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'Real World' House

PISSING OFF the Neighbors

6/19/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cast of MTV's "Real World" Season 26 hasn't even moved into their new house in San Diego -- but TMZ has learned, some neighbors have already called the cops to complain about the racket.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they've received multiple complaints about construction, noise, and parking problems -- ever since MTV moved into the swanky La Jolla neighborhood.

But we're told, MTV isn't breaking any rules -- cops have checked the house out several times ... and so far, they haven't found a single code violation.

But all that might change ... once the cast moves in.


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Evan Benz    

I once went to a Real World casting call. They put 8 of us in a room. And then went around the table one by one, and asked us if we were virgins. If you said "Yes" they put a BIG "V" in red pen on your application. And then if you said you weren't they had you tell everyone the story of your first time and they took notes.

The only person they were interested in - in my group, was this 4ft dude who was like a hybrid of Snoop Dogg, Flavor Flav, Justin Bieber, and Rob Schnider.

They asked him if he was a virgin.
And he said 'Hellz No .. . I f' hella bit*ches. If I wasn't here right now I'd be f'in bit*ches.

Then when this other girl at the table said she was a virgin, the dude started sexually harassing her.
Then the casting agent stepped in because the girl was starting to get upset, almost crying and he started going on about racism and segregation.

By the time I got out of there, didn't even want to be on the show anymore after that.
Stopped watching it too.

1224 days ago


they think its bad now..wait till the sripted fights start happening with the yelling...and the drunken late night skinny dips.

1224 days ago


Haven't they already filmed in San Diego? MTV needs to come up with some new ideas.

1224 days ago

South Beach    

I'd be pissed if these idiots were moving into my neighborhood too.

1224 days ago


La Jolla?! SERIOUSLY?! they might as well of set up the house in coronado!!! mtv's gonna be dealin with MASSIVE complaints once the cast moves in! it's not like they accurately portray a city anyway cause the last time they filmed in san diego i was offended at how my city was portrayed! not to mention the dumb ass that got into a fight with a marine outside a club!!! san diego is a MILITARY TOWN!!!

1224 days ago


this use to be such a good show.
now its mostly mindless smut

1224 days ago


Liberal = Ghetto (true meaning)
Progressive = social regression(true meaning)
The whole show is one liberal ghetto values production.

1224 days ago


Season 26? Really? People still watch this crap?

1224 days ago


Jon 46 minutes ago
Liberal = Ghetto (true meaning)
Progressive = social regression(true meaning)
The whole show is one liberal ghetto values production.


Yeah... in the world according to 'Jon'. lol

It seems the world has moved on since you last cracked open a dictionary. Try reading a modern one once in a while, because the "true meaning" you speak of no longer exists in common English. English is a living language and it's meanings change with time. The only people who care what words used to mean are scholars and pedantic tools on the internet looking to justify their silly opinions, like you.

1224 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Of course they're complaining, it's La Jolla, those snooty tooty rich mofos complain about everything. I'm sure they are not going to be pleased about trashy reality television living in their neighborhood.

1224 days ago


Cops never do anything. I have a crazy neighbor with a speaker on his porch and he plays music at top level (way above what a permit would grant in a park or block party) and I sleep during the day and nothing can be done. Even if it's breaking the law. I'm sure these neighbors just loved spending big bucks to live somewhere and then these people come in and make as much racket as they please. Nobody cares about the neighbors. Especially the police. They have a better chance cutting the electricity to the home.

1224 days ago


Maybe they can bring Puck back, the real world douche bag who about killed his own child.

1224 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i haven'*****ched this show in a long time. It got to a point where it was no longer interesting. Back during the San Francisco days of Puck & Pedro you had interesting storylines, Hawaii was chaos, hell even Hawaii was more interesting then what you get now. Now its just the same thing every season. They all get wasted, you have a black person who feels people are being racist, a white person who is racist but at the end learns a lesson and gets along with the black people, a gay person, and a straight good looking guy & girl that hook up and date for a little bit. Rinse & repeat. Its no longer interesting.

1224 days ago


Who watches MTV anymore but 12 year olds who don't have a car and money to get out of
the house?

1224 days ago


That is one hideous looking house.

1224 days ago
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