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Crystal Harris

Ditched Hefner

Over Money and Music

6/14/2011 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner was left at the altar because his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris wanted two things -- a bigger allowance and a career in the music biz.

Sources close to Crystal tell us she was fed up with the "couple hundred dollar" weekly allowance she got from Playboy -- and wanted to make her own cheese.

We're told Crystal purely focused on launching her music career -- even with the wedding just days away.

Sources involved in planning the massive wedding say Crystal felt like she "couldn't be married to Hef and have a successful music career" -- even though millions and millions of people are married with careers ... and with MUCH less money.


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in other words when Hef would not share more of the wealth with her she decided to split for surely hef would let her have a music career besides he has two other ladies who no doubt want to be miss hef. wonder how long before crystal pops up with her own reality show?

1206 days ago


WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!! She knew what she was getting into from the very beginning. Hef used her and she used him. I guess she didn't like the negotiations.

1206 days ago


I feel bad for Hugh Hefner. I hope he finds the true love he seems to be searching for.

1206 days ago


GOOD! She can't do crap with an 8pm curfew and a chain locked around her ankle. So the perv got used. Good. Its such a running joke now. I'm so glad the geezer is nothing but a dusty old bank account, karmas a bitch! He treted women like objects and age discriminated, now he gets the same treatment, only instead of body like he likes to use people for they're using his money.

1206 days ago


Now go off into your self-imposed oblivion, my dear. And good luck with that music career.

1206 days ago


selfish blonde no talent bimbo>? check

Rich old man? check

real love? umm no

1206 days ago


I hear that Hef isn't much on having crabs .......

1206 days ago


Hopefully he sees this as a good thing, getting out while the getting is good. At least Holly truly loves you.

1206 days ago


It is posted that Crystal wants Dr. Phil's son. That is hilarious because Dr. Phil, (not a Doctor) is a joke and his son, O.K. she will live off his Daddy's millions, how long will that last? I do not think she has too much back up as a singer, either. Crystal, you should not burn your bridges, because someday you may need to cross back over, humm? Good Luck with your public disgrace.

1206 days ago


i aint sayin she a gold digger, but she aint messin with no old n***a.

1206 days ago


I dont really get why people are hating upon her.. hey guys would you have sex with a rich 86 year old woman out of love? No I don't think so. Give me a break. Nothing in common mentally or physically if they wanted there to be.

1206 days ago


How sad to see all these twenty something girls sleeping with an old man just for money and a potential career....I saw a comment that states " This is what dirty, old, rich men would find themselves in when they grow old and fugly - ALONE AND LONELY. Despite his millions, Heff will never be able to find someone who will love him for who he is." I don't think Hef is ever going to be lonely because he is always surrounded by people... and Second I don't think he is looking for love either...I think he is having the time of his life screwing all these bimbos, Shame less 2 penny worth chicken heads....who will do anything for money...i think he knows they are using him, and he is using them....but at the end they are more at lost, because imagine along the road in the future staring at yourself in the mirror and knowing how cheap you are...Sad Sad ..Hef, is a player and always will be....why else would he be head of playboy , and living in a playboy mansion....if he were not a player........loooooooool..Poor little Gold digger did not get a music career, i guess all that getting on her knees did not pay off....

1206 days ago


Money hunhry c*nt!!!Allowance to a grown ass biatch??Get a REAL JOB,girl!!Stop living off of people who ACTUALLY woked for their money!!!B!tch!!!

1206 days ago

Khate sucks    

Too bad the dirty old man didn't marry Holley, the one that REALLY loved him! He got what he deserved! They only want his money, he's SO STUPID! Had shee married him, whe would have gotten a LOT more!

1206 days ago


Your right, no need to hate on anyone, Crystal should have never used a senior citizen for her own personal gain, he has feelings, regardless of his status, demeanor or his past. She is wrong, but good luck to her and Dr. Phil's weeble.

1206 days ago
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