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Celebrity Poker Circle -- Pay Up or GET OUT!

6/26/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire's super-exclusive high-stakes celebrity poker circle was SERIOUS when it came to cash -- in fact, TMZ has learned, if you didn't pay up ... you were blackballed for life. 

A regular player in the exclusive poker circle -- which included Leo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Nick Cassavetes and Todd Phillips -- tells TMZ, the poker games took place every Tuesday night for nearly 2 years ... from 2005-2007. 

The circle was small -- only 8 or 9 players at a time -- and we're told, the mood was always "super serious" ... no joking, no drinking. The games would start around 10PM and go all night.

It wasn't uncommon for tempers to flare either -- we're told screaming matches happened on the regular ... and on the rare occasion, the table even got tossed over.

There was no official buy-in -- but we're told, hands often got as big as $150,000 a pot. We're told players would regularly lose $500,000 in one sitting ... no big deal.

But these guys weren't carrying briefcases of cash with them -- we're told most of the time, they played on credit ... and if someone didn't pay, that was it ... they were out of the circle forever.

Inside the room, there were dealers, massage girls, lots of security, food, and a full bar ... presumably for the spectators -- which included a list of billionaires ... and one time, the Olsen Twins.

As for who was the ultimate card shark -- we're told that was Tobey, no question.



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you go guys, have some fun and if folks don't like it too bad.

do you let old ladies play??

looking for a good game and got the money!!

1177 days ago

some guy    

Don't let ginny fool you. She just wants to strip.

1177 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Not surprised Tobey is the card shark. Tobey started out as a drug dealer, didn't he? That guy is SO SKEEZY.

Heard that he used to be Leo's drug dealer until they became friends. Tobey seems like such a disgusting sociopathic creep. He obviously married his ugly wife for her family money as he wasn't getting anywhere as an actor (or drug dealer). All you have to do is read up on Tobey's life and history to see what a complete social climber he is.

But, like all sociopaths, I'm sure he's charming as hell. His face gives me the creeps. And his Prada campaign is just VOMITOUS. That disgusting face. Ugh.

1177 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Loosing 500K on a single hand of poker is a VERY BIG DEAL (no pun)...I don't care how rich you are...That means you just taken to the cleaners...and BTW if the stakes were that high the game is 100% illegal in the state of CA...I'm sure the IRS is going to be contacting some of these boys. Audit time!!!!

1177 days ago


So -- tell us who got blackballed, TMZ!

1177 days ago


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1177 days ago


Home games happen every day. The only difference, they play with more "credit."

1177 days ago

Just Sayin...    

Pancake - I only had to re-read your comment twice to get it. Yikes!

1177 days ago


@ J, are you John Cassavettes? Never heard of ya.

1177 days ago


This pic is sooo photoshopped! LAAAAAAMMME TMZ! Smh.

1177 days ago


Boring men with nothing better to do!!

1177 days ago


Hey if they have the money why No!!!! Ladies want to look like celebrity!!! go to for SoPhIsTiCaTeD, AffOrdAbLE, CoNtEmPoRarY & ClAsSy... JEWELRY......

1177 days ago

some guy    

George: "...Ok, a weekend at the chateau in Italy and the number to my plastic surgeon."

Ben: "What? Your guy sucks. Here try Dr. Sanjay in the Hills. He's fabulous."

1177 days ago

some guy    

Joe: "Oh WTF I thought the guy with the blow would get here by now (sad face)."

Leo: "Guys relax. I just met these aspiring actresses that wanna give us massages. Oops gotta go. Bar just texted."

1177 days ago


any money in the street gets devoured, but these already wealthy people wanna trade $500,000 dollars. Wealth is a delusion. Life can remain boring, except you never repeat an outfit!

1177 days ago
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