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TMZ Live -- No Mercy for Ryan Dunn

6/20/2011 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ users, callers and others lashed out at Ryan Dunn -- in spite of his violent death -- for allegedly drinking and driving. Plus, the consensus on TMZ is Anthony Weiner got screwed...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big day ... it's TMZ Live's SiriusXM debut! You can hear us every day on Starz 107 from 6-7 PM ET and 9-10 PM ET!
(3:55) "Jackass" Ryan Dunn died in a horrific car crash -- Evan has the details.
(7:55) Our first caller -- Marina -- wants to know if Dunn's death is a big hoax.
(9:00) TMZ viewers are NOT sympathetic to Dunn's accident because of the alcohol factor.
(10:00) Is it reckless to sell domestic cars that go 190 MPH?
(13:40) The Clintons and interns just don't mix -- we found out one of Hillary's former helpers is now ... a hardcore porn star!
(18:10) Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner's wife, and now the porn star ... do all "porn roads" lead to Hillary Clinton? 
(24:20) The "herpes lawsuit" settles for upwards of $5 mil ... now we'll never know who got sued.
(39:00) Amy Winehouse BOMBS on stage -- anyone surprised?
(42:01) Mel Gibson's new fling -- a goth model! What a pair...
(44:10) We asked ... you answered ... and Weiner got screwed!
***Please, only call the TMZ Live number between 1:30 and 2:30 PM PT.

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TV Gord    

Get off Maverick's back. He/she's right. Dunn drove drunk and could have killed someone YOU loved. Loser!

1221 days ago


Anthony Weiner is the most popular transexual out there, he started out a Weiner and turned into a *****.

1221 days ago


who is that skype woman? wtf!

1221 days ago


I just want to say to all the post that are negative about Ryan Dunn, we don't know anything yet! And if he was drunk, yes he should not have been driving, but they don't even know if it was him, if you read and get your facts! Let the man rest in peace, what if people said mean things about you after you died, just think about things before you say them!!!!

1221 days ago


Mike about a minute ago
Annonymous lawsuit is probably connected with the fact that it's a healthcare matter; 5 million dollars is less than $2000 a week, not nearly enough... One more reason to find a good woman, and save sex until after you're married, and then stay faithful forever...
I don't know where you learned math but 5,000,000 divided by 52 weeks is around 96,000

1221 days ago

C. Wilberding    

President Obama is the head of the Democratic Party, as such he can speak out on this.

1221 days ago


I think weiner took it hard (pun intended =) because people could visually SEE what he did. If the other guys had photos of their inappropriate actions posted all over the internet, they would have probably been pushed to resign too.

1221 days ago


I don't think anyone should say anything about him drinking and driving until the reports are in. You guys think you are all high and mighty but I am sure you have done some drinking & driving yourself. If he was drunk driving yes it was wrong of him, but still his family, friends, and fans don't deserve your bad mouthing..

1221 days ago


Actually tv Gord maverick is not right and neither are you. It hasn't been proven his BAC was over the limit or not yet and there are many more deciding factors like the recall of his type of car and the speed he was going. And regardless of if he brought it on himself or not has nothing to do with the amount of disrespect maverick and you clearly have. And whoever was in the passenger seat that he "killed" I'm sure had no problem hoping in the car thus making his own decision to get in the car with a drunk driver if that's even the case. Even if it had been someone I loved I understand situation variables and that respect is still a given.

1221 days ago


talk about being the first to say something about nothing....two people are dead, i feel sorry for their family and friends that they have too be victim to the mighty media machine of the USA.... and all the comments from those who feel it their place to impart their wisdom upon them and us....i myself have only this to say to the family and friends of both those who died in that awful car condolences on your loss and may you seek solace where ever warms your heart....

1221 days ago

Norman Leifer    

Ryan Dunn was a great guy and the least everyone could do was pay respect to him and his family, When someone dies that people watch on tv and movies, it hurts them becuase the character grows inside of them that they love and I truley did love Ryan Dunn, he was really funny, Jackass will never be the same without him, it will be as if a part of the show is missing. RIP Ryan Dunn. (:

1221 days ago


Harvey: What is the legality for the actor to let his co-stars of having Herpes. Like if he is a leading man and has a love scene.

1221 days ago


It's known among some gay networks that John Travolta frequents a few gay spas and I just have a feeling the celebrity herpes lawsuit involves JT. I don't have any facts other than the knowledge that he likes to have m2m fun on occasion. He is a well-known worldwide celeb that would do anything to keep it quiet.

1221 days ago


My first thought was John Travolta...herpes

1221 days ago


there people saying ryan isnt really dead it was a hoax has anyone heard anything other than someone saying fox news broke the story

1221 days ago
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