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Hugh Hefner

The Best Way to

Get Over a Girl ...

6/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking turn of events, TMZ has learned Hugh Hefner is coping with his breakup with Crystal Harris by cozying up a to a new woman ... and she's a Playboy Playmate too! Didn't see that coming.

According to our sources, Hef has a new main girl -- Miss January 2011 Anna Sophia Berglund (above left). According to our sources, Anna has now moved into Hef's room and the two have taken to calling each other "babe" around other people. We're told during a recent movie night at the Playboy Mansion, the two were cuddling and kissing during the entire movie.

One source put it bluntly -- "It's clear Hef has moved on to Anna." 

Sources close to Crystal tell us that while Anna was never singled out, the constant presence of girls around wore on Crystal and played a role in her decision to call it off.

And who says Hef isn't maturing? Anna is a whole 24 days older than Crystal!



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Who knew that 'Hef' still have some lead in that pencil sharpener at age 85???

1189 days ago


Hefner is such a pig that even if he got married, he'd still be seeing this other girl. In fact he probably would have brought her on the honeymoon.

He commits to no one, marries young blonde girls for a while, then throws a wad of ca***** them while telling them to get lost and never be seen again.

1189 days ago


He is the loneliest man in the world.

1189 days ago


Gross i can't imagine kissing that old prune. I hope he's paying her a lot of money.

1189 days ago


Its a shame that parents aren't teaching their daughters to have self respect. Who in their right mind would sleep with this decrepted old man but a w#ORE. I guess its better than standing on the corner waiting for a trick. Instant money from the old gezzer! SICK!!

1189 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

It amazes me that people have any respect for this DECADENT MAN-WHORE????He has relegated women to lives of SHEEP or Rabbits !!!Playboy Mansion is NOTHING but a WHORE HOUSE for the Rich and Famous!!! Always was and always will be!!!

1189 days ago

rebecca wade    

oh my god what is wrong with this man,,cant he just be by him self,,,these womanb so young and so silly,,well not really silly they know where the money is

come on mate spend some time to ya self,,,i bet he wishes he was with holly:)

1189 days ago

midwest gal    

"Moved on"..more like hired another hooker.

He's a dirty old man.

1189 days ago


This man has no heart, just money. He doesn't know what love means nor does he care to know. He can't get it up so he has Dr.s do that for him. Why doesn't he just give up ( like 60 yrs ago!) He's not handsome, he's not even cute, and I'd love to smack that smirk off his face! Mr. Hefner you're just a perverted old man, but I'm sure you've been called worse.

1189 days ago


"According to our sources, Hef has a new main girl -- Miss January 2011 Anna Sophia Berglund (above left)."

You are so stupid TMZ! I thought she is the one on the right.

1189 days ago


Hugh is a PERV!!!!! I guarantee if he could date a minor and not be judged or get into trouble for it....the old PERV would.
He needs to find someone around his own age and leave these stupid, young, gold-digging harlets alone. Please, who wants a wrinkled, non-working gear shift anyway? None of his flings will last. The young whores will see that having money will not match having to be with a corpse in and out of the bedroom.

1189 days ago


Another blonde bubblehead ....I'm sure the old turkey is charming but really only an airhead would want to jump into bed with Hugh "Viagra" Hefner - he's old as dirt and definitely not a catch or keeper!

1189 days ago


That is simply disgusting. She doesn't even look like she's out of high school.

1189 days ago


This is old news. Anna has been around longer than Crystal has. She has just stayed out of the spotlight.

1189 days ago


Grandpa go home and rock on your chair.
I cant believe how women sleep with him or whatever...
Nasty... His money? They are crazy B Looking for an opportunity.
I cant believe these young women put up with that saggy man... hello, hello. money is not everything.....

1189 days ago
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