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Hugh Hefner

The Best Way to

Get Over a Girl ...

6/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking turn of events, TMZ has learned Hugh Hefner is coping with his breakup with Crystal Harris by cozying up a to a new woman ... and she's a Playboy Playmate too! Didn't see that coming.

According to our sources, Hef has a new main girl -- Miss January 2011 Anna Sophia Berglund (above left). According to our sources, Anna has now moved into Hef's room and the two have taken to calling each other "babe" around other people. We're told during a recent movie night at the Playboy Mansion, the two were cuddling and kissing during the entire movie.

One source put it bluntly -- "It's clear Hef has moved on to Anna." 

Sources close to Crystal tell us that while Anna was never singled out, the constant presence of girls around wore on Crystal and played a role in her decision to call it off.

And who says Hef isn't maturing? Anna is a whole 24 days older than Crystal!



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Pervert. He must take intravenous Viagra 24/7. To make a young girl like that "be" with him. Pervert. What a joke. He can hardly walk any more. How embarrassing.

1192 days ago


so let's say this girl is 25.. for arguments sake

and her father may then be about.. 45

and her grandfather may be about ..65

making her great-grandfather about ..85

...oh no...wait a minute...
.....her boyfriend's 85 too!!


1192 days ago


His twitter is like: "Went to the dentist, got rid of some teeth..." I'm not making that up.

1192 days ago

Lava Ldy    

Obviously the mans' bone ain't broke...It still works. SO, WHOSE THE BLESSED ONE HERE??? He ain't holding no gun on these ladies (ya call em whores) They're of consenting age and some of em probably already got college degrees, while some might currently be attending college or have it in the makings...I guess he wants a little young thing till he croaks-that smirk on his face mean hes content and intend on leaving w/ a smile on his face till he die huh??????? (like my grand uncle did-laying in the casket w/ a smile on his face: died on top of his girlfriend. He was seventy something. Being with them is probably whats keeping him alive.I ain't never heard of him cussing, fussing, racing, fighting, drunk, raising hell, raping, killing, and out of control, mad at the world, cause he needs to get off and can't. At least he ain't molesting babies & children, sexing his daughter and son and his blood relatives, raping and killing women and the likes. It serves everybody right to remember that WOMAN was CREATED TO BE a companion to man. Didn't say richman, poorman, blackman, whiteman, shortman, tallman, chinaman, jew, old man, young man, smartman, handsome man, uglyman SAID MAN!!!!!!!!Everybody complaining about this one mans companions. He ain't under arrest. He hasn't committed no crime. I don't see none of yall volunteering to be his companion.Only the ones that be with him, and he doesn't mame, kill or seek to destroy them when they move on.THEY ARE NOT COMPLAINING. Is it really that difficult to invision or realize the peace between he and his companions. Its simply a selfless exchange of fulfilling each others needs-on an extremely high level. Not Low.(without bitterness and bloodshed)and then peacefully (maturely) intelligently moving on. On that level, they have the best of doctors when it comes to personal hygiene because you never can be too careful. They say still waters runs deep and I know its true. I often over the years wondered what this Hefner man was working wit.I ain't no spring chicken but at this late date I wouldn't want to be the one to investigate the deep waters of Mr. Hefner either,I know he ain't no Jason Campbell, Brad Pit, nor Chris Jackson or Lenny Childs, At 85 years old, I doubt if he's working w/ his hip, must be his lip/finger? Maybe? or even an implant? Modern science and technology did a wonderful thing discovering and manufacturing those," beam me up scotty pills". I wonder if he takes them. I wonder how tall he is and how much he weight.What his penis measurement are? I wonder if they are going to put a mold of his penis in the hall of fame with Jimi Hendrixs and the others of fame, like-Ron Jeremy. One thing I do know for sure...If he's addicted to young sexy girls-he better hope HE run out, before HIS MONEY runs out. He gonna be in a #*% fix if he gotta live w/out his money and his girls. Hes spoiled, he couldn't do it... Long as hes got that money, Mr. Hefner is THE MAN! JUST LIKE he WANNA BE. NO JOKE! FOR REAL. ***min peace Mr. Hefner, long may you live and may everything fulfilling and good be yours. peace out.

1192 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

lol uh huh right...

1192 days ago


I wonder if Hef will buy her a scooter to match his? When will Hef wake up and realise he's not the player anymore but the one being played. He's being beat at his own game. I love it when what goes around comes around! Take him for all he's got ladies, he will do it to you if given the opportunity!

1192 days ago


What a sad old man.

1192 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

As many stories as I have seen over the years about Hef & his "latest", for some reason, this grosses me out. Probably because I finally cam visualize (unfortunately) someone his age naked! It wouldn't be disgusting to me if I were close to his age and had some elderly body changes, but even with the money involved, I gotta say - there isn't enough!

oh yeah, and to Lava Lady - above - did ya really have to go into detail about what he might able to & not do? I will hunt you down if I have nightmares about it!

1192 days ago


Its so creepy ! How can any parent of those fake blonde bimbos be proud of them.

1192 days ago


Hugh Hefner has left a bad taste in my mouth from the time I was young until age 77.l.He is discusting with his young money grubbing women..

It turns my stomach to see him in his silk pajamas with his "children" aka Heffner chicks..another name for them but can't say it..

I don't see how these young woman can look at his wrinkled, decayed body when getting in bed with him if he is in fact able to sexually satisfy them..

I don't think the man has any dignity or self esteem..

1192 days ago


BTW, did I say "HO"?

1192 days ago


Any girl who would cuddle up to this old sarcophagus deserves all of the disgusting intimacy with him she can stomach.

1192 days ago

a friend     

THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE PEOPLE. I'm a very close friend of Anna (aka Sophia) She is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, and has been for the last few years. Please don't believe all this hollywood bull****.

1192 days ago


This is one sick puppy. Gives men a bad name. Also women.

1192 days ago


Thank you Meanie. In my opinion these girls that date him are just using him as a carreer boost. He has to know they're neither attracted to him or love him. Of course he gets sex,but.... I dunno, I used to think he was the man. Now he's a joke.

1192 days ago
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