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Brooke to Warner Bros:

I Want a Piece of Charlie!

6/28/2011 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller apparently isn't confident enough that ex-hubby Charlie Sheen will make good on child support, so she got a judge to order Warner Bros. to send $55,000 of Charlie's money her way every month.


Brooke's law firm, Trope and Trope, served legal papers on Warner Bros. last Friday, demanding the studio withhold $55,000 a month from all monies due Charlie to satisfy his child support obligations.

The lawyers are demanding that the studio send the $55 grand a month directly to Brooke.

Sources connected with Brooke concede Charlie is not behind on his child support, but Brooke wants to make sure she gets her support if Charlie begins to run low on cash.

Warner Bros. must comply, because a judge signed the document ordering the studio to divert the money to Brooke.

Garnishment -- tasty on food, bitter on paychecks.



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I had a feeling the CA courts and WB would have fun working together against the crazy warlock.

Keep fightin' for freedom Masheen!

It's obvious even to the most casual observer that MaSheen will always pay his kids support, as to not pay it would be epic fail, and #losing.

Big brother and big corporate need to get a life.

Big Poppa

1156 days ago


ksis 58 minutes ago

"The bitdch wants to make sure she has money for crack."

Totally agree with you, ksis...THIS is ridiculous!

1156 days ago


The Judge is being an a-hole. If Charlie ain't behind, and he's been making his payments on time, then their is no need or justification for a garnishment order.

One thing this does seem to clear up, Warner Bros. is still making payments to Charlie! lol

So much for the haters claiming Warner stopped making all royalty payments to him because he breached his contract.

1156 days ago


Why do women feel entitled to money they didn't earn? Especially the ones that don't ever work. IT"S NOT YOUR MONEY.. if you liked the money so much , you should have done more to stay with that person. Gold Digging selfish women. NO KID on the PLANET takes make than 1k/month to raise, and that is being WAY generous. Maybe if they are infants and need daycare, it could be hire.. but thats it. Just because you had a kid with someone doesn't entitle you to jack, unless your just a money grubbin ho... oh wait

1156 days ago


The court needs to ensure money goes to the kids and not her ongoing drug use!!These boys sure lucked out in the parent department!!

1156 days ago


this drugged out whore was with him less than a year and she expects to be the skanky drugged out whore really does need money for her drugs...if that is what she wants then have the diseased bitch take a drug test before any money is givenb to her...low life.......she smells of cancer!

1156 days ago


Loic 3 hours ago
Has anybody considered that this deal gives Charlie 55,000$ "cash" a month? WB dosen`t pay Charlie until the legal fight is over, but they have to pay Brook. It´s a win win situation.


It'd be nice if that was the case and Charlie and Brooke are forcing Warner to pay the support while Charlie's lawsuit/arbitration case drags on! lol

1156 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Good move on her part. I was unaware one could do that to the employer. Some of u sound bitter that she's getting that much. But she's likely living in a nice neighborhood in a nice home. That roof over the her head is also over the head of his offspring, and the food that Mommy buys at the store also feeds those kiddies. The nice expensive car she drives also takes those kids with mommy to the stores to purchase their groceries, clothing, and whatever else. It's sad when the biological fathers don't man up and pay, irregardless of it going into the mothers hands. You should feel good you're able and willing to still be their provider. Those kids never asked to be born. If the Mom blows the money, then take it up with the courts and do***ent it.

1156 days ago


irish35 4 hours ago
Do you know how many people in America make $55K or less PER YEAR? If they even have a job at this time?

How can you justify $55K a month in child support to a drug addict?


"Do you know how many people in America make $55K or less PER YEAR? If they even have a job at this time?"

Yes i do, and what they earn is completely irrelevant to deciding the child support someone else must pay. I mean really...

1156 days ago


She did it as if he makes less money she could get less money and of course to feed the drug habit she has

1156 days ago


$55,000 in "child support" per month? Ridiculous.

1156 days ago


How many families live on less than $55,000.00 per year? What does she spend that money on besides drugs????

1156 days ago

Dorian Modra    

$55K a month is the cost of raising a child? Really?!?! I beg to differ:

1156 days ago


she's gotta pay for her crack someway doesn't she? She shouldn't be getting child support because she isn't fit to take care of a child.

1156 days ago


WTF... why did the judge sign that? She already gets an absurd amount each month. if anything this just makes her look suspicious.

does she even care for the kids? Aren't they with her mom and like ten nannies? BS

1156 days ago
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