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Jesse James' Dog Attack -- The 911 Call

6/14/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after Jesse James' pit bull brutally attacked another dog -- a witness called 911 and told the dispatcher a "pile of dogs" were fighting ... and their owners were frantically "beating" on the dogs to break it up.


As we previously reported, James' pit bull roughed up a corgi named Buckley (pictured above) in Austin, Texas two weeks ago. Buckley was rushed to a nearby vet, where he was stitched up and had a drainage tube inserted into his neck to prevent infection.

There are calls to put down the pit.

Jesse ended up forking over $250 to cover the dog's medical bills.


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Dat dog is so messed up, even a starving Korean would say "pass."

1230 days ago

artie help    

I read that the corgi had applied for ,but was turned down for an Obamacare, waiver, seems the dog wasn't union.

1230 days ago


I cross the street when I see a Pit Ball, or Rotweiller, walking toward me, leashed or not. Call me chicken, but better safe than sorry. Those breeds make me nervous, and it probably shows and they can probably pick up on it.

1230 days ago



1230 days ago

a mere mortal    

Do the right thing and put the damn dog down...

Once they get a taste for blood, it's over.

What a****, so hung up on his image that even AFTER it attacks and bloodies another animal, he still keeps it around.

******* idiot.

Should have done the right thing and put him down that same day.

What if it's a kid next time? THEN is it ok?

Don't get me wrong, I own a 110 lb blacck Lab, and I spent $2,000 for an operation instead of putting him down, wouldn't even CONSIDER putting him I get it, I understand.

This is different.

Animals that attack and draw blood have to be put down, period.

1230 days ago

Pit bulls and Nazi bitches, what's wrong with this guy? Was Sandra Bullock blind?

1230 days ago


a mere morta...did you really read what you just wrote??? Come on!!! That has got to be the most retarted thing I read...Don't get me wrong, I own a 110 lb blacck Lab, and I spent $2,000 for an operation instead of putting him down, wouldn't even CONSIDER putting him I get it, I understand.

This is different.

This is the exact same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please proof read what you write next time..DUMB AS@

1230 days ago


Pitbulls are an unstable breed. Outlawed in the UK. My cousin had one and he 'loved' his family, but attacked everyone and everything else. They were so proud of him, what redneck mentality. Stupid Rachael Ray has Izzy who has attacked dogs in Central Park. I saw the walker walking Izzy in NYC, he had NO manners, he strained and pulled and walked ahead of the other dogs and was clearly not being managed. Yes Rachael on 7th Ave and 56th St., have some respect for others, you dog is a brute. He should be put down. Selfish woman, wait until he bites another.

1230 days ago

Fat Mike    

If it's not a story on homophobia, animal cruelty or anti-semitism it's not a TMZ story. I remember when this website used to be about celebrities, instead of stories on their dogs, parents, siblings, mistresses and Harvey's crusades. Ah, those were the days!

1230 days ago


can you drink from that tube??

1230 days ago


TMZ`s silly house of props&comics plus mean little doogie hoosiers WOWsir!!!! I can SEE the DOWN SIZEING4REALS and the outsourceing happenings

1230 days ago


hollaway24, a mere mortal's dog may have been hit by a car or otherwise severely injured, and he chose an expensive operation over putting his dog down. So he or she understands how hard it might be to make the decision to have a pet put down. But in some cases a violent dog needs to be. That's what was being said.

Hardly deserves being called dumb a$$ or "retarted". Proof read indeed.

1230 days ago


This dog needs to be put down. You just can't say sorry, no problem, I'll cover the vet bills. No.

These were Staffordshire Terriers mixed with Bull Dogs. Inbread, trained, "condition" beaten, starved, whatever it takes to make them fight. These dogs were put in pits to fight each other, for money. Hence, Pit Bulls. Just like **** fighting. Two roosters fighting for money.

1230 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I would have told him to shove the $250 up his ass and put a bullet in his dogs head at a time TBD!!! But in the VERY near future.

1230 days ago


first he pulls his dirt ball stunts with Sandra Bullock. Now his dog attacks a corgi? A CORGI? They should definitely put his dog down, but somebody needs to teach him a better lesson than just that.
By the way - where is the vet that stitches, inserts a tube and does all that wound care for 250 bucks? I need to move...

1230 days ago
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