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Beating Victim: 'I Rather Eat Feces Than Dodger Dog'

6/28/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who had a verbal altercation with San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium shortly before Stow was brutally attacked claims Stow was inciting Dodger fans by screaming, "I rather eat my own feces than eat a Dodger dog."


TMZ has obtained a text message sent yesterday by Juan Banda, the man who had the pre-attack run-in with Stow in the stands. TMZ posted video of the altercation Monday morning.

A friend of Banda's texted him that he saw Banda on TMZ.  Banda texted back "They are not saying they are looking for me....right?  Reason I was arguing w him was because he [Stow] crossed the line ... he yelled out, 'I rather eat my own ficies (sic) than eat a dodger dog.'"

Banda continued, "I asked Merced [a friend Banda was with at the game] to watch my back and told him [Stow] it was one thing to root for your team but you are crosing (sic) the line ... he didn't say much ... neither him or his buddies who were with him ... they were just trying to excuse his words."

Banda continued texting:  "Nothing happen and I went back to my seat. ... What I can't understand is where were his buddies when that [the attack] happened ... he was not alone during the game ... he was with 3 or 4 friends ... he did have a mouth though!"

And Banda texted, "Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys!"

062711_fight_small_v2_launchWhat's interesting about the texts is it paints a picture of Stow trying to incite Dodger fans.

We tried contacting Stow's lawyer, but so far our calls have not been returned.

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Did Brian Stowe deserve to get beaten the way he did? In the real world where the law aplies, absolutely not? But if he did in fact talk alot of smack in his rivals stadium, then he should have realized their might be retribution. I am a Jets fan and attended a Raiders game in Oakland a few years back in which the Jets won. I did not wear any green. I cheered in a controlled manner and didn't taunt any of the Raider fans? Why, because I knew I might get my ass kicked, not matter what laws are their to protect me. Its the same reason I wouldn't wear a KKK costume in South Central Los Angeles walking down the street. Brian Stow definitely did not deserve to be put in a coma, but he should have known better that there was a chance something like this might happen. You don't go into the jungle thinking you are badder than Tarzan..especially if the jungle ain't yours.

1215 days ago


TMZ do you ever try and get both sides of any story you print on your site? You make is sound like he deserved to get beat to near death because of what your guy says happened in the video. You've helped more bad guys than good guys in the way you report your stories and I hardly ever remember you retracting wrong stories or statements on your site. It's getting to be depressing reading your reports of the so called facts. Nobody deserves to almost die over a baseball game for whatever reason.

1215 days ago


anonyabout an hour ago

NO matter what the guy said, it's no excuse for beating him into a coma.
If someone gets really mouthy and gets into a fight, a beatdown might be in order, but one where the guy still gets to go home.

Maybe a beatdown was all they were trying to give him. Stow took one hit, fell and hit his head on the concrete. To say that he got beaten into a coma, while that was certainly the end result, paints a misleading picture of what happened that day. In restrospect, given the significance of the injury to Brian Stow, the intent of his attackers are of little or no importance. Maybe it wasn't a malicious and brutal attack as it has been portrayed in the media. Perhaps it was merely fight worsen by the manner in which Brian Stow fell to the ground. It almost like the accidental killing of a human being. Do you charge the perpetrator with murder or manslaughter? Different charges for a crime in which the end result is the same: loss of life.

1215 days ago


WHO are some of you people???? What kind of ignorant morons get their saggy jeans in a twist over a Dodger Dog diss? Thugs, losers, dumbasses and illiterate crybabies like Juan Banda, obviously. Trash talk has always been a part of sports rivalry and anyone who takes it so seriously that they need to kick someone's head in, or ROOT for someone who does, is PATHETIC. Respect the Dodger fans or else we'll beat you into a coma? God help us if we ever get an NFL team. And shame on TMZ for the inflammatory and shoddy reporting, as usual. Using hearsay out of context as a byline like it's the hard truth. I don't care if Stow was a "meathead" or not. It takes a bigger meathead to be "incited" by a little jibe about a dumb Dodge Dog.

1215 days ago


No matter what a person says, grown adults should not be resorting to violence. Inciting or not inciting, people should be mature enough to not let it come to hitting another person because you can't handle what they say. Maturity goes a long way and obviously one fan does not have it.

1215 days ago


Some wild and violent ideas on this comment section today. Note to self: NEVER attend a Dodgers game at their stadium--too many crazies running around pretending to be fans.

1215 days ago


We'll he won't be running his mouth anymore.

1215 days ago


@gurter Yes because I have more maturity than you would for making **** asinine comments such as those.

1215 days ago


Wow talking about dodger dogs is crossing the line? Didn't even use profanity. The dude that thinks that comment is crossing the line needs a reality check.

1215 days ago


Just read through the comments. No wonder LA is considered by some to be a third world country. Beat down for mildly bad mouthing a hot dog? You people are sick.

1215 days ago



No need to worry about a beat down because no one would believe for one minute that a weasel with a 7th grade mentality like yourself would be capable of "porking" anything but a jar of peanut butter.

1215 days ago


Anyone saying Stow deserved it is an absolute moron. Oh no, Stow insulted your precious Dodger Dogs, so I'm gonna get in his face and put and show him what a big man I am...pathetic Dodgers fans. I think Stow underestimated how violent and angry Dodgers fans truly are. There used to be a perception that Dodgers fans were casual fans that show up in the third and left in the seventh. That is no longer the case though as the thugs and gang bangers have taken over the stadium. That was Stow first time at Dodgers Stadium and I doubt he realized he was entering a war zone. Dodgers Stadium is no longer a safe play to watch a baseball game.

1215 days ago


LOL, seriously? If feces is the worst word a kid hears at a dodger's game count yourself lucky.

1215 days ago


umm but we're talking about the hot dog comment. Like I said third world country.

1215 days ago


I totally understand being beaten at a sports event because the fans that get too deep into it are crazy. I dated this guy once where sports was as important as breathing to him and if I bothered him when a game was on, it was like committing a crime against humanity and a lot of cursing and accusations (how I don't want him to enjoy himself)followed. Hence, I get how mouthing off to the wrong diehard fan could lead to a beating.

1215 days ago
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