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Crystal Harris

Ditched Hefner

Over Money and Music

6/14/2011 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner was left at the altar because his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris wanted two things -- a bigger allowance and a career in the music biz.

Sources close to Crystal tell us she was fed up with the "couple hundred dollar" weekly allowance she got from Playboy -- and wanted to make her own cheese.

We're told Crystal purely focused on launching her music career -- even with the wedding just days away.

Sources involved in planning the massive wedding say Crystal felt like she "couldn't be married to Hef and have a successful music career" -- even though millions and millions of people are married with careers ... and with MUCH less money.


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Sheryl, you're right that Crystal should never have used a senior citizen for own personal gain and that Hef has feelings regardless of his status, demeanor, or his past. However, that dirty old pervert Hef should also not have used this young woman who is young enough to be his granddaughter (or possibly even great-granddaughter) just for sex. After all, Crystal also has feelings regardless of her status, demeanor, or her past.

These people used EACH OTHER, end of story. Neither of them is an innocent lamb in all of this and neither of them gets to play the victim here. Beautiful young women use rich old men for money and rich old men use the women for their youth and sexiness. Like it or not, it's a fair trade and each of them ought to be fully aware of what they're getting into.

1190 days ago


hef já que vc nao quis casar com holly, e cristal desistiu do casamento...caso com vc e saiu até na revista de quebra....mas falando serio SINTO MUITO POR VC!!! 1000 BEIJINHOS DE SUA FANZONA...SEJA FELIZ BB

1190 days ago


WTF did she expect?/ Hef is OLD!! She was just lookin for a Sugar Daddy all along. Maybe she should try porn?

1190 days ago


at 300 bucks a week for over a year i think paul macartney should have taken a mentoring program from hefner would have saved him millions (macartney down 67 million/hefner down 5 grand hef is ''winning'')

1189 days ago

OMG! How far does she think she's going to go in the entertainment business? Does she know who Hefner is? How many people he knows? I guess she doesn't realize she can be blackballed??

She should've lied and said she was secretly still in love with her ex or something...instead she showed the world what we already knew.

He should've married Holly- she really loved him and she was fine with the

Home Depot doesn't sell enough shovels for this golddigger......she'll be begging Hef to take her back!

1189 days ago


So she ditched Hef over not having a bigger allowance and he wouldn't let her sing in the show...oh wait thats I Love Lucy....

Well sounds like she really loved him.

1189 days ago


If a man is only gonna give you $200.00 per week as a wife, you ain't no damn gold digger.

My old man gives me more than that and he ain't pullin down no more than $75,500.00

**** that cheap bastard!!!

1189 days ago


Why doesn't Hef leave the young women to the young guys and get him something realistic or a little closer to his age. "His Sticker doesn't even peck out anymore" Pop-cycle art doesn't work on him. Sorry Hef, We are all going to get older eventually. You have had as much as any man humanly possibly could have. cpg

1188 days ago

Holly's Fan    

Come home Holly! You can always have your babies using Hefner sperm...from his look alike son! You are the only one good enough for him!

1188 days ago


Hef needs to pay a LOT more than 200 bucks to get the affections of a pretty girl. It is the way of the world! She did the right thing. He's a cheapskate. Marriage is an economic contract, and love is optional. Don't believe me? Ask any divorce lawyer. And it has been this way forever!

1186 days ago


Well, yeah. . . she was a well-known escort (translation -- high dollar prostitute) in San Diego before doing Playboy. Duh!

1186 days ago


Like it's all Crystal's fault that she's a gold-digger. What, Hef actually thought HE was marrying for love? How is it that he only seems to "love" 25 year old hotties?? He's every bit as shallow as she is. Too bad, they kinda go together if ya ask me. Hef is just an old grampa and it's time he accepted his age with at least some shred of dignity.

1186 days ago


Certainly Hefner didn't think he was going to get a 25 year old
to marry him with giving her a ton of cash! He certainly has
to be smart enough to realize no young girl is actually going to
be in love with an 85 year old man..unless he's her grandpa.

Two hundred bucks a week? LOL Anyone in their right mind would
have left. It would take more than that for most just to live
in that allegedly dirty mansion with dog pi## everywhere.

No sympathy for Hefner and no sympathy for the loser gold digger.

1184 days ago


Why did she wait til the last minute, you ask me Hugh is better off. UM you would THINK that since these two were engaged, they would have talked this matter over before it got to this point. Why can't Hef find someone his own age? at his age.....sorry I do not think so. ANY woman as young as he wants will burn him sooner or later, they will NOT sit and talk with him, they want his money to run around and shop....leaving him at home in front of the t.v....the only company he will have will be the maid, or the girls that hang around his house...they are not interested in him, his home and money is all they see...

1173 days ago


Those freakin blonde playmates are not even pretty.They just want to be in playboy to get close to hef so that he can support them. The burnette ones are the ones I like. they are not slutty and their pictures are more like art.

1171 days ago
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