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TMZ Live: Tipping Point -- When to Stiff Your Waiter?

6/30/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

15%? 20%? Nothing? Is it fair to give your waiter more than the valet? Our tipping culture has gone HAYWIRE ... so let's settle the debate once and for all. Plus, Justin Timberlake backing the biggest train wreck in social media ... is he cool enough to save MySpace? And John Lennon ... was he secretly a right-wing wacko?


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(0:00) Breaking news! Tobey Maguire is adamant -- he did not play any ILLEGAL poker games ... they were all legit.
(6:30) Lindsay Lohan's first night as a free woman ... and she goes out and parties at a club until 2 AM. Poor choice?
(11:45) Webcam question -- how does Lindsay expect to turn her life around ... when she's hanging with the same people, doing the same things?
(21:45) Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress was spotted out at a pizza joint ... and didn't leave a good tip. So ... is it ever cool to stiff a waiter?
(28:30) A former bartender calls in ... and breaks it all down.
(32:00) Justin Timberlake invests in MYSPACE? Seriously? Our in-house expert breaks down why the company is in the crapper.
(37:10) Is Justin the new Tom?
(38:45) Why didn't Dax delete his MySpace page this week? It's all thanks to Mr Timberlake.
(39:00) Max has beef with MySpace.
(43:00) John Lennon was a closet Republican? That's what his former assistant says -- but we talked to a guy who says it's BS.
(47:00) Yes, of course Harvey has a story about Ronald Reagan.


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since when is 10% a crappy tip? tax has gone up, so why should the tip!

1211 days ago

Sean M    

Harv's comment about tipping:'s the same reason you don't tip the same for to-go orders ...part of what you're tipping for is the during-meal service (even if that's only topping off your drink or getting/replacing your utensils or accomodating a wrong order) ...tipping a valet $5 for a $3 or $8 service is insane (but I would if I had to have the valet get a sweater or coat from the car or something beyond the standard service)

1211 days ago


Myspace: too many spammers=UNCOOL!

1211 days ago


NEVER STIFF A WAITER. If you're at a nice restaurant and you tip 20% the waiter has to tip out the busboys and the bartenders and might get 60% of what you give them. Tip the valet 5 bucks. If the waiter is crappy give them 15%.

1211 days ago


here's why myspace became uncool:

facebook was launched initially for college students only, so the "exclusivity" factor made it so that everyone wanted to be on facebook, because myspace was not exclusive at all.
the same reason why everyone wants to go to the hottest nightclub that is infamous for turning people away!

1211 days ago


you are saying Lennon's songs were too extreme to be republican? no, actually his songs touched everyone that heard them and reached across party lines, which is why they are still so relevant and universal today. Implying that because Lennon was for peace and love, he was automatically democrat is totally false. republicans are for peace and love as well.

1211 days ago


charles you are wrong. lennon was not a liberal icon, he actuallywas a representative of all people - black, white, democrat and republican. so why is it so impossible that he could have been a republican? he was an advocat for peace and love

1211 days ago


Was Lennon even a US citizen?

1211 days ago

who dat    

Would you hacks cease comparing Robert Downey Jr to Lindsay. He had ACTUAL talent before he had his substance problems.

1211 days ago


I bet 5 dollars on Lindsy she makes it! GO GIRL GO... LETS TALK ABOUT BRITNEY

1211 days ago


Corey Haim 2.0?

1211 days ago


Lindsay was probably advised by her lawyer that if she went to rehab it would look better for her DUI trial and other trials. I really dont think she's gone to rehab for herself just yet.

1211 days ago


Have you noticed and do you care that your number of questions have dropped from a couple hundred down to 20?

1211 days ago


GOOD LORD, she needs help
I sing an opera song about the lindsay news.
It's on youtube under my channel, operamanda.
here is the link.

1211 days ago


Don't know if others have already posted it, but the reason I switched from Myspace to Facebook was security and confidence in the product. Myspace suffered from fake profiles and spamming, and it had not established enough loyalty to sustain, and did not do enough to fight that scourge. Hot women who wanted to friend you who did not exist, spamming, etc. It just got too ***bersome to endure in order to get the benefits.

Facebook started off as sort of the anti-Myspace -- with very limited ways of establishing accounts, requiring certain kinds of email accounts to confirm identity. These days, Facebook has notoriously reduced many of these security protocols in an effort to improve revenue. It appears to have established loyalty up to now to maintain its dominant position. And it appears to be establishing new ways to keep people loyal. From the beginning, it was the little games. Now, there are proposals/plans to add content to maintain or increase its base and convince them to forgive/ignore the weakening of its security. Yet, it too is facing emerging competition from Google+.

1211 days ago
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