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TMZ Live: Tipping Point -- When to Stiff Your Waiter?

6/30/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

15%? 20%? Nothing? Is it fair to give your waiter more than the valet? Our tipping culture has gone HAYWIRE ... so let's settle the debate once and for all. Plus, Justin Timberlake backing the biggest train wreck in social media ... is he cool enough to save MySpace? And John Lennon ... was he secretly a right-wing wacko?


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(0:00) Breaking news! Tobey Maguire is adamant -- he did not play any ILLEGAL poker games ... they were all legit.
(6:30) Lindsay Lohan's first night as a free woman ... and she goes out and parties at a club until 2 AM. Poor choice?
(11:45) Webcam question -- how does Lindsay expect to turn her life around ... when she's hanging with the same people, doing the same things?
(21:45) Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress was spotted out at a pizza joint ... and didn't leave a good tip. So ... is it ever cool to stiff a waiter?
(28:30) A former bartender calls in ... and breaks it all down.
(32:00) Justin Timberlake invests in MYSPACE? Seriously? Our in-house expert breaks down why the company is in the crapper.
(37:10) Is Justin the new Tom?
(38:45) Why didn't Dax delete his MySpace page this week? It's all thanks to Mr Timberlake.
(39:00) Max has beef with MySpace.
(43:00) John Lennon was a closet Republican? That's what his former assistant says -- but we talked to a guy who says it's BS.
(47:00) Yes, of course Harvey has a story about Ronald Reagan.


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Really bored with the Lindsay stories. Can we move on to other people?

1212 days ago


You can just LOOK at Lindsay's face, she was smashed! And, she looks like she is 45 years old! Rode hard and thrown away wet!

1212 days ago


I'm not going to read the lindsay stories anymore. No more to be said about her. Boring.

1212 days ago


Bieber was way out of line. The security guard was doing his job and he did it professionally -- courteous but firm. HE was Security, not Bieber's personal rent-a-cop.

1212 days ago


Argue (for a minute or two) Charlie Sheen's case against the studio...what strategy would you use to be a "winner" for Chucky Baby?

1212 days ago


How many staff have your lost to radar online and what are your thoughts of falling to number 3?

Your bus is to expensive and you have yet to publicly come out...."Levin appeared as a speaker at a fundraising event in West Hollywood, California for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association in April 2010. During the talk, Levin said, “I’m thinking back a long time when I was starting out as a TV reporter at a local station in LA and I remember at the time – I was probably in my late 20s – and I remember this hell-like fear that if anybody in that newsroom found out that that I was gay, that it would be over,” he said. “I built it up in my head. I was so terrified that somebody would find out.”[6] He went on to discuss about how he had to compartmentalize the gay and non-gay parts of his life."

Your 60 and not to many years left you do know they are burying you at the fence line right?

1212 days ago


Is there a culture war raging against women in the USA? States trying to reverse Roe v. Wade. Life imprisonment for a woman who had a stillbirth (!!!!). The really sickening postings about Lindsay (all written by middle age white men).
Have you become worse than any islamic dictatorship on womens rights?

1212 days ago


I seriously doubt John Lennon became a conservative before he died. John used LSD and marijuana openly and he would the first to speak honestly about them he would never support people who want to eliminate drugs even if he longer used them. He may have been angry at jimmy carter but he was NEVER a conservative.

1212 days ago


Scott, we all know that Harvey is gay, what's your point? Big F'ing deal! Get a life.

1212 days ago


What is with that chair Jon Crier is carrying?

1212 days ago


Lindsay wont change. End of story.

1212 days ago


how much stock do you think they gave justin to make an effort to "save" myspace.

he would have to be a major shareholder don't ya think?

personally no chance of saving but maybe a chance to add a legitimate "focus" (for musicians... for artists... for actors... etc)

but then you have youtube to deal with...

1212 days ago


Julie when you get back from buying your tampons please read this comment...........

Harvey spends his whole life invading other peoples privacy, telling the diriest secrets on anyone. That said why can't I bug him to come out of the closet?

I would love for radar online to follow Harvey everywhere snappping photos and invading his personal life.

1212 days ago


John Lennon a Reagan fan??? I think NOT, John, like myself, was a child of the 60's. I believe that he was committed to world peace and freedom, he UNDERSTOOD the difference between involvement and commitment. Something that has become diluted in our society.

1212 days ago


Lindsay needs the attention of the paparazzi, good or bad, because it feeds part of her addiction of being in the limelight. I don't think she likes having the cameras in her face every second of the day, but it's a necessary evil for her in her life.

1212 days ago
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