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Massive Riot Erupts in Vancouver After Stanley Cup

6/16/2011 5:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright violent in Vancouver last night -- when angry fans RIOTED IN THE STREETS after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in a 4-0 asskicking.

Cars were flipped and burned, windows smashed and stores were looted by drunk/angry hockey fans as police armed with pepper spray, tear gas and flash-bang grenades rushed to break it up.

Local law enforcement tells TMZ ... the situation is finally under control.

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this is an embarrassment to our city! 99% of vancouverites are ashamed by this. i hope all these d-bags get caught and get locked up! they're all on tape so hopefully it is only a matter of time!

1234 days ago


Ya just gottalove the moronic people who are in the midst of rioting and destroying other peoples property, while posing with the PEACE sign. Idiots.

1234 days ago


Shameful and ugly behaviour!! Feel bad because this does not represent the majority of Vancouverites!!

1234 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

That's Canadians for you......industrial strength sore losers......

1234 days ago


anytime you get over 100,000 people gathering and drinking to watch a game in a 2 block radias, in a area were all the bars are, 5000 of them will find a way to act like idiots.As a life long Canucks fan it's sad to see these people represent the over 2 million Vancouverites tha*****ched the game and acted like adults.unfortunatly win or lose this was going to happen as people were showing up just to riot with signs "riot 2011" made before the game started.

1234 days ago


Has nothing to do with the loss. It would have happened win or lose. Too many people that can't handle their beer, get into a massive crowd and act like morons. I hope they are caught, prosecuted, and made to clean up the big ass mess they made.

1234 days ago


I am Canadian and these douchebags are a disgrace to the rest of Canada!! I hope each and every one who instigated this is caught and punished. Join the Facebook page to catch these *******s!

1234 days ago


There is a reason why everyone in Canada didn't Cheer for Vancouver, its because of this. A class-less city and all the people that live there!

You brought Shame to Canada.

1234 days ago


Why is it that when Canadians show any sort of patriotism the americans have to lash out at us, yet they can lynch their minority citizens, start wars over oil, hold back their gays from being free, discard the elderly, keep the homeless on the streets, and idolize people like the kardashians and the idiot Jersey Shore crew? I'm proud of my country, we like our Hockey and if a little riot is what's going to make Americans think they're better, then let them, just goes to show the intelligence of our southern dbags. If we're america's "hat", then does that make them our diarrhea?

1234 days ago


I feel sorry for the owner of that hummer. Now all of that hair gel money is gonna have to go towards buying a new one!

1234 days ago


This is such a disgrace to Canada.

1234 days ago


this is sickening...these people that start riots go there to do just that no matter the out come...as a Canadian I really condemn those idiots...maybe we should ban sports altogether if this is going to be the outcome after games.

1234 days ago


Just look at that idiot in the middle of the first picture...it screams out loud "LOOSER"

1234 days ago


From this Boston Born fan who professes to be a not nice winner, hey Canucks Luongo...na na na na na!!!!!

1234 days ago


I was downtown when all of this craziness was going down and can honestly say that 90% of the fans were peaceful. The people that started all the madness went downtown with the plan of starting trouble. They used the Stanley Cup finals as an excuse to make trouble. Vancouver hosted the Olympics and that was a peaceful celebration. I hope that this does not cause the world to see our beautiful city as violent because a select few losers.

1234 days ago
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