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'King of Infomercials' Busted for Vitamin Fraud

6/24/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Lapre, the self-proclaimed "King of Infomercials," has been indicted for allegedly defrauding several hundred thousand people out of millions of bucks by making bogus vitamin claims.

Don Lapre

Lapre, who has been a fixture on early AM TV hawking various products, was arrested and now faces 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud by selling The Greatest Vitamin in the World -- yes, that's the name.

The FDA begged to differ, concluding that Lapre was making wild claims about the vitamin that were simply unsupported by the evidence.

Prosecutors say more than 200,000 people were snookered into paying $52 million for the supplement.

Lapre could not be reached for comment.


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"Lapre could not be reached for comment"
Because he's in Jail, dumb asses

1188 days ago


Who the hell is this dude? I have never even heard of this person. There was only ONE king of infomercials and his name was Billy Mays.

1188 days ago


He was cute when he was younger. He's been around a while. I see no wedding ring. Maybe he can get married in jail.

1188 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

He`s better than t.j Rolater at M.O.R.E. inc that picks on elders for the last of there life savings.Do a story on that Harvey!

1187 days ago

yea i know    

over a decade ago my mother worked at his call center in Phoenix. one day she went to work, and the doors were locked, and the news was there. he had filed for chapter 11 and left all of his employee's high and dry. he still owes them money.

1187 days ago

Surfer Gal    

I saw this on Inside Edtion today. Okay, everyone, this is the deal - the reason for the huge sums of money is because he conned people into sending them thousands and thousands of dollars, some up to $25,000 to invest in buying his vitamins wholesale, for them to turn around and sell them through their advertising.

One woman only sold one bottle of vitamins for her $25,000.

They said this dude is now suicidal.

1187 days ago

just sayin    

I guess the Feds read about the vitamins in "tiny little classified ads". You can fraud everyone but the FDA for sure was behind this. You are not legally allowed to say anything is 'proven' for health benefits unless it is approved and verified by the FDA. They have cornered the market and no one else is allowed in. However, I don't feel for this scam artist one bit.

1187 days ago


This guy owes me big time!! In the year of 2001 I was 18 and a jr. in high school. I was watching this s*** bags info commercial and said "WOW I have to try this out" so I did. A couple of weeks later I recieved these so called books which were more like 3rd grade litature at the best. This ******* took over 2000 from me when I was only a jr. in high school. This man preys upon the young and weak and I want him to pay all his victims back the money they gave him on false promises and pain and suffering on top of that. Mr. Lapre deserves life in prison. Mr. Lapre if you read this I am looking for a great lawyer to take you down and put you behind bars!!!!

1187 days ago


This is nothing new for Don Lapre, he has been in trouble with the law since his infomercial days of placing tiny ads in local news papers! The guy's a clown!

1187 days ago


vitamins are being looked down upon by the pharma companies because it's the true way to being healthy, the FDA approved cigarettes and alcohol, they also say you cannot print on labels such as POM Wonderful that it helps defeat cancer because once people understand that man made drugs are not the way to stay healthy big pharma loses lots of money and the scam is up

1187 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Looks like he may be going back to a "tiny one bedroom apartment"

1187 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I know this POS and trust me when I tell you he is nothing less than a con man that would back stab his own monther for $$$$$$$$.

1187 days ago


Anyone else notice in the video he says to call us to see what our company CAN'T do for you?

1187 days ago


I love the last line of the video, "And we'll call you right back and see what we CAN'T do for you".
I've hated infomercials for many years. When they first came on I found them amusing (in a humorous way) and now I'm sick of them. But, he's right about one thing, they do work (for the seller). If they didn't they wouldn't be around anymore.
There are too many suckers that easily buy into the "greatest product ever that you can't live without" gimmick. All I can say to them is don't buy from the infomercials. If it doesn't show up at Wal-Mart in a few months then it was never meant to be.
Good riddance to Don Lapre.

1187 days ago


I'm sorry, but anyone stupid enough to believe the claims in ANY of these imformercials deserves to be ripped off. Only an idiot would spend money on a product advertised in this way.

1187 days ago
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