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Ryan Dunn's Passenger Indentified as Drinking Pal

6/21/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials have identified the passenger who was killed in "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn's fatal crash as 30-year-old Zachary Hartwell ... a friend who had been hanging with Dunn at a Philly-area bar earlier in the night.

Zachary Hartwell

Cops say both Dunn and Hartwell (pictured above right) both died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash around 2:38 AM Monday morning.

Sources who were at the bar with the two men tell us Dunn had intended to drop Hartwell off at his home ... and then Dunn planned to hang out with another friend after that.

Hartwell is credited as a production assistant on the "Jackass 2" movie and recently had a small role in the Bam Margera-directed 2009 movie "Minghags."


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wow - was he also in the Hangover movies?

1188 days ago


Lander do really get off that mush on trolling?

In any event the only RIP is for Zach........


1188 days ago


Unfortunately I had a feeling it was one of the guys in the picture - I just didn't know which one it was. It is sad that he died, but he likely knew that Ryan was drunk and still got into the car with Ryan.

It is very sad to see devastating effects of drinking and driving.

No matter how many people die or get injured - people will still say it is okay to drink and drive and defend it.

These two guys were too young to die.. but way too old to be doing stupid things like drinking and driving.

Thankfully no one else was injured or died in this accident.

Lane Garrison, Vince Neil and Amy Locane (among others) killed from their immature actions of drinking and driving.... but came away from their accidents relatively untouched.

1188 days ago


Poor guys.

1188 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The guy is toast.

1188 days ago


Cocaine is a powerful drug.

1188 days ago


That idiot could have killed other people -- could have killed you or me. Good riddance.

1188 days ago


Well @ least he avoided another Hangover.
Is that a bug he's looks @?
Wonder how that middle guy feels now?

1188 days ago


Ryan Dunn peers into his drink... "Who put an albino turd in my beer?"

(I'm sorry, when someone chooses to drink/drive/die, it is very difficult to feel sympathy.)

1188 days ago


he should not have been driving, period.

1188 days ago


He killed his friend...Welcome to hell. I hope the devil butt rapes you for eternity Ryan.
I was so upset when i heard you died in a car accident...rot in hell.

Sh** bag drinking and driving.

1188 days ago


Actually, no one has confirmed that he was drunk. He had three beers and three shots. No one knows how long he waited before driving, and the bar manager has said he did not appear too inebriated to drive.

He made a bad decision either way by driving so fast, yes. And if he was drunk, I agree, that's inexcusable.

However, that doesn't give the world the green light to piss all over his grave. He made a lot of people laugh, and the Margera's interview with TMZ portrays him as a genuinely kind and wonderful person.

What kind of sick losers get off on trolling people who just died? He made a mistake, and paid the ultimate price for it. That doesn't make it okay to be an insensitive, unfunny, inappropriate prick all over the internet at a time when people are hurting. Grow the **** up.

1188 days ago


If you have enough for a Porsche, you have enough for a taxi. Why? And where were his friends and "people"? Letting him drive. Another tragedy that could have been avoided.

1188 days ago


See if Hartwell's family thinks Ebert went too far.
Margera should STFU.

1188 days ago


first of all he is not the dude from the hanbover he looks like it but hes not!!! second of all he had 3 light beers and 3 shots in the space of nearlly 5 hours i doubt he was drunk to be honest.. he was speeding rather fast and yes that is wrong and now he has paid for it also taking another life with him...people might learn not to speed now!! rip ryan and friend!!!

1188 days ago
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