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'Jersey Shore' Cast

Squeezing MTV For More $$$

6/17/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Jersey Shore" cast has put the screws to MTV for a FIFTH TIME -- negotiating new contracts for an upcoming season back in New Jersey ... and we're told, they locked down their biggest salaries yet.

Plans are already in motion for a fifth season back in Seaside Heights -- but sources connected with the "Jersey" cast tell TMZ ... Pauly D, Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the gang refused to take part without signing new contracts first.

We're told MTV originally planned to shoot the new season under the terms of the Season 4 contracts -- but lawyers for the cast refused ... so MTV drew up new papers.

We're told the majority of the cast has already re-signed for a bump in salary -- not a HUGE raise, but still significant -- and the rest will sign this week.

The cast is scheduled to fly back from Italy on the 23rd -- and start shooting the new season in Jersey on the 26th. 495 Productions has not returned calls, and MTV had no comment.


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They need to replace that troll on the left side of the picture with someone better looking but still as whorish.

1222 days ago


MTV is shady as ****, this is like the second time they've tried to do this to the cast. Jersey Shore is their most popular flagship show at the moment. Your personal feelings for the stars aside they deserve to be well compensated.
**** yeah for standing up for yourself.

1222 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Unfortunately, people watch this crap and it enables douche bags to be able to ask for more money. I could show MTV at least 3 funnier and ridiculous groups of kids that are hilarious and would blow these blowhards outta the h2o!
Oh - to the Jersey S. kids - h2o is Water

1222 days ago


As much as I hate the Jersey Shore cast. They're right. MTV makes a sh-t load of money off of them, if MTV wants the ratings then they should have no problem giving them what they want. But they come back on the 23rd and start filming the 26th, 2 total days of rest, really? I would never be able to do that, especially the jet lag. This show seems so fake. They see each other again in 3 days, are they going to come in going "Oh I missed youu!" Like wtf. I'm over them AND the Kardashians - just go the f-ck away.

1222 days ago


I don't get the MTV treating them like they are getting Network ratings. Pawn Stars gets higher ratings than them and they aren't D-bags who will cause their employer to get sued.

1222 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Get it while you can because they have "ZERO" future after this ride...

1222 days ago


they need more money why? people watch this show why? people and their dam useless reality shows

1222 days ago


I thought MTV stood for "Music Television." Why do they keep showing these deplorable worthless degenerates??? Especially that troll Snooki and the bonehead who has to keep showing his abs. None of them are the least bit entertaining and are certainly not good examples to our youth on how to live constuctive livesthat show respect not only to others but to themselves. MTV go back to your roots and you will have happier viewers!!!

1222 days ago


I can't believe anybody actually watches that dumb ass show for more than a few minutes before realizing it's making them dumber by the second and never watching it again. Seriously.. dumbest show on TV. The girls are ugly.. the guys are idiots.

1222 days ago


MTV makes so much money on Jersey Shore. The network should have to pay the cast better as the show garners better ratings. Doesn't matter what they do on the show and whether you approve of it or not, everyone should be able to understand that principle.

1222 days ago


Good God they're so greedy, and for what? Their "show" is just them going to clubs every night, whoring around, then coming home drunk and fighting. It really is a show that's completely about absolutely nothing at all.

They don't deserve more money.

1222 days ago


this show needs to die

1222 days ago


Love the show... (such a guilty pleasure!) MTV pay the ppl!! for having to put up with so many haters! Geez... we ask for drama and entertainment and the deliver! Keep it coming; it's never dry!

1222 days ago

Mick Kahler    

MTV was stupid to give these twits a raise. Without the MTV forum, the Jersey idiots would be what they were BEFORE being on TV: a bunch of over-tanned, alcohol swilling horn dogs. Oh, and when their run on the "Jersey Shore" mercifully comes to an end, all of these lamebrains will be nothing more than a Trivial Pursuit answer. Want proof? Just how well did the Situation's book sell? How're any of these clowns' side projects going? Yeah, that's what I thought.

1222 days ago


Mtv getting shaken down by these clowns. Poetic Justice.

1222 days ago
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