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Crystal Harris

Hef Will Never

Get Married Again

6/15/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Twice-married Hugh Hefner will remain a swinging bachelor until he's dead -- at least according to the woman he was supposed to marry this weekend.


Ex-fiancée Crystal Harris went on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- days after she called off her wedding with Hef -- claiming the Playboy mogul has now bowed out of the marriage game ... for good.

According to Crystal, Hef had only agreed to marry her because he believed it was what she wanted -- and he was actually RELIEVED when she called the whole thing off.

Crystal said the Playboy way of life just rubbed her the wrong way -- adding, "This isn't the lifestyle for me. Multiple girls around all the time. The Playboy lifestyle. I just wanted to be true to myself."


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He should get back with Holly, I liked them together! They seemed to be in true love.

1189 days ago

weird al yankovich    

ummm and she only came to realize that days before the wedding ? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

and Im soon to be x govenor weiner

1189 days ago


no mention of her getting busted sunday night for PLANNING to dump him at the alter in front of the camera for 500k from lifetime network?

i expected more of such a reputable source like TMZ :(. check out page 6.

1189 days ago


Should we be calling him Skeletor rather than Hef? Hey look kids, delusional fossil-man thinks he can woo hot chicks! Gold diggers? No, they are using him...just like he's using them.

1189 days ago


Dr. Phil's other son is already married to a former Playmate. Their mom must just be bursting with pride!

1189 days ago


Hefner only marries to have a pet dog to keep him company, which is why he's been married so many times. He should never ever remarry again.

1189 days ago


Are her 15 minutes up yet?? Go away gold-digging whore and get an education and make your own money. FYI education means go back to school and learn, not lie on your back and spread your legs.

1189 days ago


O.K. This is what I think. Heffner was devastated by holly leaving him, something he didn't expect. He was with Crystal on the rebound, she was with him for the fame and the paycheck. Heffner realized what a mistake he made with Holly and didn't want to end up alone or let another one get away so this time he did propose.She was caught off guard by the proposal since he never wanted to marry Holly yet is too much of a coward to say no as this could ruin her plans. Then she felt stuck as she never wanted to marry him in the first place. A prenup was then brought to the table and she realized this was for a very small payout and decided to end it at the last minute. If she were a real adult she would have just told him no from the beggining, but he would have thought she was a goldigger, which she is. I love the girls next door, they are no better than Crystal, it's just they spent many years with Hef and grew to love him as a fatherly type, Holly saw him as a good companion and admired him.Holly is probably grateful for the time they spent together but glad it ended. and for anyone telling Hef to marry Holly , that ship has sailed, as if Holly has nothing to say on the matter.Just my opinion.

1189 days ago


I can't believe how many people are defending that disgusting filthy old man who has been treating women like bimboes for decades. Of course the bimboes line up to hang around him for the money and...did she say the life style is just not for her? What the hell was she expecting, Band Camp?

1189 days ago


Please... If it was just doing what his girlfriend wanted he would have married Holly. This girl just bolted the moment the prenup appeared.

1189 days ago


Oh puh lease! She used it for her fame and then when she felt she had enouph she bailed out.

1189 days ago


How about this old man gets a clue for once in about 20 years and stay away from the fake-boobed-fake-tanned-fake-blond-20 somethings?

He is 85? And still has zero common sense. Young girls have no interest in these morons except where their check book is, and yet, these old fools keep hanging out with women who need a car seat in order to get in a vehicle.

Perhaps a woman his own age? A real woman with some maturity?

One with a brain and intellect? A woman who remembers the 60's? One who can carry on a conversation and hold her own? One who isn't constanly giggling? One with a job that won't consist of taking off her clothes even.

I guess not, bimbo's are in fashion right now, clearly.

1189 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I bet he plopped a prenup in front of her a week before.

1189 days ago


haha Stupid People Hater. TRUE THAT!

1189 days ago


What about the story that she was going to leave him at the alter. She was going to leave him then do an interview she was looking for hal a million.
What a gold digging bit$% she is the worst of the worst. "He only wanted to marry me cause thats what i wanted" yea what a jerk.

Good bye your music career will be shorter then Mels russian bimbo and much like her we will forget your telantless ass soon enough. Go HEF !!!

1189 days ago
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