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Chris Bosh -- At Least I Played in Front of My Daughter!

6/13/2011 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Bosh isn't as sad about losing out on an NBA championship as you might think -- because on Sunday night, he got to play in front of his daughter. 

As TMZ first reported, Bosh filed an emergency motion with a Maryland judge to try and modify his custody arrangement so that his two-year-old girl Trinity could see him play in his first NBA Finals.

Things didn't go as Bosh wanted, but luckily for him the series lasted long enough so that his regular visitation time with Trinity allowed her to go to Sunday night's game.

Bosh and the Miami Heat suffered a bitter loss, but sources close to Bosh tell us seeing his daughter made him feel like a winner.

Maybe he can let LeBron have her for a weekend.

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PRO US    

TMZ: "Maybe he can let LeBron have her for a weekend."



1207 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

Chris Bosh = Ostrich

1207 days ago


To Bosh's ex, baby mama, you should be ashamed at yourself that you wouldn't let the kid go to the other games. You lack any character.. I hope that you grow up before your daughter realizes what you did!

1207 days ago


F Bosh. I hope he never sees his daughter again.

1207 days ago


No rocket scientists......she may not remember but he will, SMH.

1207 days ago


He play well and he deserver it....I can't said the same about LBJ.

1207 days ago


trade lbj for someone else then u got a winning team.....he does not fit in he is a o ne trick pony :(


1207 days ago


Lemm sum it up you can put tat's on a man but you can't make a man from tats........


1207 days ago


I would assume he realizes she wont remember being there. It's just having her their that make it special. ANYONE who has played sports knows how nice it is to look in the stands and see someone that means a lot to you. It's ridiculous how much flap bosh get's, give the man a break.

1207 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Gee, and NBA played actually acting like a father, what's the ghetto coming to? Civilization finally? Now if the 70% of missing ghetto dads would show up that would be a miracle.

1207 days ago


CONGRATULATIONS, CHRIS BOSH1! Your beloved daughter attended the game and whether she remembers or not, is not important as, it was to you. She will understand when, one day, you and she will view the tape together. With unfortunate exceptions, fathers love their children every bit as much as mothers do and, at times, we need to be reminded. Best Wishes, to you and your daughter, always!

1206 days ago


Chicago Nick 16 hours ago

Gee, and NBA played actually acting like a father, what's the ghetto coming to? Civilization finally? Now if the 70% of missing ghetto dads would show up that would be a miracle.

And The Day You Man up and say that **** in person and not hiding behind a compuer screen is the day You Will get severely Hurt You dumb ass inbred bitch

1206 days ago

elen pere    

To watch every move Lebron makes and analyze every word he says is sick when your not his fan. People in their right mind would invest their precious time and energy only on people who are deserving of such time and enegy. The people who are kicking a man when he is already down are making for themselves a place in hell. Basketball is just a game. A game that should not be used to maliciously attack a person who has helped revolutionalized the game of basketball. Even the Ohio governor should realize that politicians change political parties to bolster their chances of winning in the elections. So why then resent Lebron's desicion to go to Miami for a greener pasture? Ohio is so unfortunate to vote for a Governor who is among those pathetic and nonsense people who are trying to get some attention at the expense of poor Lebron. I know politics very well because i used to work for someone who at one point held the highest office in a country. Politics I believe, is a game of addition and not substraction. What the Ohio governor has just done is totally contrary to my belief. What he has just done was to inflict insult to himself and made a fool of himself. I am writing this comment not because I am a Lebron fan but because I strongly believe that destroying Lebron not just as a player but also as a man is evil. To Lebron's detractors, remember these powerful words...those who are humbled, will be exalted by God! I am not a Mavs' fan but I had never heard any negative comments on what had been said by some of the Mavs' players about James, Wade and the HEAT which were so offensive. The message here is clear... condemn the Heat, condone their detractors. Had the Mavs lost, i would have not rejoiced in their loss but instead celebrate the victory of the Heat. I don't understand why some people do not take advantage in using what God has given to them as human beings (freewill and intellect) which make tham superior than animals. We have the freewill to choose between love and hate, between good and evil. It's sad that some people choose to hate than to love, choose to do evil than good and choose to destroy than build. Stop hating Lebron, D-wade and Bosh. Start loving and appreciating more your favorite teams. Do not waste your energy and time on the Heat because you guys do not matter to them anyway. The more you talk about the HEAT AND lebron, the more, you are enhancing their popularity. As they say, bad or good publicity, it's still publicity. You are ones who have made Lebron a global icon. The most talked about athlete in the world. The only athelete who is so versatile that could play the hero and the villain. Batman is a hero, the joker is the villain. Lebron plays both the hero and the villain. No wonder he is the most gifted and talented player in the world of basketball.

1205 days ago
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