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So That's Why

Lindsay Canceled 'Today'

6/23/2011 6:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery over why Lindsay Lohan canceled an interview with Matt Lauer may now be unlocked ... all because of a bottle of dirty urine.


Sources at NBC were "mystified" over Lindsay's reason for canceling her interview with Matt Lauer.  She says she was willing to sit for a 15 minute interview but not a longer one and then just pulled the plug and sent Matt packing.

What Matt didn't know -- Lindsay flunked a urine test.  That's a buzz kill when you're doing an interview for "Today" and "Dateline" explaining how you've turned your life around.

As TMZ first reported ... Lindsay submitted to 2 urine tests a week ago.  In one, she tested positive for alcohol ... the other test was negative.  In both tests there was no evidence of drugs.

Lindsay has been ordered to court today at 10 AM PT.  The L.A. County Probation Department wants Judge Stephanie Sautner to end Lindsay's house arrest and throw her in L.A. County Jail.

062311_matt_lauer_today_videoWe'll be in court.

Matt briefly talked about Lindsay's cancellation this morning on "Today."


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    


You're mad at me because I wrote the word "like" and you don't like my name so I have to change it because you said?

First of all, I can be as facetious as I want towards TMZ and the California "justice" system.

Second of all, am I supposed to be intimidated by your attacking me for no reason?

You don't know me, get real, REALITY.

1181 days ago


LOL, Good Riddance, that was funny!

1181 days ago


She isn't going to jail. Time and time again she has walked without any punishment aside from punishing her wallet. LA is a joke for celebrity justice. She will be going home after paying a "fine" once again. But I knew that was strange, Lindsay likes doing interviews to point out she is a victim. Besides, why would Matt Lauer fly all the way to LA for a 15 minute interview? She knew before hand it was going to be longer interview.

1181 days ago


Agree with Tim, even though drinking is inherently bad for anyone. And I will apologize if there are some on here who do not drink, as I accused everyone in my previous comment.

1181 days ago


Yes, AddieTrish, they are flucking endless.

So grab your popcorn and prepare to sit back and watch the same show that we've watched for the past 2 years.

1181 days ago


Not a Lindsay Fan, but I am in recovery and this is just sad.

1181 days ago


@Good Riddance.
Dude, they will too. The braindead mentality against addicts persists by the mindless police department system in this country.

1181 days ago


Thanks Seal Team 6. So it's the Sheriff's office, huh? I don't see how any dept would deem it acceptable to allow parties while on house arrest. What a joke. I just know that if it were ME I'd have been in jail long ago. I guess that's what having money will do for you. Like everyone said, had she passed the test she would've still been feeding Matt and the rest of us the same ole "I'm clean" b.s. The sad part is that she's a really good actress.

1181 days ago


OK timmy, let me help you out in the most basic way. I am not disputing what probation means or the current rules of probation. I am simply stating that the "men in black robes" make huge mistakes in their rulings EVERY Day. It's WRONG to tell someone they cannot do something, if that something was NOT the criminal activity. Just because our system has flaws and allow judges to make errors in judgement doesn't make it right. It's people like you who just sit on your asses and wait for the next person in authority to tell you what's right and wrong. Sure glad you weren't around in the 1770's and 1780's. What a mess our constitution would have been with opinions like yours. Just WOW, timmy

1181 days ago


Just put her in real jail until all her time is served. No parole, no probation, no early release with conditions. She obviously cannot manage herself, the state is going to have to step in and do it.

1181 days ago


Moondust says:

But I knew that was strange, Lindsay likes doing interviews to point out she is a victim. Besides, why would Matt Lauer fly all the way to LA for a 15 minute interview? She knew before hand it was going to be longer interview.

Actually, that's very true, she does like giving interviews to tell us all how much of a victim she is, and how she's on the "right" path now blah blah bleh, so that was a red flag, wasn't it?

And sure, NOBODY flies across the country for a 15 minute interview, unless it's Oprah running to get OJ's confession (and yes, supposedly it's coming; he claims he did it in self-defense.)

1181 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


PW sent to both twitter and FB

1181 days ago


Ed, is she not still on probation for her DUIs? Ergo, if she's on probation for abusing drugs or alcohol and then driving, it would make sense for her to be ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol, would it not?

And we can play semantics here all day, the fact of the matter is that she's got a drinking and substance abuse problem, which will not be made any better by her continuing to abuse said drugs and alcohol.

And while she's still on probation for said problems, if the courts order her to steer clear of them, then she must.

1181 days ago

Cat girl    

Lindsay Lohan is by far one of the stupidest people on the planet! Throw her in jail!

1181 days ago


time for the unfashionable prison duds...

1181 days ago
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