was a gay cheerleader in The Longest Yard'

1210 days ago


Ever see the movie How To Murder Your Wife? Premise, anyone can get to a point where they will do something really out of character.

1210 days ago


What about Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. Back in the day they were way out of line on many subjects!

1210 days ago


pit bulls like all other dogs are the same it depends on the owner. in dog's as in people there are good and bad. Jessee's dog needs to be put down as now there is a risk of violence that could seriously cause harm. i have seen with my own eyes what happens when a canine gets the taste for blood. if the dog is left alive it leaves even more animals and even people at risk to be attacked.

1210 days ago


Labeling bullying as insignificant, and talking about stabbing/killing a child - looked at it six ways from Sunday and can't find a grain of humor.

1210 days ago


maybe tracy morgan was bullied in school cause people called him gay cause of his name???

1210 days ago


i have seen traci morgan in concert and he is hilarous the thing he is horrible...but he never says anything seriously and it is always over the top. it is very funny its like he is always in character.

1210 days ago


the life of a dog and life of a person are interchangeable depending on the dog or person. how ever a violent dog just like a violent person needs to be dealt with in an appropriate manor. once a dog gets a taste for blood there is little you can do to fix it. Jessee's dog should be put down so that another family doesn't loose a vital member for there family like there pet or even a child.

1210 days ago


Is Harvey actually trying to say Tracy would really stab his son? Everyone has their own idea of what is funny.

1210 days ago
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