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VIDEO: Dodger Victim in Pre-Beating Confrontation

6/27/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of the guy who got brutally beaten outside Dodger Stadium, and the video -- shot shortly before the attack -- shows the victim in a verbal altercation with at least one Dodger fan, and it's NOT the suspect.

Dodgers Attack Video
The short clip shows Bryan Stow in the bleachers at the Dodgers/Giants game on opening day, waving his arms in what appears to be the tail end of a verbal confrontation with a man wearing a Dodgers jersey. The Dodger fan has his finger right up in Stow's face.

The man in the Jersey is not Giovanni Ramirez -- the suspect in the beating who is currently being held on a probation violation. Ramirez insists he wasn't even at Dodger Stadium at the time of the attack.

The LAPD wants this video as part of the investigation.

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Waving, not waiving

1213 days ago


Stuff like this happens at every Dodgers/Giants game at Dodger Stadium. Last time I was at a Dodger game, it wasn't even against the Giants, a Giants fan and Dodgers fans were throwing things at each other. No one got hurt then, thank god. That time was all fun. Drunk Dodgers fans can definitely be brutal sometimes.

1213 days ago


How did you guys get this? Wow!

1213 days ago


I don't mean to say the suspect is innocent or anything like that, but this guy looks like alot of people in my neighborhood. Still this guy looks prettt scary and that tattoo on his face doesn't help. Looks like Stow made alot of enemies that night, recover soon. Don't agree with his family suing the Dodger though, if I get beat in front of 7/11 i'm not suing them. I came out and there's always a chance of danger anywhere you go.

1213 days ago


Hate to say it but I'm pretty sure the police have the wrong man in custody for this crime. The dude probably committed other criminal acts but I don't think he beat up Bryan.

The police jumped the gun in their haste to charge someone for this horrific beating. I do hope they find the right bastard though.

1213 days ago

Evan Benz    

Even the LAPD is sick and tiered of DODGER fans !!!
I can't wait till the cops start profiling DODGER fans and start arresting anyone who wears DODGER stuff.

Like they did back in the 80's & 90's with Raider Fans.

1213 days ago


Doyer Stadium ain't what it used to be. These 'fans' aren't there to do anything but start trouble. Stow may have been talking smack, in a fan-friendly way -- I really doubt he was taunting anyone as the only white guy/Giants fan in the section, apparently -- he did not deserve to be blind-sided from behind and knocked unconscious and then kicked when he was down. Sickening behavior. And for what?? A stupid game? No, it's about 'turf' and 'respect' and all that barrio B.S. Go sit in the bleachers at any game or anywhere in the upper deck and see what I mean. It's really sad. Btw, if it was a brown-skinned Doyer fan who got pummeled and erased outside AT&T Park by a couple white men, it would be considered a hate crime investigated by the the Attorney General of the State of California. What's Kamala Harris doing about this, though? Nada.

1213 days ago

Sin D    

Neck tats = trouble m'kay?

1213 days ago


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1213 days ago

Home Skillet    

TMZ = PLEASE try replacing "got" with "was." For example, "... the guy who was brutally beaten ..." The two words are not perfect substitutes, and your article sounds like it was written by a sixth grader. Further, in other instances, a formerly-married couple didn't "... got divorced." They "divorced" or they "were divorced." Someone didn't " ... got arrested." That person "was arrested." Surely, you can step up your game just a little bit and bring some legitimacy to your articles by making this simple change.

TMZ READERS = it's not "alot"; it's "a lot." I understand that not everyone has to have perfect grammar (although, TMZ should be held to a higher standard,) but for the love of God, how hard is it to spell "a lot" correctly?

Thank you.

1213 days ago

Blue Lake    

We don't have this kinda chaos in Detroit and I never saw it at Shea or Wrigley.Wassup with you maniacs in LA?

1213 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The idiot gangster is probably innocent. He is more likely to show his gun as a typical coward idiot gangster would instead of fighting. The big guy in the vid is more likely to use force with punches.

In the end, the victim probably deserved the beating anyway.

1213 days ago


Ok, so he had a verbal thing with someone else before he was almost beat to death. If the person he's yelling with is that deadbeat gangbanger that attacked him, than it would be important. Does this make it ok for him to have been attacked? No. That's what **** like this does; tries to shift the blame from where it really belongs.

1213 days ago


The LAPD better get that tape asap because if they are holding the wrong guy in jail the end result wont be pretty. Hispanics in LA along with Afro Americans are tired of being bullied, framed and pushed around. The Cops are gonna start a race war if they aren't careful.

1213 days ago


I don’t care about Ramirez, he’s just another man with a criminal past. I want to see the real attackers caught. Criminals/Parolee’s are caught everyday and sent to prison, no big deal. This is about catching the real idiots who beat Bryan Stow and bring peace to him and his family. Ramirez was just a distraction. The incompetent lapd pigs obviously FAILED.

1213 days ago
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