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Johnny Knoxville on Ryan Dunn:

I'm Emotional, Upset

6/27/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Knoxville says he's been running through a gauntlet of emotions since his friend and "Jackass" co-star Ryan Dunn died last week ... ranging from mind-numbing sadness to anger directed at Ryan. 

Johnny Knoxville

Knoxville went to his blog this weekend ... and explained why he froze up while speaking at Ryan Dunn's memorial service last week ... saying he tried his best, but "What came out were the mumblings of a man trying his best not to cry."

Knoxville writes, "Here is what I wished I could have told everyone then."

During the painfully honest blog, Johnny explains how much he loved Dunn -- he loved Dunn's "hair trigger laugh reflex ... Dunn was a great listener ... a great friend ... "as loyal as they come."

But midway through the tribute, Knoxville expresses his discontent with Dunn ... saying, "I'm becoming upset now because this isn't right, goddamnit. Ryan, I had to go wake up Madison and tell her you were gone. Do you know how hard that was?!! She loved you so much and I know you loved her, so why, buddy? Rocko will never get to know you like she did, nor will my daughter that is coming in October. I cry a lot about that."

Knoxville -- who refers to Dunn as his "brother" -- closed the post by saying, "I don't know what else to say right now, so I will close with I love you, Ryan. I have a lot of emotions swirling, but I want you to know I love you so very much."



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I'm sure all of these "great friends" of his knew that he was out getting wasted all of the time, driving like a maniac, putting us all at risk and yet none of them did a thing about it. Spare us the crocodile tears, I'm just glad none of my friends or family happened to be driving on the same roads as him

1179 days ago


yea but the passenger did not have his foot on the gas pedal (130 mph)

1179 days ago


there is no point in making this more agonizing then it already is please while you all sit in judgement on your home computers think of what is going on...two men died a horrible death and you are sitting here there in your castle an******ing the wounds.

1179 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

BouncersSuck: You must be the only Dunn Fan to admit he had problems. WOW!!! You will be the black sheep of the idiot bunch whos only defence is to make excuses for his stupidity.

1179 days ago


I couldn't give a f*ck about some drunk a*hole. But, but... if he was able to successfully drift through that curve at 130MPH all Fast-N-Furious style and taped it for Jackass 4, he would have been my hero.

I would have favorited that YouTube video and forwarded it to all of my two friends. To this I say, "Johnny Knoxville, Challenge On!"

1178 days ago


In the end, he was a huge JACKASS!!!! He could have killed someone else in another car, maybe a family in a minivan or something with his drunk 130 MPH or whatever speed out of control driving!!! He got what was coming to him and the other Idiot, whoever it was that got in that car with him. 2 drunk fools.

1178 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Don't wait till someone is dead to tell them how you feel. It's sad but to often people do this. Maybe it's time for them to realize that their show jack ass is dangerous and maybe they should find another source of income and stop risking their lives for a stupid tv show. Life is precious!

"Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile." Unknown Arthur

1178 days ago


Yes Bubbles drinking and driving is clearly the wrong thing to do, people know this and do it anyway. It is not right, at all.

But the real truth is that thousands and thousands of people do it every day in the US, uncaught. No accident.

There will be plenty of time to use Ryan Dunn's early death as another example of why we should not drink and drive.

None of this is an excuse for us to ascend full attack on our fellow man in the days after his death, thereby multiplying the pain of his friends and loved ones for his mistake at their most vulnerable time. This behavior comes dangerously close to being 'evil', pure and simple in my estimation.

Big Poppa

1178 days ago

some guy    

I believe in karma. That's all I'm sayin'

1178 days ago

some guy    


Do you have the link for that?

1178 days ago


BooHoo. He was out driving dunk as hell. The potential for him to be the cause of someone's injury or death was raised exponentially, not to mention his passenger. A real sweetheart. BooHoo.

1178 days ago

some guy    

I predict Ryan Dunn will come back as a bottle of Jagermeister... or a keg of Schlitz.

1178 days ago


he was a human...let him be a human.

1178 days ago


@ Bouncerssuck -- Bite me. Two jackasses were drunk riding motorcycles at high speed near my home once, and one of them drove his bike at 90 mph, directly into a minivan full of people, and killed an entire family that I was close to. He was reckless, drunk, and made a horrible decision, and it killed other people. When I think of drunk drivers, I always think of things that could have happened (but didn't). If you disagree with that, then you'll have to learn to live with the fact that I don't care what you think about anything. I am a fan of Jackass and of Dunn, but there's no excuse for making bad decisions that rise to this degree, and even though I'm a fan of his, I have very little sympathy for him because of the callousness with which he made these bad decisions. The mentioning of his hideous driving record is to illustrate that he really should not have had a driver's license, and at the very least might have been even more cautious about driving drunk and speeding excessively for fear of ANOTHER DUI arrest. The fact that he wasn't worried about being arrested for drunk driving, AGAIN, just shows that he was a bit of a moron, in addition to being reckless and callous. So again, bite me if you disagree....

1178 days ago


1178 days ago
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