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Ginger Lee's Nude Strip Show -- Weiner'd Out

6/15/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-porn star Ginger Lee is taking it all off tonight at a strip joint in Atlanta -- hours after blowing the lid off her e-fling with Anthony Weiner -- and we're told, there's only one item on the club menu ... weiners.

Ginger Lee Nude

Sources at the Pink Pony strip club tell TMZ, the place will be selling super-sized hot dogs during Ginger's 20-minute performance tonight -- in which she'll strip completely naked in a room full of dudes.

We're told the Pony booked her last week -- just as Weinergate was blowing up.

And it really pays to be at the center of a national controversy -- we're told Ginger is getting THREE TIMES her normal stripping rate to appear tonight.


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Shouldn't she be selling gray men's jockey shorts?

1233 days ago


So, a whore is asking Weiner to resign because he lied to the media. Really? Is this really what the USA is all about now?!?! No morals, no class, total greed, total selfishness, and total hypocrisy?? Some lowlife lying whore, who is most likely getting paid by the DNC, publicly belittles a congressman to try to get him to resign. Gee, I don't think I ever meet a politician (or a whore) that didn't lie. So, does that mean all of them should resign now?? I would like that, but to single-out one liar over another is a double standard.

1233 days ago


I wonder if Gloria Allred will be her opening act?

1233 days ago


show your senate id and your first laps dance is on us!

1233 days ago


Most guns are now aimed at the high flying Secular/Kosher guy from Brooklyn, everybody but his constituents want him grounded. Weiner must appeal to the 700 thousand voters that put him in office. Their loud support will overcome the Pseudo-Moralistic/Jealous Zealots that are trying to shoot him down

1233 days ago


Pfffffft they're just showing everyone this poster so when the time comes for her to cancel we'll know she missed out on 3X I repeat 3 times her wages! GASP! What a rotten scoundrel that Anthony Weiner is! Dragging this unwilling, poor, innocent, pure girl into his nasty web! Look at that face! How can you even think she would do something so bad, evil (and totally legal) such as sexting someone like Congressman Weiner??? Can't you tell by her face and her job she's far far above that?
Next up: Anthony Weiner should pony up for this pornstar's OOPS feature dancer's lost wages!
(It's a tad bit hard to take this girl and her pimp attorney Gloria Allred seriously!!)

1233 days ago


She looks really tramautized by having Weiner tarnish her sterling porn star reputation. Lady, here's a clue, if you're a porn have no reputation to tarnish. Bimbo!!

1233 days ago


this sums up everything people need to know about the world.

1233 days ago


Opportunistic whore. F*** off skank. Got to make your money by selling your homely a**. Can't make a living without exploiting some fool. Disgusting low life.

1233 days ago

real deal    

Well that sounds like a can't miss. You might want to bring your won condiments, just in case. I wonder if Rep. Weenie will go down for some uh, therapy.

So much for emotional distress and lost wages, btw. I love that Gloria Allred, she's a real hoot.

1233 days ago


It's a shame my comment is just going to get lost in a sea of idiotic people who have no idea what they are talking about. Ginger Lee is one of my dearest friends. She's a tiny, shy, sweet little thing who stands up for her beliefs and get's excited when other people do to. She followed this s*** bag because she agreed with his political views and of course because she is a feature dancer and use to do porn, he attempted to solicit her sexually. Now that he has shown his true colors, not only is she having to deal with ALL of this media bull****, but she also has to deal with another person in power, who appeared to stand for something become just another piece of **** guy, cheating on his wife and trying to have his cake and eat it too. GINGER LEE IS AN HONEST, HARDWORKING, YOUNG WOMAN WHO PAYS HER OWN BILLS, IS A SWEET AND KIND FRIEND, AND DOESN'T PUT UP WITH BULL****. I want so badly to be able to clear her name and it kills me that people are speaking so poorly about her and her character. She's just a girl, making her way through this crazy ass world. She got dupped by some who appeared to stand for what she believed in and now SHE is paying for it. It isnt fair and if any of you knew her for real, you would understand how cruel and unfair this entire thing is for her. She wanted nothing to do with Weiner sexually, even if she playfully alluded to it on Twitter. She's just like that. Adorable, not a whore or a liar. And for those of you who continue to say things like she is just some stripper or a titty dancer, go see one of her show's. Her costumes alone will show you she is a true Feature Dancer. She puts on elaborate performances, that take time and effort to do. She is a PERFORMER. Not a whore, or a two bit anything. If anyone cares about the truth at all, I hope you can read this and remember she is a HUMAN BEING with feelings and hopes and dreams, just like you.

1233 days ago


Jenna ..................ppppppplllleeeaaaassseeeee give me a break! SHY.....ha hah ha ha ha.... she is SKANK. Some one posted a link to a less than reputable site which I don't usually go to, but as they say "curiosity killed the cat". Well she is anything but shy.. I saw all the way into her most intimate secrets..Shy yeah sure she is shy and I am the man in the moon.......ha ha ha ha ha ha ha quit defending the indefensible.

Oh my bad .... Ginger? Ginger? Ginger is that you oooppps? Sorry....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....give it up you disingenuous freakin porn star

1233 days ago


Weiner is the whore. This gal is just a stripper and she has to make a loving somehow. She's from the south, and she's blond. Come on, give the girl a break. But you have to admit, this entire pitiful situation brings new meaning to the word hotmail.

I wonder how many other Congressmen and Senators are doing it?

1233 days ago


Is Gloria on before or after Ginger Lee? Go Gloria!!!

1233 days ago


All about self promotion & keeping you in the limelight.......
1) First Heff's X calling off wedding just in time for the release of her new single....
2) Then, Jlo & not sure if returning to "AI"... For w/out "AI', she was history but keeping the controversy over coming back or not keeps her name relevant.....
3).. And now this gal.........

Lots of self promotion........

1233 days ago
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