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Celebrity Poker Circle -- Pay Up or GET OUT!

6/26/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire's super-exclusive high-stakes celebrity poker circle was SERIOUS when it came to cash -- in fact, TMZ has learned, if you didn't pay up ... you were blackballed for life. 

A regular player in the exclusive poker circle -- which included Leo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Nick Cassavetes and Todd Phillips -- tells TMZ, the poker games took place every Tuesday night for nearly 2 years ... from 2005-2007. 

The circle was small -- only 8 or 9 players at a time -- and we're told, the mood was always "super serious" ... no joking, no drinking. The games would start around 10PM and go all night.

It wasn't uncommon for tempers to flare either -- we're told screaming matches happened on the regular ... and on the rare occasion, the table even got tossed over.

There was no official buy-in -- but we're told, hands often got as big as $150,000 a pot. We're told players would regularly lose $500,000 in one sitting ... no big deal.

But these guys weren't carrying briefcases of cash with them -- we're told most of the time, they played on credit ... and if someone didn't pay, that was it ... they were out of the circle forever.

Inside the room, there were dealers, massage girls, lots of security, food, and a full bar ... presumably for the spectators -- which included a list of billionaires ... and one time, the Olsen Twins.

As for who was the ultimate card shark -- we're told that was Tobey, no question.



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Matt, what about the clean drinking water? Leo - what about the tigers? Please stop asking people who are barely getting by to donate when you clearly can donate for all of us.
At least Ben doesn't even bother.

1184 days ago


affleck, damon, dicaprio, maguire and company- major douchebag factor there.
and for summer: very well said. these guys are what you call limousine liberals. they are filthy rich and go around telling others to give while they live their lives of extreme wealth.

1184 days ago


I would like to know if anyone was ever out of the circle forever for not paying up, and who they were.

1184 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

And here I thought Matt Damon was a good guy. What a secret creep he is. Just like his secret gay life. Matt Damon is a fraud.

Leo DiCaprio is a huge let down as well - Mr. P*ssy Posse is a vomitous human being. No matter how much he tries to hide it.

Tobey Maguire is a sociopath ex drug dealer and failed actor who married for money.

Ben Affleck - married to a vicious shrew and cheats on her every chance he gets instead of getting divorced. A wimp, a druggie, and an overall pathetic man.

1184 days ago


I'm a serious poker player as well. Unfortunately, I can't play the stakes that these guys play but hey, it's a game and obviously, they play very seriously which is exactly how it should be played. I say, live and let live. There's NOTHING wrong with getting together and blowing off a little steam. I wish that I could play poker with them. There's nothing illegal about it so, leave them alone. How do you know if they do or don't help with charities? Just because it's not written about doesn't mean that they do or don't help with charities etc... Steve McQueen did it very often but he didn't want everyonr to know it and that's how I'd do it as well. You just never know what these guys do or don't do. (IMHO) leave them be.

1184 days ago


This explains why Tobey hasn't been in any movies...he was busy getting rich off the real actors...and Ben Affleck

1184 days ago


ohh i love the olsen twins! :)

"Affleck, you the *bomb* in Phantoms yo!"

1184 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm I wonder how much I would've had to ante up for George to give up Elisabetta.

1184 days ago

some guy    

I like to think George wouldn't do this. He seems to have more class than that.

1184 days ago

some guy    

I still remember that item TMZ wrote during a Clooney article when asked if he would run for president. I liked his answer. Not to be president, mind you.

1184 days ago

some guy    

Srsly, George: A weekend in Lake Como. How much would that cost me? And is that tax-deductible?

1184 days ago
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