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Hulk Hogan: Linda is 'Delusional'

6/28/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan is firing back at his ex-wife Linda -- claiming she's just plain "delusional" for accusing him of violence during their marriage ... insisting he "never laid a hand on her."


Hulk phoned-in to the "Bubba the Love Sponge Show" this morning to set the record straight with Bubba himself -- telling the DJ that Linda's claims of abuse, which she made this morning on the "Today" show, are "a cold, blatant lie."

He continued, saying there's "no reason" to defend himself against Linda -- calling her a "non-issue" who's "still riding on the Hulk Hogan name."

Hulk tells Bubba -- Linda is just another hater trying to exploit him, adding, "Just take her and put her in the same category with the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior. They all belong together."

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She's a non-issue if not 4 Hulk we wouldn't even be commenting on her one way or the other. Gold digger, cougar, Fatty Fatty 2 by 4 wishing she could get more and more. Leather skin cougar

1175 days ago


I can't believe the Matt Lauer's, The Peirs Morgan's & all the rest of the so-called intellegent reporters (Ummm-dont' think so) can allow Linda Hogan on their shows listening to her make these accusations about "Violence, abuse, and being scared for my life" while married to Hulk Hogan?? So Basically Anyone can write a book, the Main Stream media just take her word for it?? Was there Proof of it? Did She Linda the Pig ever file a restraining order, call the police, confide in a friend?? anyone that can step up and say "Yes I saw it with my own eyes, or Yes, Linda called and told me many times over the years about the "Abuse"?? Anyone in the media before the interviews the had with Linda bother TO CHECK her accusations in here book??? I'm just SICK and tired of the women in the spotlight (only because Hulk was famous put her in the spot light) running around on talk shows saying they were abused!! Again, All Linda did was make the REAL woman that are beaten, and even KILLED by boyfriends and husbands out to be the liars. Linda you are so sick and pathetic, I hope you get back in spades allt he lies you have told. haven't you received ENOUGH of all the hard earned, bloody, beaten down Money that MAN Hulk made FOR YOU while you were enjoying the money the fame & ALL the MONEY he was out taking falls, undergoing surgery after surgery Back problems for the rest of his life FOR YOU & your fat a$$ to enjoy...Now thats still not enough you gotta continue the lies, write more books to make more money all based on lies. Your children must be so proud of you?? I know sleeping with Charlie was an embarasment enough then you do this...God you are a disgrace to all women!

1134 days ago


And P.S. To all the BTLS show haters ...you forget to realize they are friends have been for many many years...Bubba Saw first hand Linda and her Xanaxed out of her mind, HE saw her rage...but hey Why oh why should we believe him? I mean At least Terry has people that saw it first hand...the crew that was in the house during the filming of the show and what does Terry say to Bubba when he asked Terry, "Man why don't you get those people to testify on what the had to deal with everyday trying to film a reality show"? Terry replies, "Brotha, I am not gonna put anyone else through this, my kids don't need it and I'm just tired"? So, Terry takes the High road and he's the A___hole?? you people have no clue...I was previe to abuse when my sisters first husband beat her to an inch of her life how he tortured her everyday, so unless YOU F_k_ers have witnessed ABUSE, Seen the bruises, the bald spots where he DRAGGED her thru the house kicking her in the ribs...Did ANYONE come forward and say they saw this abuse she described? No!!! Linda is a liar! I am a woman and the fact that this fat leather faces creature can write a book, spewing lies and getting support from the media MAKES ME SICK!! What goes around COMES around and Linda one day and even with ALL of Hulks money Oh thats write someone wrote "she took care of the kids" REALLY?? She did? Don't think Brooke would agree...but they are staying out of it Why, cuz it's their parents. But until I SEE photos of her with bruises or Emergency room visits, anything to back her lies up She needs to SHUT that Tranny mouth up. Linda You are a liar and if ya wanna believe her that is your choice...As For me, I choose NOT TO...Bubba Army Rules!

1134 days ago
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