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TMZ Live -- No Mercy for Ryan Dunn

6/20/2011 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ users, callers and others lashed out at Ryan Dunn -- in spite of his violent death -- for allegedly drinking and driving. Plus, the consensus on TMZ is Anthony Weiner got screwed...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big day ... it's TMZ Live's SiriusXM debut! You can hear us every day on Starz 107 from 6-7 PM ET and 9-10 PM ET!
(3:55) "Jackass" Ryan Dunn died in a horrific car crash -- Evan has the details.
(7:55) Our first caller -- Marina -- wants to know if Dunn's death is a big hoax.
(9:00) TMZ viewers are NOT sympathetic to Dunn's accident because of the alcohol factor.
(10:00) Is it reckless to sell domestic cars that go 190 MPH?
(13:40) The Clintons and interns just don't mix -- we found out one of Hillary's former helpers is now ... a hardcore porn star!
(18:10) Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner's wife, and now the porn star ... do all "porn roads" lead to Hillary Clinton? 
(24:20) The "herpes lawsuit" settles for upwards of $5 mil ... now we'll never know who got sued.
(39:00) Amy Winehouse BOMBS on stage -- anyone surprised?
(42:01) Mel Gibson's new fling -- a goth model! What a pair...
(44:10) We asked ... you answered ... and Weiner got screwed!
***Please, only call the TMZ Live number between 1:30 and 2:30 PM PT.

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It's really shocking how many people would be willing to contract herpes for a price. Everyone knows there's no cure, right? My health is more important than any amount of money.

1129 days ago


He's dead, please let him rest in peace! I'm not saying not to report what happened, but, nothing has came back yet and it will be a while before it does, he does have a family who are morning, he is a son, brother, maybee an uncle, no matter what he did, just please, please, let him rest in peace! My prayers go out to his whole family, including the Jack Ass crew, you will ALL be in my prayers!

1129 days ago


Im 18 nd All i can say is based on my weekend i had last weekend "No i'm not lucky i'm blessed yess" n i was doing something else illegal not drinking but R.i.p RYAN DUNN love ya

1129 days ago


TMZ Live is oficially dead!

Mixing it with a radio show has killed the fun. Who wants to hear we're going to break, we're coming back from break, constantly saying sirus xm, constantly say, waiting for the break music to finish. If you want to do a radio show do it. But don't kill TMZ Live in the process. Worst decision ever.

1129 days ago


better him and whoever was in the car with him then some other innocent person on the road wohs only crime was going home to there family go riddence atleast thats one less drunk driver on the road

1129 days ago


At the same time where it is sad. I did think he was one of the nicest Jackass stars. IF alcohol was involved, it will hopefully be used at a teachable moment. I was a fan of him and I have also lost friends to a drunk driver - an I will miss Ryan Dunn.

1129 days ago


Wait a minute! I want to go on the record as not having said anything bad about Ryan Dunn. The man just died. I'm not getting self-righteous about it.

1129 days ago


roger ebert is an a**hole. besides not knowing if dunn was intoxicated there is no excuse for his statement. id be willing to bet 9 out of every ten people who drink have driven after the bar. as a person living in pennsylvania there many possibilities of why he wrecked one being loosing control trying to miss an animal like a deer... along a wooded area that is always a possibility. regardless of any reason have respect for ryan dunn's family, friends and fans. dunn probably died doing something he loved... f*ck you Roger Ebert.... and RIP RYAN DUNN

1129 days ago

Erik Thein    

The white dude is an absolute idiot... look up how to use "literally"

1129 days ago


I hate all of the disrespectful people on this site, and everywhere else for that matter. Ryan Dunn just died this morning and Ebert needs to go jump off a cliff for that comment,Ryan's friends and family are grieving and people claim, he deserves it since he was drinking and driving. Truthfully I don't think he was that drunk, there are plenty of reasons that he may have crashed, the passenger did indeed lose their life as well but no one can blame Ryan for that. If Ryan was drunk the passenger knew it and he could have easily not have gotten in the car. R.I.P. Ryan Dunn and your unidentified passenger :( Prayers to their families/friends

1129 days ago


the bartender should not let him get in his car i was a bartender and if i let anyone get in there car and drink i would get in trouble she should not of let him get in

1129 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Even if he was'nt drunk, if was smart enough to be driving at a safe speed, he would'nt have needed half the forest to stop his car.

1129 days ago


im so sorry for the loss of ryan dunn ive watched the show for ever and will miss him dearly i send my love out to bam stevo and an everyone else envolved with his life im sorry he had to leave so soon.They say the good die young with many of my experiencies and i say he was one of them.RIP ryan c u when i get there

1129 days ago


rip dunn you will be missed and to all other people with no respect i mean come on regardless of the mistake he made he is not the one suffering right now its the friends and family who are, and bashing him is just driving the nail deeper into them. have some compassion people.

1129 days ago

The Dude    

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1129 days ago
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