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Linda Hogan: I Was Afraid Hulk Was Gonna Kill Me!

6/28/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Hogan says she lived in constant fear while married to the wrestler -- claiming he would become so consumed in violent rages ... she thought he would kill her.

Linda sat down with Matt Lauer on the "Today Show" to talk about her autobiography -- "Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes" -- in which she details Hulk's alleged violent behavior.

She writes, "[Hulk] tore my shirt. He threw lamps. He held me down on the bed with his hands around my throat during arguments, slamming doors, pounding walls. I was always afraid he would kill me in one of his rages."

When Matt asked if Hulk ever showed remorse for his actions -- Linda replied, "He did not feel remorse — and to this day he’s never apologized for any of his actions."

Calls to Hulk weren't returned.

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No Avatar


Dear Linda,

Your a C***!


Hulk Hogan

1157 days ago


One hundred percent HORSE S+++It She destroyed her own life now she out of money and want more . Shes a very bad human .

1157 days ago


I call BS!

1157 days ago

lisazthats me    

I know them both. He screwed around on her on the road, but at home, he adored her. Everyone knew what she was from the beginning. He was her meal ticket. He was what most celebrities are and rode it for all it is worth. So got what she wanted and played him like a fiddle. She was a lot of the reason that he was not friends with a lot of the other wrestlers like Randy Savage, etc., because she would play the ego card and greed card. Set him up to roll over anyone and make her more money. Once it came crashing down and he wasn't on top anymore, then she is off with her portion of his money and with a 19-year old.

1157 days ago


Linda Hogan failed to call the police because it would've cut into her meal ticket. What a joke! Go back to your 20 year old boy-toy and cry.

1157 days ago

Rob Base    

This makes me feel alot better. If she is having to write a book that means she needs money. Im sure she didn't mind taking money from him in there divorce. I wonder if you can get a venerial disease from being a media ho*r!

1157 days ago


WTF is with Matt Lauer interviewing all this sub human trash lately.........come on Matt, you can't get rid of that stank out ur couch now-indusrtrial strength Febrese WON'T DO!! What's that saying "you can dress up a pig but it's always gonna look like Linda Hogan". I am sure there is a trailer with your name on it Linda, you just need to add one of those "OVER 20 MILLION SERVED" signs....BLAM!!

1157 days ago


terry is a loser i believe her 100% its obvious he uses steroids

1157 days ago


Does anyone believe any of the feces spewing out of her gullet?

1157 days ago


washed up fake wrestling champ, even MORE washed up overly tanned fame whore.........and we care about their lives why?

1157 days ago


If this old dried up, used up bar wh*re was so afraid for her life then why didn't she leave him? She can't say that it was impossible for her to leave, she could have left him while he was out on the road. I'm no fan of Hulk Hogan but I do not believe for one second that he was abusive to her. Hulk may be a d-bag but he provided well and busted his a$$ for his family and this is how she repays him.

1157 days ago

brock lesnar    

she should of broke his back and made him humble...old country way. Iran #1 Russia #1....USA...ahhh pfff.

so this is where he mastered the atomic leg drop.

1157 days ago

brock lesnar    

Hoooo Kooooogan! You are a mere mortal. You can find hulkamaniacs over at http://ineedfacebookfriends.com

1157 days ago


If this was true, why not say something sooner?? Why not bring this up during the divorce?? She is trying to get in the lime light to make money. I bet your kids are so proud of you Linda, you should be ashamed of yourself! It's bad enough your with a guy the age of your daughter. Do you really think he is in it for you. Nope, before long plastic surgery won't keep you young and he will leave you for someone younger. Move on with your life your the one that left the Hulk.

1157 days ago


She is nothing more then a prostitute, try and sell those books you whore the publishing company wants to make up for the losses

1157 days ago
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