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Brooke to Warner Bros:

I Want a Piece of Charlie!

6/28/2011 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller apparently isn't confident enough that ex-hubby Charlie Sheen will make good on child support, so she got a judge to order Warner Bros. to send $55,000 of Charlie's money her way every month.


Brooke's law firm, Trope and Trope, served legal papers on Warner Bros. last Friday, demanding the studio withhold $55,000 a month from all monies due Charlie to satisfy his child support obligations.

The lawyers are demanding that the studio send the $55 grand a month directly to Brooke.

Sources connected with Brooke concede Charlie is not behind on his child support, but Brooke wants to make sure she gets her support if Charlie begins to run low on cash.

Warner Bros. must comply, because a judge signed the document ordering the studio to divert the money to Brooke.

Garnishment -- tasty on food, bitter on paychecks.



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If Charlie wants her to drop the subject, ask her to take a drug test first.

1213 days ago


Warners should just mail the $55,000 to Brooke Mueller's drug dealer.

We all know EXACTLY where that money is going. Up her nose/through her veins.

1213 days ago


Whores get paid. It's the difference between them and Sluts.

1213 days ago

some guy    

Guys I just got off the phone with my accountant. He told me that you can now deduct coke from your taxes as a cost-of-living expense. He said it's going to come out with the new tax bill.

1213 days ago

Will E    

Someone needs to tell Brook to go make her own crack money!!! I'll give her a 20 spot for a BJ!!

1213 days ago

some guy    

Actually I'm lying. I didn't get this from my accountant. I got it from a website. Here's the link:

1213 days ago


mjl 10 minutes ago

"Brookes mother gets the money, her mother is her trust due to the the cir****tances. its to maintain household for brooke and the kids. after rehab she takes control."

So either you or the story are wrong, I quote:

"The lawyers are demanding that the studio send the $55 grand a month directly to Brooke."

What's your source?

1213 days ago


I wonder how people here knows that she does drugs since she was likely tested when they took the kids from Sheen's place..
do you know here personally?
Do you sell her drugs?
do you have pictures of her snorting coke or smoking crack?
if you don't, then you are a sore moron for bashing someone you know nothing about.

I dont know her personally, so if she does drugs I'm pretty sure she'll loose her kids with all the media attention.

oh BTW, this is not Sheen's first wife and he has a pretty shaddy past..

55k is not a big amount considering his income, oh yeah, child support is based on your income, but in this case they agreed to a smaller amount of 55k, she could have cleaned him out, he got off really easy.

I dont see anything wrong in making sure she gets her money, when you deal with a drug addict that just lost his job and career you never know what's next

1213 days ago


Has anybody considered that this deal gives Charlie 55,000$ "cash" a month? WB dosen`t pay Charlie until the legal fight is over, but they have to pay Brook. It´s a win win situation.

1213 days ago


She needs to pay her drug dealer!

1213 days ago



TMZ like 4 months ago. it was a condition of her rehab. her mother is ward of the state of her (or something along those lines) her mother is also legal guardian of her and charlies sheens kids, at the moment.

1213 days ago


How do you get a garnishment judgement against someone who has never defaulted on payments. Too just hand that kind of money to a crack head is ridiculous. The judge in this case is letting Brooke run amok. I just hope those boys don't end up paying for it.

1213 days ago


Denise Richards might want to think about doing the same thing.

1213 days ago


Poor women get so screwed in society and are so discriminated against. Must be so damn hard to not have to work, get $55,000 A FREAKIN MONTH for just marrying the guy (and raising kids, but in a man's world raising our own kids costs us, while the woman gets paid. Yeah, can't wait until Gloria Allred convinces her she can't live on just $55,000 a month

1213 days ago

some guy    


I don't think it's fair to judge Denise. I haven't really noticed her on teh internetz trolling and ignoring her kids.

1213 days ago
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