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HBO 'Spector' Director Warned -- Don't Glorify a Killer!

6/16/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Mamet -- the guy directing the upcoming HBO flick about Phil Spector -- ignited a firestorm after publicly claiming Spector is innocent of murder ... and now the victim's friends are horrified that Phil "will be portrayed with some kind of sympathy."


Friends of late actress Lana Clarkson were FURIOUS this week when Mamet told the Financial Times, "I don't think [Spector] is guilty. I definitely think there is reasonable doubt ... they should never have sent him away ... If he'd just been a regular citizen, they never would have indicted him."

Now, Clarkson's friends have banded together -- and have fired off a letter to the director, claiming his comments were "mind-boggling and wrong in so many ways."

According to the letter, obtained by TMZ, the group's main concern is that "the loathsome, lying, gun-abusing convicted murderer of our friend Lana Clarkson will be portrayed with some kind of sympathy."

Lana's friends want to remind Mamet -- whose upcoming film stars Al Pacino and Bette Midler -- that Spector was CONVICTED by a jury of his peers ... and plead, "Please refrain from rewriting history for 'creative license.'"

Spector is currently serving 19 years to life in prison for murdering Lana in 2003.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

yeah, right.................

1235 days ago


FIRST, Specter is a spectre

1235 days ago


If there turns out to be ANY question with the movie, the profits should be given to the victim's families

Spector is an evil psychopath

1235 days ago


Phils a freek with a long history of shoving guns in womens mouths he should have been jailed a lot sooner. Hes completly crazy just LOOK at him. If he hadnt got away with abusing women all the other times his victim would still be alive. Phil cant handle when his company tries to leave...Dahmer was the same way.

1235 days ago


Mamet will be sorry if he goes through with this. At least Pacino will finally have a vehicle in which he can't over act.

1235 days ago



1235 days ago



1234 days ago


OMG. I watched the entire trial - the first one and yes, he is guilty. He wasn't arrested until a later date and got a mistrial in his first trial because of his loads of cash and flashy, immoral, materialistic, opportunist lawyers.

He came out the house with the gun still in his hand and told his driver, "I think I just killed somebody"... What else is there to say?

He had a history of trying to control women and using guns to force them to stay with him.

I don't think that he necessarily intended to kill Lana originally when he first grabbed the gun, but in a split second - he made the decision to pull the trigger.

He is guilty and because of his celebrity status got away with WAY too much for WAY too long.

He is a narcissistic, woman-hating thug.

I will NEVER watch another thing that David Mamet directs or is involved with in any way whatsoever.

To stand up for a MURDERER who had a history of misogynist, violent acts --- is unforgivable to me.

1234 days ago

Erik Higa    

What an idiot.

1234 days ago


Well...we ARE talking about Hollywierd, Land of the Dillusional and Home of the Narcissist.
One mustn't expect great thoughts from small minds!

1234 days ago


Wow there are a lot of ads showing up in every single comment section.

If this guy had been a regular citizen, he would have been found guilty of murder and been in jail much quicker. He got a huge break being a celebrity. It wasn't celebrity justice. Look at OJ, he murdered 2 people and got a free pass. That's an example of being a celebrity getting you off. This guy has nothing to cry about. Except bubba coming into his cell in the dark of night.

1234 days ago

Jomica Man    

I'm not sure what is lower than a sewer rats inflamed infected testicles, this director or all of the lawyers that have defended this sick in the head Spector. It seems that certain Hollywood pathetic supporters of this crazed lunatic have remained on his bandwagon for injustice served. The Clarkson family is justified in their anger towards this director for a portrayal of Spector as the innocent. He's as innocent as O.J. Simpson. May they both rot in prison where they belong.

1234 days ago

Leigh Ann    

BOYCOTT DAVID MAMET! His comments defy all reason. Spector got off the first time BECAUSE he is a rich celebrity. He has a long history of physically imprisoning women, physically abusing them and threatening him. Read the trial testimony & you will be shocked.

1234 days ago


I agree w you lanie - the dude is a psychopath!!

1234 days ago


if he was a regular citizen he be doing a life terrm in the very least.

1234 days ago
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